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Boost Your Sex IQ with Sexpinion - new social network for sex & love advice.
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SEXPINION: the free social network for sex and dating advice, minus the porn, nudity, hooking up & other NSFW stuff.

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We understand talking about sex is still taboo. Remember you can always contribute anonymously if you're shy about other people knowing that you support healthy sex & relationships through Sexpinion. 

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Got An Embarrassing Question About Sex or Dating?

Unsure what that weird rash is? Don't know if you are pregnant? Is it ok he did THAT last night? Is she cheating on me? How do I come out of the closet at work? Is squirting real? What's the best position to hit the G-spot?

Frustrated that you can't find the answers? You're not alone!

You're not going to ask those questions on Facebook or Twitter. You're not going to ask your mom, your partner, or even your best friend. A doctor isn't really the right expert, so HealthTap doesn't work for you. You could try to google search for an answer, but honestly, there's a lot of crap out there! You could try to go to a website and submit a question, but is anyone even answering?

That's why we created Sexpinion. We have sexperts that answer your questions, and we have curated articles to help you find the best sex and relationship advice on the web. You can use a fake name, a profile pic that's not your picture and ask, share, learn and comment away on our site knowing your privacy is highly safeguarded. We will never auto-share your activity or profile on Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

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Some Of Our Sexperts

Emily Morsehost of Sex With Emily radio show and star of Bravo's Miss Advised

Jesse Hughes - lead singer of rock groups Eagles of Death Metal, ordained minister, featured in "Sex Tips from Rock Stars" book.

Cara Sutraaward-winning sex blogger from the UK

Ryan Driller - two-time AVN nominated adult performer,  sex educator, Superman and Christian Grey in those infamous porn parodies.

Sheila Kennedy - Penthouse Pet of The Year 1982,  Big Brother USA TV star, and author of upcoming "Nobody's Pet"

Ms. M - writer for the Museum of Sex and advice columnist

John Campanelli - LA/NYC comedian whose dating fails makes you feel better about your love life

Michele Noonan, PhDNeuroscientist, Reality TV star and author of upcoming "Train Your Brain To Get Sexy"

Chris Thompson - Youtube Partner with dating advice series

YTHyouth + tech + health non-profit partner

Jason "Heat" Rosellsinger, VH1 reality TV star and owner of Dew It Productions

With your contributions, we can attract bigger celebrities and sexperts to answer your questions about sex and dating on Sexpinion. Who do you want as a sexpert on Sexpinion? Let us know in the comments!

Why Sexpinion Matters

Sex education globally is a failure. Everyone knows about sex but they aren't educated about it! 

50% of sexually active people get an STD by 25, 3 in 10 American girls are pregnant by 20, 7 in 10 pregnancies are unplanned for single women ages 18-29, millions are victims of sexual assault and LGBTQ youth are bullied daily. 

FIX: Sexpinion is a social network for sex education where people offer their opinions on sex. Sexpinion hopes to improve health and quality of life through better and safer sex and relationships.

Sex Keyboard

Our Team

Dr. Michele Noonan @phdinsexy

 Dr. Michele Noonan

 - Partnerships & Marketing

 -  Sexpert & Founder of PhD in Sexy.

 -  Star of Big Brother (USA) & guest star on over 25 other reality TV shows.

 -  Ph.D. Neuroscientist, Author, & Host.

 -  Engaged to be married this Halloween.


Les Chao @leschao    

 Les Chao

 - Coding & Design

 -  Co-Founder of Second Bargain. 

 -  VP of Programming & Development at Pomegranate, Inc.

 -  NYC street photographer.

 -  Newlywed.


Chanda Pen @pentography

 Chanda Pen 

  - Business & Strategy

  - Co-Founder of Second Bargain.

  - Co-Founder of PlaeOnline.

  - Owner at Pentography.

  - Happily married.


Success To Date

We’ve developed the social platform software and it’s currently in private beta testing. We have several celebrities, experts, non-profits and brands on board. We have over 1000 users signed up via our landing page. 

Sexpinion helps people build healthy relationships and improve their sex lives by bringing together celebrities, experts, non-profits, brands and fans to talk about sex using a social network.  Users can follow feeds, ask celebrities and experts questions, save curated content, purchase recommended products or donate to non-profits. 


1. Contribute

Even $3 dollars shows the world you are standing up for sex being a healthy and natural part of human life. It’s time to let governments and organizations know restricting sex education is only leading to miseducation, STDs, unintended pregnancies, violence, shame and gender inequality. Let’s take back our power. Sex is supposed to be fun, not confusing, painful, embarrassing or shameful.

2. Tell Your Friends About Sexpinion!

Share the link to this page via Twitter, Facebook, email, or whatever you’re on! Share this page with your friends, family, co-workers, and your dog (ok only if he has money and can use a computer).

3. Use the #sexpinion Hashtag on Twitter

Use #sexpinion on Twitter whenever you’re expressing your opinion on celebrities and sex, sex in the news, sexuality or non-profits that benefit the cause.  

Or mention us @sexpinion!

4.  Sign Up @

The more signups we have, the more content & celebs we will be able to offer! Plus an early adopter you will have access to exclusive deals & surprises.

5.  Follow Sexpinion on Social Media 

6. Email Us

Have questions or suggestions, want to give us some press or want to partner with us? Email us at

Why We Need Your Support

Sexpinion is now in private beta testing. With your contributions we can hire more developers to remove bugs, improve design, speed up the site, and roll out new features. We will also be able to build crucial celebrity, expert, non-profit and brand partnerships, curate top sex education content and maintain a sex positive user base. If we reach our funding goal, we can also launch our mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

We've spent the last six months and all our own funding to get Sexpinion to the verge of a public launch. By contributing to Sepxinion, you can make sure Sexpinion has the features you want and free sex education via our network is available globally. We want to change the world through better sex and relationships. More love = better health & more happiness!

*$2500+ level perks and content are subject to the terms of the Sexpinion website. 



Thank you so much for your contribution to Sexpinion!

We hope you join the conversation and sign up at

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!


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    Everybody Loves 3

    You get access to Sexpinion 3 days before the general public. Be the first to ask your favorite celebs for sex advice!

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    We’ll Scream Your Name

    On top of getting early access to Sexpinion, you’ll also get your name listed along with your “sexpinion” on our supporter page of the website and posted to our Facebook page.

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    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $35USD
    Boost Your Sex IQ

    Get 350 bonus points added to your account on Sexpinion. Users receive points for creating quality or popular content, comments, questions, or answers. In the future these points will be used to award sexpert badges and other perks. Think of it as Klout for your Sex IQ. Your contribution gives it a boost!

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    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $50USD
    Be First Beta Tester

    Be the first to use Sexpinion. Fill out your profile, collect content, ask experts questions &; get the most followers on the network by being an early adopter. We promise access within 24 hours of your contribution. We value your feedback. Your thoughts will shape Sexpinion before our public launch.

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    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $100USD
    Exclusive Sex Tips Book

    Be the first to receive an exclusive chapter of Sexpinion co-founder Dr. Michele Noonan's upcoming book helping you train your brain for better sex.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $500USD
    You're Hired!

    We're busy designing our iPhone app, but we need your help! Via Skype, Google+ or in-person sessions in NYC or LA, you will be part of the team designing, creating and marketing the Sexpinion app. You'll also get to ask our Founders any sex or relationship questions in a 15 min Google+ Hangout.

    0 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $1,500USD
    Featured Sexpert Page

    Boost your customer base! Your business, brand or sexpert gets their own featured sexpert page with features like video playlist, extended bio, banners linking back to your site, promotional offers & more. Users can also follow your page & it's listed in our sexpert directory. The big perk? You get a sexpert badge next to your user account name so users know your answers & comments are credible. Interact with your customers & find future ones!

    0 out of 20 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $2,500USD
    Be Our Streetwalker

    Host your own show on Sexpinion! We're looking for 1 man and 1 woman on the street to ask people their sexpinion on sex in the news.

    0 out of 2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $5,000USD
    Executive Producer

    You will have major influence over our mobile iPhone and Android apps. Your contribution will be listed permanently in the app as Executive Producer so people will know you made the world a better place through better sex!

    0 out of 2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $25,000USD
    Put A Ring On It

    Dr. Michele is getting married on Halloween but her second soulmate is Sexpinion. Help celebrate both her loves by sponsoring Sexpinion & becoming a "corporate" bridesmaid in her wedding in Maui. Alternatively, a business can sponsor Sexpinion via tasteful product placement during the wedding and/or branding on wedding stationary.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2013
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