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Helping you stay healthier, safer and more productive where you live, work and play.
michael setton
4 Team Members

• Clip our sleek sensory ‘blok' to your backpack, belt, or beach towel and let it gather all the environmental data you want.

 • Sensbloks will alert you as soon as your environment becomes unhealthy for you. (High UV index, air pollution, etc.) 

 • Continuous monitoring means you can track your environment to learn more about how it impacts your health and comfort. 

 • Use social networking tools to share the data and get help making changes to improve your health and your life.

What Are Sensbloks ?

Throughout the day, your environment changes quickly. Sensbloks is the world’s first portable device that allows you to track a variety of environmental data, such as the UV index, air quality, temperature, humidity  and barometric pressure, so that you and your family can stay healthy and comfortable.

Sensbloks harvest a range of information and relay it to your phone, where it can be seen in real time.

What can Sensbloks do for me?

Working directly with your smartphone, Sensbloks is like your personal caretaker, alerting you when:

a) you are at risk of sunburn and need to reapply your sunscreen because of a high UV index rating,

b) air pollution levels are highest, so that you can use car and home air filters more effectively,

c) there are any levels of solvents in the air, so that infants can be removed from the area or  avoid asthma attacks.

d) Your office working conditions are not optimal as environmental conditions have been shown to influence personal productivity by as much as 5 %.

Sensbloks are customizable, so you can track whatever environmental data you would like.

From air temperature to humidity, or even electromagnetic fields and noise, Sensbloks can track them all!

Incredible Possibilities.

Everyday use cases:

Help track environmental quality in settings you spend long times in, and make that knowledge widely accessible to others who also do. Discover why people on the North East corner of your office floor are more productive, become the best weather forecaster  in your city, map out urban heat islands, work out your optimal conditions and generally stay safe.

- Keep track of your UV index throughout a day at the beach so you and your friends can safely enjoy summer fun.

- Help kids concentrate and stay healthier in class: 

Several studies have shown that indoor air quality impacts academic performance. With any PC or smartphone,  school teachers or principals can guarantee parents that their children get the best environment for learning. Did you know that the greatest expansion of the lungs occurs during the teenage years ? In light of this, fine particles tracking seems important in educational settings.
Adequate outdoor air ventilation can also reduce transmission of airborne infections. 

-Find out what the environmental quality is in your car or daily public transport commute. Set up a carbon dioxide alert which will make your ride more pleasant and spare you early morning drowsiness.       

Do I need to use different apps for different types of data I am collecting ?

Nope! The data your SensBlok gathers and sends to your phone is managed through our single-app solution, called MobiSense.

MobiSense has been designed to connect to your Sensbloks via Bluetooth , and to automatically recognize the kind of sensors you have chosen. The app will then relay the appropriate information back to you in a simple, easy to read way.

Install MobiSense once and you are set, regardless of the future modules you might use. Up to seven Sensbloks can be streaming simultaneously to a single smartphone.

What does the MobiSense app do for me?

The MobiSense app allows you to:

- See, archive, upload or stream your SensBlok data to our Cloud-based server, called SensDots, in real time.

- Access data from other SensPod users, no matter where they are.

- Set personalized alert thresholds, so that you decide what environmental factors and what levels trigger an alert.

- Choose to geotag your data on SensBlok using the phone’s GPS. 

You can download the MobiSense app (iOS, Android, Java) from this link:  http://www.sensdots.com/downloads/mobisense/

Can I share my data with my friends? 

Of course. You can make your data public. Once you have done that, anybody who has the MobiSense app, will be able to see Sensblok data as if they were connected themselves. You will become pretty popular at the beach if you provide UV index data in real time to others, and help them safely enjoy the sun.

Are Sensbloks and MobiSense compatible with my smartphone?

Yes, they are compatible with PCs, Mac, Android and iOS. In fact, unlike Bluetooth Low Energy only devices,  thanks to having a dual mode radio, our dual mode Bluetooth radio makes our technology  

compatible with 90% of smartphones that are in use today. And, of course, we will continue to 

ensure widespread compatibility in the future, too.

Why are we better than the competition ?

 1. Better sun protection: Sensbloks track both UVA and UVB protection, to offer the broadest sun protection possible.

 2. Smarter: When Sensbloks don’t detect any UV, they know you’re indoors and automatically switch to an air quality monitoring function.

 3. More convenient: Colourful, eye-catching LED lights on top of the Sensblok unit  offer a visual cue to your changing environment. You don’t even need to check your smartphone to get the information you want!

 4. More versatile: Sensbloks work with dual-mode Bluetooth technology - both iOS and Android phones, unlike our competitors, who focus solely on iOS devices.

 5. Better data access: Our Mobisense app lets you access public data from other users.

 6. Greater functionality: Sensbloks are actually sensitive enough to catch the subtle changes of the indoor air at your home or office.

 7. Better batteries: Combine Sensblok with Port Solar Window Charger and you never have to worry about recharging your Sensblok!

What Makes Them So Special ?

SensBloks are the result of several man-years of work. Today, they offer: 

-Future sensing modules
;  Changing functions is as easy as unclipping your top module and replacing it with another Sensblok.  

-Open-innovation approach; developers can create tailored user interfaces or entirely new applications which use SensBlok data. Do you have ideas about iBeacons, Pebble integration,  Apple Notification center Services or future Android Wear apps ?  You’ll be able to use our APIs and libraries to design new apps, or take advantage of new User Interfaces. 3D print your custom SensBlok and Senspod cases using Sensaris’ CAD documents, to suit your style and technical needs. 

- Design. The italian  studio GivingShape helped us  design the modular casing  and performed all  3d modelling and renderings.  

Da Team

How your pledge will help us:

Over the last few months, we have come a long way in designing, testing and optimizing the SensBloks and the Sensdots platform.

At Sensaris, we have provided the electronics and hardware development, the mobile software, the open APIs ; now we ‘d like you to be part of the Internet of Things revolution by providing  open innovation, crowdsourcing and social networking features. With your help we will:

·  Lower the SensBloks production costs using batch 3D printing

·  For techies: support developers to become part of the adventure, and integrate SensBlok data into new, easy to use and innovative applications, or wearable smart technology.

·  For everyone: improve mobile applications for a user experience aligned with your specific needs, and set up wider social networking capabilities.

- Keep the design and production  in Europe.

Pledge levels:





Weatherblok = Senspod + Top with LED indicators + MobiSense App + Std Sensdots Access.

 LEDs change colors according to your personal settings for each parameter and   with just one glance you will know that you are safe without even looking at your smartphone.

Enjoy a 10% discount when purchasing future tops.

It will retail 40% higher, at €140,00

·  Sensblok "Maker Edition" = Senspod + Air Quality + UV Index + API + 3D Design files + MobiSense App + Pro Sensdots access.

 is the developer edition for people who would like to build their own Sensblok apps. On top of getting early access to our REST API and 3D Casing Files, you get full Pro access to our http://www.sensdots.com interface

Possibility of purchasing future tops and related functionalities at 10% discount

Sensdots access: PRO

·  Sensblok = Senspod + Atmotop (Air Quality + UV) + MobiSense App + Std Sensdots Access.

A total of 6 parameters about your own comfort.

Air quality corresponds to Total VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds): Cleaning agents, solvents (e.g. paints), cooking odors, human bio-effluents, outdoor pollutants, formaldehyde etc. 

By detecting odors and other pollutants, VOC sensors optimize proper ventilation to ensure the highest air quality for occupants and reduce utility costs for building owners.

Users can select an index display as decipols, percent people dissatisfied or equivalent ppm CO2.

UV Index is provided on a scale of 1 to greater than 11. Users can get personalized information based on their skin type.

Enjoy a 10% discount when purchasing future tops.

It will retail 30% higher, at €195,00

·  Sensblok "Special Edition"  = Senspod + Air Quality + UV Index +  exciting casing colors + MobiSense App + Std Sensdots Access.

Enjoy a 10% discount when purchasing future tops.

·  Penta pack =  5 x (Senspod + Air Quality + UV Index) + MobiSense App + Std Sensdots Access.

Enjoy a 15 % discount when purchasing future tops.

Sensdots access: Standard

Sensdots Access: 

Standard: See real time data and access the last 24 hours data retrieval for free.

Pro: Unlimited access to data.

To see our various customer plans:



European Union: € 12/Sensblok

ROW: € 16

For Duo: € 20

For distributor Penta pack of 5: € 40

If you reside within the EU, 20 % VAT will be applied to your order.

For other countries, other charges such as import duties or local sales taxes may apply. Please contact your local customs office since additional fees are country specific.

Accessories: One  carrying pouch for SensBloks and pods.
+ USB wall charger (specify US or Europe type plug)
+ one micro USB charging cable.


October 2012:   Start to play with Bluetooth Low Energy dev kits.

November 2012:  iOS beta tests for MobiSense and Bluetooth Smart Senspods

December 2012:   Evaluation of air quality sensors

March 2013:   Integration of Polar Heart rate monitor with MobiSense and Sensdots

May 2013:  Testing a variety of dual mode Bluetooth radios

July 2013  Qualifying weather station hardware: barometer, humidity, temperature and UV index

September 2013:  Enhancing real time charting and data replay  on Sensdots

October 2013:   Streaming of Texas Instruments Sensor Tag data to Sensdots

November 2013  Selection of dual mode radio module

December 2013  Releasing our REST API

January 2014:   Extending MobiSense to Android 4.3

February 2014  MobiSense v1 available on iTunes

Designing the modular casing

March 2014:  Validating MobiSense access to distant Senspods

April 2014:   SensBloks are born !

Campaign Timeline and production schedule:


Which devices are SensBloks and pods compatible with ?

- iOS: iPhone 4s & 5, iPad 3 & mini. Requires iOS 7 or later.

- Android: Android 4.3 and above.- Tested with Moto G, Nexus 7, Wiko Cinq Slim, and Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.

PC: Compatible with Windows PCs  (Need to have either built-in Bluetooth or have a  Bluetooth USB dongle) and MAC OS. You can download our MobiSense Java web Start application from our website.- Only tested with regular Bluetooth©  at the moment. Bluetooth Smart is on the way.

How to 3D-print my own case?

We will release the stl files for the casing, so you will be able to personalize your own casing.

 If you are creative, we will also post the complete PCB dimensions so that you can go online and use tools such as Photoshop  Creative Cloud, which will then let you send your creations directly to  Shapeways for 3D printing, or send your files to Makerbot Replicator 2 . 

The most original designs will be posted on our Special Sensbloks webpage.

How did we reach the name?

We went to the IKEA store in Grenoble, France, for inspiration. Back at the office, we looked at Swedish naming possibilities first… The possibilities were:

-  Egenskapsuttryck

-  Möjlighet

We then thought of meaningless names:

-  Shardvik (Amazingly, Google returns just 4 results when you request this, and shardvik.com is available!)

-  Kluksmallo (ZERO results in Google. Perfect SEO, we thought!)

After some Champagne, we came up with Talisman, but popular vote went to SensBloks !

What kind of connector is used between the Blocks and Pods ?

We provide a 6 pin connector for 3.7 V regulated  Power, Ground, I2C SCL, I2C SDA and 2 GPIOs, which can be reconfigured for SPI.

Makers, you can  easily add an OLED display, an IR gesture sensor,  a heart rate monitor, a Peltier module etc.....

Where can I find documentation for the API ?

The documentation for the REST API is already on our website


Can the firmware be upgraded ?

Yes, of course. You can already do so via microUSB, and we are working on providing Over The Air firmware upgrade by the time we ship.

What is the battery size ?

LiPo battery: We selected a 400 mAh battery so that you are not restricted when developing apps for regular Bluetooth or for makers to use high power consumption Sensbloks such as the one with a Peltier module.

What  is inside?

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Select a Perk
  • €99EUR
    Weatherblok.Early Bird.

    Weatherblok is the youngest of the Sensbloks family, it consists of a Senspod + a 4 LED top + MobiSense App + Std Sensdots access. Possibility of purchasing future tops and related functionalities at 10% discount. It will retail 30% higher, at € 130,00

    0 out of 75 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • €125EUR
    Sensblok "Maker Edition"

    Sensblok "Maker Edition" is the developer edition for people who would like to build their own Sensblok based apps. Get Senspod + Atmotop + Open API / 3D Casing Files +MobiSense app + Pro Sensdots access. Possibility of purchasing future tops and related functionalities at 15 % discount

    1 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • €149EUR

    You get a Senspod + Atmotop (air quality and UV sensors). Share your environmental data with family, friends or coworkers with MobiSense App + Sensdots Access..

    2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • €165EUR
    Color Special Edition

    • Sensblok "Special Edition" comes with the Atmotop and exciting colors for the middle part: Possibility of purchasing future tops and related functionalities at 10% discount

    2 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • €600EUR
    Penta Pack

    If you want to deploy Sensbloks in schools, map your office or shop, or want to stock up before the holidays arrive. You get 5 Senspods + 5 Atmotops + MobiSense + Std Sensdots Access. Possibility of purchasing future tops and related functionalities at 15 % discount

    1 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2014
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