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Control your A/C from anywhere with the Sensibo app and save a lot of energy.
Omer Enbar
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Sensibo is a tiny device that connects air conditioners to the internet. It can be used with any A/C that has a remote control.

Sensibo supports any A/C that can be used with a remote control.

Sensibo uses IR commands to communicate with your existing A/C, 
just like your remote control. It works right out of the box and supports any remote controlled A/C: Window A/Cs, Split, central, standing, etc.

You don’t need to teach Sensibo anything. Remote control commands are pre-installed, ready to communicate with your existing A/C. 

Check out how the Sensibo Pod is installed

Sensibo's app comes packed with amazing features:
IFTTT integration, scheduling, timer and more.

You might have a Samsung in the living room, an LG in the bedroom and a Friedrich in the study and yet, Sensibo allows you to control all of them using one simple interface.

In order to extend the range of the Sensibo Pods, we designed Sensibo to have two parts: one smart hub that connects to your home router, and a Sensibo Pod for each of your air conditioners. This design also helps make Sensibo more affordable.

Sensibo is 100% mobile and transferable. We opted for 3M: Command™ mounting tape, super strong and easily attachable to any surface and most importantly, the pod can slide right off your A/C without leaving a trace. 

The Sensibo pod is composed of two parts: a mounting unit that attaches to the A/C surface, and the main pod unit. The main pod unit floats on a magnetic axis around the mounting unit. 

We respect air conditioners. They represent a century's worth of research in the field of thermodynamics. When we first thought about a world with smart air conditioners, we realized it would be too expensive and unnecessary to build a smart A/C from scratch.

Air conditioners are really great at what they do, cool and heat.
They just don't know when to do what. Sensibo gives A/Cs the power of insight, and the ability to adjust to your lifestyle.

Each Sensibo pod is powered by two micro-processors. We chose to work with Texas Instrument’s CC2538 as the main MCU. It runs a 802.15.4 low power RF standard with 6LoWPAN protocol on top. The secondary MCU is Texas Instrument’s CC2541, running Bluetooth Low Energy and supports iBeacon. Sensibo runs on two powerful standard CR123A batteries

Sensibo is equipped with 6 tiny super strong Infra-red emitters pointed in all directions. This way it's easy to place the pod on your A/C and it just works.

Omer Enbar is the CEO of Sensibo. Omer is a devoted maker, with vast experience in product. Prior to Sensibo, Omer worked on products both for consumers and for the professional market. Omer holds a BSc. in computer science.

Ran Roth is the CTO of Sensibo. Prior to Sensibo Ran worked as an algorithm researcher at Yahoo. Ran is a technology and science enthusiast. He holds an MSc. in algorithm and a BSc. in Physics and Maths. Before Sensibo, Ran worked on many challenging algorithmic problems in the field of BigData, Computer Vision and Control Theory. He also has a wide knowledge and experience in software development.

Dror Bren is the Creative Director of Sensibo. He’s an experienced industrial and UX designer and holds an MDes in design management and a BDes in Industrial design. Prior to Sensibo, Dror has worked at BRIO Interaction Design, developing interfaces for some of Israel’s leading startups.

One of the coolest things about Sensibo is that we are working on integrating with various platforms.
Sensibo has an active IFTTT channel, which lets you use your creativity and innovation to create recipes that use Sensibo's abilities.

I have a central air conditioning system. Can I use Sensibo?
Yes, central air conditioning is supported if your system has a remote control (even if you lost it).

What's the difference between Sensibo and Nest?
Nest replaces your existing wired thermostat. If you have a remote controlled air conditioner you can't use Nest or a similar solution. Sensibo can be used with any remote controlled A/C.

How does the Sensibo Pod connect to the A/C?
The Sensibo Pod is completely external to your air conditioner. It has no wires. It controls the A/C using IR commands, in the same manner your remote control does.

How does the Sensibo smart hub connect to the internet?
The Sensibo smart hub connects to the internet through your home router. The connection is done using a regular ethernet cable. We chose to use ethernet over WiFi for our smart hub because it's easier to install, more secure and there's no need for updating passwords.

Can I schedule Sensibo to turn on the air conditioner?
Yes. The app lets you easily schedule the A/C to your routine. Even better - you can set the scheduler to work only if it’s hot or cold.

How much time do the batteries last?
Sensibo is very power efficient and uses strong batteries that last more than a year with normal usage.

Does Sensibo measure relative humidity?
Yes. Relative humidity and temperature are incorporated into a thermal comfort model. 

Does Sensibo have an API?
We are working on providing an API. Once released, Sensibo will offer a rich API that lets you control the air conditioner and read the data from the sensors.

* Dog image courtesy of Rolland Budi (cc-by-sa 2.0)

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