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Antoinette Tuff is our HERO! She likely saved many lives by calmly talking with a gunman. Talk about a STRESSFUL situation. We just want to say thanks!
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Thanks to Antoinette Tuff for being A HERO!

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Antoinette Tuff is a clerk at the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Decatur, Georgia.  She saved an entire school (870 students + teachers) from potential disaster on Aug 20, 2013 by calmly talking to a man who had weapons, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and the intent to kill.  Through kind words and love, she averted a potential disaster and is A HERO! 

If you can, please chip in and let's send Antoinette a big THANK YOU for doing a great job. Hopefully she'll take a vacation / some time off to help relieve some of the stress she had to endure. 

We will make sure the money goes directly to Antoinette. 

If we exceed our funding goal, we will divide the excess contribution (minus Indiegogo fees) between Antoinette and the school.  According to some stats we looked up online, at least 22% of students are below the poverty line at the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy.  Maybe we can do something nice for the students and other staff members as well.  

Thanks, Antoinette, and to all of you! We will share your comments and messages with Antoinette.  As of now (we think) she doesn't know about this campaign, so hopefully it will be a pleasant surprise.

Here are some links describing the ordeal Antoinette & others at the school went through:


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