I was offered a place to study at the prestigious National Film School in England - Help me make my dream come true!
Simona Susnea
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Who am I

I'm Simona Șușnea, a young Romanian cinematographer.

I have been accepted to the Cinematography MA at the National Film and Television School in England. This prestigious school only accepts 8 cinematography students per year. To be on this course has been my dream since the age of 18, when I knew I wanted to be a film-maker. I am now 25.

I started my film education in Bucharest, Romania. Now I  wish to embark on the last educational journey until I start to practice this art and craft on a high professional level.

What do I love to do

Make films and create pictures.

Either at 24 frames per second, or still photography, images are the means of my expression. There's nothing more thrilling than being on set, behind the camera.

I have shot a good number of short films and I wish to keep making films and address to a large number of people by using this great visual art that cinematography is.

My film - making experience

For my student work, I have received a Kodak Cinematography Award.

In 2011 I was a scholar at the world-wide prestigious Budapest Cinematography Masterclass, with cinematographers Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC (The Deer Hunter) and Elemer Ragalyi, HSC (Jakob the liar)  as tutors.

My short films have been and will be shown at international short film festivals this year. This spring, one of my recent shorts has been on the Romanian Short Waves Screening at Cannes Int. Film Festival.

The NFTS is a world - wide top film school where some of the world's greatest film-makers received their education. 

I am sure you watched A beautiful mind, Wallace and Gromit, Harry Potter, Star Wars or Bridget Jones without knowing that their creators have a thing in common. Their educational background.

International film-makers are regularly invited as tutors at NFTS, sharing their experience with the students. The students themselves are quite great also, creating a student community in the little town of Beaconsfield.

It's the best environment to be experiencing education
, learning from cinema professionals
and through making films.

Impact over one's education and career

The course is two years, full time and it is led by Brian Tufano, the cinematographer of Trainspotting.

Following this intense MA program, graduates have the chance to start a career in film-making, creating influential pictures for the screen.

This won't happen over the night
and will require to continue the hard work, but the school will prepare you enough to be a cinema professional up to the industry's standards.

Money makes the world go round

The good news is that I was selected at this competitive and prestigious film school, but to be able to study here, 11300 pounds need to be payed by 1st November, this amount covering the 1st year study fee (
the 18245 dollars target equals 11300 pounds).

If I fail to do so, the good news turns into bad news and I lose my place on this amazing course.

With your help, I'll be turning the good news into great news and I will be able to fulfill my dream of attending the NFTS, as well making the step towards a strong film-making career.

Why am I asking for help

Financially I can't do it by myself. I have the drive to do it, but don't have enough resources.

I have 2000 pounds out of 19800 that I need for one year at NFTS. This includes the study fee and the living expenses.

The school will hardly leave any free time to get a job. The school is also based in Beaconsfield, giving me poor job choices. 

NFTS does not offer  financial support / fee discounts to non-British students and the possibility to take a loan in UK or Romania is zero. 

I am working 7 days a week to be able to raise at least a good part of the money.

The only way to make this happen is through my work and through people's support. 

My rewards

Please take a moment and look at what I can offer in exchange for your donation. It is not much, but my gratitude and the feeling that you made a difference, I believe that they matter more. Here you have a small sample of the photobook I listed in the perks, with the cover and a page view. 

Sharing is caring

SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! This is equally important and makes a difference to me, so, please, share it with some love.

I believe amazing things happen when people  join forces.
Use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, write an e-mail to your friends with the campaign link.  

Remember, you are not just giving your money or time, you are investing in someone's future, giving the opportunity to follow their dream. This is something that can never be expressed in pounds.

Writing THANKS with capital letters and shouting it out loud for everyone who wishes to help.

Please get in touch and find out more checking the following links. On my website you'll see more details about my films and photographs. /  

Respectfully yours,
Simona Șușnea

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  • $10USD
    Quiet on set!

    Online postcard with one of my pictures directed to your inbox to show my gratitude for your support towards my educational success!

    6 claimed
  • $25USD

    The above perk and a crew picture from every film I will work on at NFTS, plus a newsletter with my activity and success at the school.

    8 claimed
  • $50USD
    Roll Sound!

    A digital book with a collection of my portrait photography that I am putting together especially for this campaign, in order to show my gratitude to the people that donate. Contributors to the campaign will have their name mentioned on the book. Most of the photographs in the book have never been published.

    6 claimed
  • $150USD
    Roll camera!

    A hard print of your choice from my photography, sent to your address and the digital photography book, as I have explained in the previous perk. Choose the hard print photo from this link -

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  • $250USD
    Hit the slate!

    A copy of my latest short film as well as the digital portraits book.

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  • $500USD
    Set camera!

    A tour on one of my future film sets, either at NFTS, or on a professional set, and a signed copy of the film. This I cannot offer immediately after your donation, but when I start making the first film at NFTS (might take a few months after the course begins). What I can immediately offer is a copy of my latest short film, the digital photography book as I have explained previously, as well as taking your portrait, or the portrait of someone you love.

    0 claimed
  • $1,500USD
    Aaaaand, Action!

    An invitation to the premiere of my first feature film and signed copy of the film. I would also love to take your portrait or the portrait of someone you love, or shoot an event (photo or video) for your business (travel expenses not included). Please consider the previous rewards as well, since this is something I can send immediately after receiving your contribution. They will be sent together my deep gratitude for your great contribution.

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