Shadows and Reflections: a Roger Zelazny Tribute Anthology

Shadows and Reflections: Edited by Trent Zelazny and Warren Lapine is a tribute to the fiction of Roger Zelazny.

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Warren Lapine posted an announcement over 1 year ago

Thanks to everyone who donated. Even though we did not make our goal we will still be moving forward with this project. What we will not be doing is opening it up to unsolicited submissions from the general public. However, we have decided that we will open up to unsolicited submissions from those who donated. After six months of reading we’ll see where we’re at and reevaluate if we’ll open up to the public. We’ll be e-mailing info on this to everyone who donated. again, thanks everyone. If you donated and already have a story ready e-mail it to us at shadowsandreflectionsanthology@yahoo.com

Warren Lapine posted an announcement over 1 year ago

Less than 24 hours to help. After the close of donations we’ll be announcing a new perk that will apply to all levels of donations. This one will be rather a big deal.

Warren Lapine posted an announcement over 1 year ago

Well, we have a week to go and we’ve only reached 25% of our goal. To sweeten the pot a bit we’re going to add some additional content to the first two perk levels. Level one will now also get a free e-copy of Mirages an anthology with fiction by Tom Piccirilli and Joe R. Lansdale that Trent edited. The $50.00 perk will now also get an extra short story e-mailed to them that will not appear in the anthology. These additional perks will, of course, also go out to those who have already donated those amounts. Please help us spread the word.