seqSQUARED -- The Analog Pattern Generator for modular synthesis

seqSQUARED is a programmable pattern generator and sequencer expander for analog modular synthesis. It will be available in eurorack kit, and preassembled form.

NOTE: Preorder phase is over. Throw your email on my mailing list to be notified when it is in stock at the hexinverter.net online shop!

What is seqSQUARED?

Find the Bill of Materials here:


seqSQUARED is a unique module for analog synthesizers. It is an analog pattern generator/sequencer expander, and serves as a great accompanyment to an array of sequencers of any length.

hexinverter.net has paired up with Re:Synthesis once again to bring a really cool module you can build or pick up ready-made in popular formats!

I think it is best said with an image of how it works (excuse the poor resolution. Indiegogo makes it small - find a larger, more readable version here!):



Technical Features

  • Analog pattern generation/sequencer arrangement + combining up to 8 steps of sequences long (with 4 sequencers as sources) 
  • Professional eurorack panels available in kit and pre-made form
  • Analog style user interface that feels right at home in a modular synthesizer
  • Internal voltage-controlled clock divider (works with sequencers up to 64 steps in length as sources)
  • "Chaos" feature, which can add randomly tested probability that the step picks a random sequencer's note data instead of the one you have programmed for that step
  • Fits in 26HP eurorack space with easy to assemble kit (or premade)
  • Requires a +/-12 or 15V analog power supply (consumes ~50mA)
  • Accepts standard 0-5V CV and gate signals


Formats Available

seqSQUARED will be available in a pretty flexible configuration. Re:Synthesis is for sure providing panels for eurorack, and possibly other formats.

You can preorder these options here on Indiegogo:

  • Preassembled eurorack in 26HP format w/ Doepfer compatible power cable
  • Eurorack kit form with all the necessary board-mount components to make your own module
  • Universal kit form without the eurorack specific jacks, switches and other eurorack only parts, so you can make your own module or standalone in a different format
  • A set of bare printed circuit boards with a programmed microcontroller, so you can source your own components (not for beginners!)

More Detailed Information 

Still reading? Awesome. Now I'm going to hurt your eyes with a wall of text about just how cool this module is, and what it can do for your modular setup you've worked so hard to piece together.

Essentially, seqSQUARED ("sequence sequencer!") is a voltage controlled sequential switch to expand a sequencer array with, that works more like a creative musical device than most out there. My inspiration came from the way that most simple "pattern bank" software works -- load up a bank of patterns, and arrange a sequence of them to create a song. 

It also just serves as a sequencer expander. It allows you to take multiple sequencers and chain them seamlessly into one big sequencer (ie: 4x8 steps = 32 steps, etc.) 

So, it serves as an excellent module for someone with, say, a nice set of sympleSEQ sequencers!

The module was designed with analog programming in mind, and does not rely on deep menu editing systems or LCDs like are commonly associated with digital microcontrollers. The idea is a simple, easy to program device that allows you to expand your sequencer array by combining and re-arranging multiple sequencers in interesting patterns. 

What it does is take up to 4 independent sequencers, and turn them into a pattern bank by multiplexing them. Effectively, it turns 4 equal length sequencers into one big, programmable sequencer that can be any combination of 8 of those 4 sequencers...ie: 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4 or...4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4...whatever you program it to! 
It also sports a voltage controllable clock divider, and a feature I call "chaos", which simply introduces a percentage change that it will output a randomly selected sequencer's note on the next step.

For more information, and any technical questions, feel free to check out the muffwiggler.com forum thread for this project, or email me directly at: hex[at]hexinverter.net 

Okay, so why the pre-orders, and how does this work?

Funding a larger product for a niche market like this is simply too expensive for a university student like myself to front the cost of!

seqSQUARED components and PCBs will be ordered as soon as the funds are ready -- this means that a lot of the parts should be ready before the funding deadline ends. seqSQUARED kits will be shipped out very first, then people who ordered ready made modules will have theirs shipped out a couple weeks after (it takes time to assemble them all).

I am known for making a tremendous amount of updates and answer all emails and comments very quickly, so rest assured you will get to follow through the entire design and production process!

$3,500 will ensure we can get the required minimums to get the parts needed at the necessary prices. If we do not meet that goal, I will still do my absolute best to make this happen. It is highly unlikely, but if we did not meet the goal I would return 100% of everyone's funds.


For reference, please refer to my last project successfully funded on here:

sympleSEQ: The easy to build analog step-sequencer 


Here is a shot of the CAD renderings of the prototype boards. They will arrive soon and then a video will be made, demonstrating the module in an analog synthesizer environment!


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