Serious Games for Serious Civic Engagement

Use The Power of Collaborative, Serious Games to Engage Citizens and Resolve Our Budget Crises
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  • $1USD
    Count Me In!

    Every dollar helps. Really. You get your name on our website as a backer.

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  • $10USD
    Civic Stickers are Cool!

    You get your name on our website and a super cool sticker for your laptop/computer. Tweet nice things about our project and we'll send you an *extra* sticker!

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  • $25USD
    More Stickers are Better!

    You get your name on our website and an assortment of super cool stickers for your laptop/computer (May include Innovation Games, Games for Democracy, Knowsy or other cool stickers we dream up) and a note from the team.

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  • $50USD
    I'll Wear The Shirt!

    Stickers are cool. Stickers *and* a T-Shirt? Everyone will know you support improving our democracy.

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  • $150USD
    I'll Help Co-Design

    Stickers, T-Shirts, and Special Account to our online game that you can use to help us test out our ideas and improve our designs.

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  • $250USD
    I Want the Book

    All of the above plus a signed copy of Luke Hohmann's book "Innovation Games". (Don't forget to let us know who to dedicate the book to when signing.) If you already have a copy of the book please consider letting us keep the money, since we have to buy the books from Luke's publisher.

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  • $500USD
    Online Gamer

    All of the above and a one-year professional license to Innovation Games® online so that you can design, facilitate and play games with your fellow citizens, co-workers, peers, etc. That's a $2000 value all for supporting civic engagement.

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  • $1,000USD
    I Knowsy Games

    All of the above, plus we'll create a topic list of your choice in our popular iPad game Knowsy. (Hey, about that Knowsy topic... we will exclude topics fail to meet our guidelines or Apple's App Store guidelines).

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  • $5,000USD
    Games For Me and Friends

    This donation gets you a coupon to 10 one-year licenses to Innovation Games® Online, Professional Edition, so that you AND all of your friends can design and play Innovation Games with your fellow citizens and keep Democracy working. We'll also design a customized online visual collaboration game for just for you. And we'll throw in that Knowsy topic too!

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  • $10,000USD
    My Very Own Custom Class!

    An Innovation Games® Qualified Instructor will come teach our two-day class to you and 20 of your closest friends and colleagues AND each member of the class will be given a single-user perpetual license license to Innovation Games® online, professional edition. Outside the U.S. please add $2500 for airfare.

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  • $25,000USD
    Unconference Champion

    We'll coordinate an Innovation Games® Exchange unconference in your city, where a key theme of the unconference will be exploring games for civic engagement. Plus you'll get a single-user perpetual license to Innovation Games Online, one free seat in our 2-day Innovation Games class and we'll create a customized online visual collaboration game for you.

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  • $75,000USD
    Change The World!

    Luke Hohmann will personally design and produce a 100-200 person in-person game and a 5,000 to 8,000 person online Budget Game (that's 1,000 online games!!!) using our newly created system for your city, school system, State, or National Government. Just one person or organization committing this amount will change the world. When was the last time you had that kind of power?

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