Seven Women Seven Sins

Seven women filmmakers explore the seven deadly sins. Help us preserve their creation!
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Seven Women Seven Sins is fiscally sponsored by New York Women in Film and Television and donations are tax-deductible.

Who We Are
The Women's Film Preservation Fund (WFPF), founded by New York Women in Film & Television, aims to contribute to an understanding of the importance of women in film history and to increase awareness of the necessity for film preservation. WFPF is committed to preserving films and footage that represent diverse voices, visions and techniques regardless of vintage. 

WFPF, the only fund of its kind in the world, has saved over 100 films in the last 15 years. The cost to preserve a single title can range from $10,000 to over $100,000. Past support has enabled us to do amazing work but so many films are still being lost. Donate to this exceptional fund and help us bring the essential role of women in cinema history to light. 

Don’t let another important film vanish!

About the Project: Seven Women Seven Sins
Seven Women Seven Sins (1986) represents a quintessential moment in film history. The women filmmakers invited to direct for the seven sins were amongst the world's most renown: Helke Sander (Gluttony), Bette Gordon (Greed), Maxi Cohen (Anger), Chantal Akerman (Sloth), Valie Export (Lust), Laurence Gavron (Envy), and Ulrike Ottinger (Pride). Each filmmaker had the liberty of choosing a sin to interpret as they wished. The final film reflected this diversity, including traditional narrative fiction, experimental video, a musical, a radical documentary, and was delivered in multiple formats from 16, super 16, video and 35mm.

After its initial airing on TV, the film was unified by Maxi Cohen into a 16mm for its theatrical release. The film premiered at the Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinema, where Maxi’s film, ANGER, won the short film prize. The film went on to win many other international festival awards. The theater release of Seven Women Seven Sins caused quite a stir, as people lined up around the block to see this compelling anthology of the seven deadly sins.

What We Need: Our Goal
We want to restore this film before it disintegrates completely and is lost forever! We will need to create new elements for preservation and digital mastering of the 16mm film. Once the film has been preserved we can provide access to the film through screening prints and DVDs for public viewing. We need your help to finish what we started.

Funding Goal
$43,000 is needed to preserve this important work. We have raised $25,000 in cash and in-kind services. We hope to raise $17,000 through this campaign.

Anything you can donate to the preservation of Seven Women Seven Sins will help us to get closer to our goal. Don’t forget to share this page with others! Use the share tool and help us to spread the word. Your collaboration with us will help to preserve another film for generations to come. Remember, your donation is tax-deductible. 

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  • $7USD
    Little Sinner

    You give us hope and helped save a piece of film history. In return we will thank you on our Facebook page. Doing something this good might help atone for your SINS.

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  • $27USD
    Charitable Spirit

    Your act of charity will not go unnoticed. You will receive a thank you on Facebook for your act in preserving this film, as well as a DVD of director Maxi Cohen's award winning short "Anger" from "Seven Women Seven Sins".

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  • $57USD
    Mad Sinner

    Don't be ANGRY about films being lost. For your part in film preservation, you will receive everything above plus a poster from "Seven Women Seven Sins".

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    Active Sinner

    Don't give in to SLOTH! Get going and you will receive a thank you on Facebook, a copy of the award winning short "Anger", plus you will be thanked on a special section of our website,, and receive a DVD of "Seven Women Seven Sins".

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  • $507USD
    Coveted Spirit

    Explore your inner philanthropist and you will receive 2 passes to a special WFPF screening and a DVD of the film "Joe and Maxi," directed by Maxi Cohen and preserved by WFPF. Plus, get everything from the perk level above. You will be the ENVY of your friends.

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  • $1,007USD
    Desired Sinner

    Fulfill your LUST for great film work and you will receive 2 passes to the premiere of the preserved film. Plus, get everything from the perk above.

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  • $2,507USD
    Indulged Sinner

    Don't give in to GLUTTONY! Contribute and you will garner a dinner with, and made for you by, director Maxi Cohen in NYC. Plus, receive everything from the perk above.

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  • $5,007USD
    Ultimate Sinner

    You'll feel PRIDE when you see your name credited on the preserved film. Plus, you will receive a VIP invitation to the premiere screening of the film, 2 free passes to a WFPF screening, a signed "Seven Women Seven Sins" poster, and a thank you on Facebook and You are a virtuous sinner.

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