Serendipity Moon - A Feature Film Comedy

A feature film about a heartbroken hopeless romantic, his womanizing roommate, and the twists of fate that put them in each others' shoes for one weekend.
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Serendipity Moon - The Who and The What
Thanks for checking out our page! I'm Joe Scott, the writer/director of Serendipity Moon. I'm excited to tell you all about my new project.

Serendipity Moon is a feature film being shot in Dallas, Texas, about a heartbroken hopeless romantic, his womanizing roommate, and the twists of fate that turn their lives upside down over one weekend.

The film has been in development for several months, and I've assembled a great cast of actors for this film, including:

Tim Yager as David
Kyle Austin as Rob
JuliAnna Briscoe as Diane
Julie Reinagal as Rhonda
Ashley D. Merritt as Sabrina
Giovannie Cruz as Kendra

Many of these actors have strong backgrounds as improv performers, and have even trained with some of the same houses as many of your favorite SNL actors. While the film is scripted, it will play heavily off their improv strengths to bring these characters and their circumstances to life.

Watch this video to meet the cast and learn more about the story!

This movie is a reflection of where I am in my career and where I want to go.
I've been a screenwriter since I penned my first script at 15 years old. I made short films and music videos through college and collaborated as a writer with a feature film or two, earning a reputation as a writer of male-oriented comedies with a lot of heart. "Chick flicks for guys," as I like to call them.

In the mid-2000's, I directed and produced my own feature film, a comedy called Ocean Front Property. It was produced on a shoestring - funded with credit cards - and eventually played in over 25 festivals around the country and won over a dozen awards. Here's the trailer:

While Ocean Front Property was moderately successful and did secure screenwriting work, I find myself now, several years later, at a place in my career where it's time to move to the next level. And that means making another movie, this time with a modest budget.

That's why I'm asking for your help.

The Perks - Both Ours and Yours
As someone who has made a microbudget film, I know what it takes to get a film made for little to no money. But I also know the pitfalls involved with doing so - the compromises that have to be made and the difficulty involved in getting it in front of people.

Your Indiegogo contribution will be wisely spent toward the kind of production value that will set our film apart from others of this budget. Set designers, sound designers, makeup artists, music rights, marketing, and more. All of these things help ensure that the experience on the screen is beautiful, powerful, and seen by as many people as possible.

In return, we've gotten creative to offer you a slew of awesome perks for being a part of the community, no matter what the level of contribution. All the way from access to exclusive news and emails to free tickets to comedy shows, parties thrown in your honor, improv comedy lessons, special web videos just for you, even having a character in the movie named after you. Or if you just want a coffee mug to make you feel good every morning, we've got that, too.

Be a Part of Something Great
When you support Serendipity Moon, you're not just helping a filmmaker get a film made - as much as that filmmaker appreciates it - you're also helping support an entire community of filmmakers in Dallas.

There's a burgeoning indie film scene in the DFW area. Artistic visionaries, maverick do-it-yourselfers, and avant-garde film and video festivals are coming together to reshape the cinematic landscape of North Texas, and the more movies that come out of the area, the more attention we all receive. Every one filmmaker's victory is a victory for everybody.

That's why we're going to work hard to promote other films as well as our own. I truly believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, and by supporting Serendipity Moon, you're doing a small part to raise that tide.

Other Ways You Can Help
I'm sure at this point you're just desperate to contribute as much as your bank account can hold, but let's face it, some of us are doing well just to afford tonight's Hot Pocket.

Luckily, there's a lot more you can do besides just give money. It's all about spreading the word. We'll be creating tons of fun content that you can forward on your social networks, blogs, and wherever you connect with people.

To keep up with all these goodies, follow us here on Indiegogo, or like us on Facebook.

A big part of getting this in front of people is to reach out to influencers - press people, bloggers, podcasters, media personalities and others who have large audiences that listen to them. Forward our content to your favorite influencers and suggest they highlight it. Or if you have a connection to someone in that social arena, contact us and suggest that we approach them.

No matter what you do, whether you go for the biggest perk or just spread the word, I want to say thank you for being a part of the fun. Myself and the entire crew will work hard to give you a fun romp of a movie you'll be glad to say you were a part of.


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    The "Stay in Touch"

    Get exclusive email updates on the film - and eternal happiness.

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    The "Hey, Thanks!"

    Get exclusive email updates and a shoutout on the website/facebook page. Oh, and eternal happiness.

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    The "Other Movie"

    Get exclusive emails, a shoutout all over social media, and a digital download of Joe's previous film, Ocean Front Property. And just for grins, we'll throw in a little eternal happiness.

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    The "One-Sheeter"

    Get exclusive emails, shoutouts on social media, and a physical copy of the poster! Think of all the eternal happiness that will bring!

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    We'll keep you up to date with exclusive emails, a big shoutout, and a FREE digital download of Serendipity Moon when available.

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    Get exclusive emails, a shoutout, and a DVD copy of Serendipity Moon, jam packed with special features, when available.

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    Do you like to see how a movie changes from script to screen? This perk will get you a copy of the screenplay to Serendipity Moon SIGNED by the entire cast and writer/director Joe Scott!

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    The "Goodie Bag"

    Get a special package including a SIGNED DVD, SIGNED poster, a copy of the screenplay and other goodies!

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    The "Serendipity Night Live"

    See the stars of our movie perform IN PERSON at the Dallas Comedy House. Along with a digital download of the film, you'll get passes to 5 shows featuring Tim and Kyle.

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    The "Red Carpet"

    Get an invitation to the premier screening of Serendipity Moon, and a special thanks in the credits, as well as a DVD copy of the film when available.

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    The "Yes, And..."

    If you don't get the name of this perk, you will. This perk gets you a personal lesson in improv comedy from the stars of Serendipity Moon. Not to mention your name in the credits and a DVD copy of the film.

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  • $500USD
    The "I Should Frame This"

    The main character in Serendipity Moon is an artist who is torn between a life as a cartoonist and a graphic novelist. With this perk, you can have one of the pieces of art featured in the film, as well as your name in the credits and a DVD copy of the film.

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  • $500USD
    The "Sponsorship"

    For this perk, we'll create a web video that's all about YOU! Then we'll not only shoot it out to everyone in our growing social media audience, but we'll also include it as a special feature on the DVD. Have a small business? Let us promote you to our fans! This is a fantastic perk that will not only reach a lot of people, but will last for a long time.

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    The "Doppleganger"

    Get your name in the credits a couple of times with this perk, because we'll name a character after you! Plus get a special thanks, and a DVD copy of the film.

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    The "Associate Producer"

    This is called "The Associate Producer" because that's exactly what you'll be. Listed in the OPENING credits of the movie, you'll be invited to all cast/crew parties including the production wrap party, get VIP passes to the premiere screening and after party. If you want to really be a part of the movie, this is how you do it.

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  • $5,000USD
    The "Executive Producer"

    You are now the big dog. Get Executive Producer credit in the opening credits. Get access to the set during production. VIP passes to the wrap party, premiere, and after party. AND... A private, cast and crew-only screening at a local Dallas venue where they will name a drink after you!

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