Everyone keeps saying they want #tdtrs to go to FOSDEM and Pete can never afford it so lets get Pete there.


What is FOSDEM?

FOSDEM is a free and non-commercial event organised by the community for the community. The goal is to provide open source software developers and communities a place to meet to:

  • Get in touch with other developers and projects;
  • Be informed about the latest developments in the open source world;
  • Attend interesting talks and presentations on various topics by open source project leaders and committers;
  • To promote the development and the benefits of open source solutions.

The main goal for this campaign is to gain further knowledge and build relationships with community members from around the world.

You don't want much do you?

The total for this campaign is not in fact excessive it just about covers the costs:

  • Train fares and transfers to London is around £120.00
  • Eurostar to Belgium is around £150.00
  • FOSDEM discounted accommodation is around £250.00
  • Food, beverages etc for three days roughly £60 a day.

Why should I pay for you to go?

That's a good question. I doubt I'd ever be able to afford to go if I funded it myself however I suspect one of the main benefits to any listener of The Dick Turpin Road Show would be:

  • A show actually recorded at FOSDEM and not one of those 'after the event' affairs.
  • Maybe I'll actually learn something useful for the show?
  • It will give some of my Internet friends a chance to see me in the flesh.
  • You'll have a warm fuzzy feeling that you did something nice.
  • You'll score Brownie points with the God of your choice.

Other Ways You Can Help

So maybe you feel that I should be ashamed of running a crowd funding campaign like this? I don't to be honest. If it succeeds I'll be eternally grateful and will make sure I get as much as possible out of the event. If it fails at least I tried to get there and everyone should get their money back.

So how can you help if you are flat broke like me?

  • Send a link for this to all your social network friends on G+ Twitter Facebook etc.
  • Get all your friends to share the link on their social network sites.
  • Blog your disgust about it.
  • Email all the podcasts voicing your indignation at the cheek of this campaign.

"If you don't ask you don't get."


Team on This Campaign: