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The proceeds of this album are going to help troubled gay teens in America. I was once of those teens and I want to use my popularity to give back.
Nicholas Vohnson
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
1 Team Member


Music & Fashion, that's the beauty of doing what you love, you don't get tired of it. You just get exhausted from being that passionate. 
      Amazing things have been birthed in the world of music recently. Creations that will impact the world of music. It's much more feasible when combined with collaboration. Great minds don't always think alike, When we learn to think as one. We can create as one, multiplied brilliance, extenuated flare, greater minded creations. 
      Generally I model,  dabble with obscure fashion designs, write about art or fashion. Musically I was doing studio technician work, arranging speakers, working lights, running the projectors, 3d mapping etc. Music is my life, and life is a song.  I dance and I sing along with beats & drops  so hard you call the cops.   This music is no crimanal intentional purpose.  I've worked hard, and I love my jobs!
Hold the phone:
I'm an aspiring  Artist, Model, Musician, Writer,   A nickname of mine is  littledead,  It was my first website littledead.com. With time And growth it morphed into deadsexy, in front the eyes of my friends. I didn't care for "dead sexy"  it sounded so conceited, even though I didn't give it to myself.  I'm a spokesmodel for DJ Killsexy,  I was also the face of bedroomdj.com at 17.  SEX is great i must say how ever how necessary is sexy.  One day I was thinking about all the  work people go through  to keep their exterior look presentable. If they spent half as much time improving themselves, lost their ego's they'd be well liked even with wrinkles. My thought's were when they get older, if they're a  good person who was  well liked  for their personality, & not so much their exterior; They could be better off.    
  Old age, wouldn't become this horrific battle you fight everyday in the mirror.  Stress yourself out, caring about something so much that really doesn't matter. Thats probably ironic coming from the guy who's modeled for 11 years. Truthfully I've learned confidence communicates so much more than appearance.  Being sexy isn't the most important thing in life, Sex appeal  will die and fade with time.  So if that's all you have to offer the world you  have  much bigger problems than the back problems your going to have from those implants.  
     The Album is READY set GO RECORD it!  The Song's are complete & Registered  & Copyrighted with BMI.  
I'm simply raising money to cover the  discounted Rate at one of the best Studios Available. This will Provide the Album with the best chance of generating the most money.
  I'm Collaborating  with a few other very talented Artists.  Together We will be  creating a style of music that doesnt currently exist. It's a  combination of what I find to be the most powerful. Different kinds of music  blended together in key with each other.   You can find an essence or  Rap, Dubstep, Gospelish, Trap, Dance, Blues,  With a consistent presence of intelligent undertones.      
When  I'm briefing it for someone  quickly I often say " The music  Has no Gender, No Genre,  It's concise, It sounds Nice, It's layered, It climbs  Higher and Higher It leaves you wanting more.   It gets stuck in your head, it's  raw, you'll say, "did you hear what he said?"
 I get how the  gender thing can be confusing to some.  I'll elaborate, even if I wasn't collaborating with Females. My voice allows me  sing however I wish, making it hard to tell the difference. You may even think its a duet when in fact it could  be a solo.
  If you can't contribute thats  perfectly fine, spreading the word, it means just as much to me as your donation. Tell your friends,  tell them to tell theirs, tell everyone you think can contribute or support. 
The music in itself is  quite  cool and special,  I'm excited to share it  with the world. The fact it's my debut album  is really besides the point. This album every cent it generates will be going directly to help troubled gay teens in the US.   
I was once one of those teens I graduated highschool two years early, as class president.   Left home at 17, I didn't even say goodbye to my folks. 
I worked extremely hard, I'm extremely  happy now and quite successful. 
 I want to use my popularity for charity, to  help gay teens. I don't think people realize how badly. situations at home from your own parents can become.  Even loving parents  can clash  violently with their teen Because they don't know how to deal  with a gay child.  It's  worse  than being suffocated,  Your constantly in a battle to  be you. While  being told the  comfortable version that feels right, is utterly wrong and  you must change; not  cool. So I'm obligated  to help because Having faced the world on my own at 17 without asking even my parents for help. Well I grew incredibly strong as a person, it was still the hardest thing I've  ever faced.   So cool new music from an aspiring artist from San Francisco great. What  really matters is your supporting an amazing cause that's very close to my heart.   
lastly  I want to urge you to share this campaign with as many people as you possibly can. That means more to me than your contribution. If everyone  just did that, first it raises awareness which helps  second, its going to  keep  being shared,  it going to  be funded.  One day this cause wont be an issue  anymore and  thats my goal. 
Thanks for taking the time to  view this!
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This campaign ended on July 10, 2013
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  • $15USD
    Mp3 Download + Signed Photos

    Personally Signed photo Addressed to. What ever name you request? Pic any 3 pictures from My website, Facebook, Instagram, where ever.

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    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $25USD
    Full Album download +

    Full Album + Photos signed & addressed to you. + Updates on Albums Progress updates+ You can download the single tracks as their completed or as a whole.

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  • $100USD
    I'll get Naked

    Not really I have an Elite Street Team of hand picked Models, artists; who I believe serve Sexydies justice. This is the only way to buy your way into the family.

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  • $200USD
    Sing a Cover on YouTube

    Ill give you a shout out. See how genderless and genre-less my voice and my style of singing Really is !

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  • $500USD
    YouTube VID Thanks+Dance

    Followed with a different Happy dance you'll never forget and. Be envied by all your friends, I have showmanship.

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  • $1,000USD
    Lets meet & do lunch or dinner

    To personally thank you for your support. my dream,come true a lot faster than I ever anticipated. I'll even fly to you, spend a day with you. Or we can just chat whenever you wish. You'll get credit in the Album as my hero. As well as everything else I offered.

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