Self Directed Biological Transformation Initiative - SBTI

Studying the health benefits of life style choices in a one-week immersion program called Perfect Health - Radical Wellbeing.
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This research study will set out to determine how one’s activities of daily living affect not only lifespan but as importantly, healthspan.


In the same research study on meditation, The Chopra Foundation, in collaboration with Harvard University and Mount Sinai Hospital, demonstrated that meditation leads to a significant enhancement of genes associated with wellbeing and a significant reduction in genes associated with stress and inflammation.


Based on the incredible findings from the previous study, and the potential impact on the medical and behavioral medicine literature, we are now embarking upon our next ground breaking research study called Self Directed Biological Transformation Study Initiative (SBTI) Research Study which is aimed at bringing optimal physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.   

SBTI will comprehensively examine the whole person through genetic, microbiome, biochemical, and physiological  assessments during a one-week immersion called the Perfect Health – Radical Wellbeing Program. 

The Perfect Health Program

Why are we doing it?

The mission statement of the Chopra Foundation is to help to create a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthy and happier world.  Through the SBTI research study we want to demonstrate that a person’s wellbeing can be dramatically enhanced through effortless lifestyle practices.

Who is involved?

This study is in collaboration with scientists from the following institutions: Harvard University, the University of California San Francisco – Blackburn Group, Mount Sinai Hospital, Scripps Transitional Science Institute, and the University of California San Diego.

We will be seeking 60 participants to be randomized to the Perfect Health Radical Wellbeing program and 60 participants to be randomized to a control group.

How will it change the way to do medicine?

When it is demonstrated that so many aspects of a human being's wellbeing can be dramatically enhanced in such a short time frame, that an understanding of the potential of our bodies and minds to self correct themselves, is demonstrated,  we believe that such effects will not only deepen our appreciation of the potential for wellness that exists, but, would also inspire the greater dissemination of such approaches into medicine, such as is now starting to be seen in the "integrative medicine" movement.

How will it change the way an individual perceives oneself?

When a person is able to demonstrate to themselves such a dramatic improvement in their wellbeing, in their own sense of wellbeing that is both inspiring and empowering. Being empowered helps fuel commitment to continuing with such activities and efforts, to further explore the potential that exists within each of us.

Where will the study be conducted?

The SBTI study will be hosted at The Chopra Center for Wellbeing located on the property of OMNI La Costa Resort and Spa

What are we asking?

The Chopra Foundation is requesting your financial support of our study. 

We are very enthusiastic about this potentially paradigm-shifting study, which can potentially validate self-directed biological transformation and the effects on the health, quality and length of life and provide us clues on how to influence the wellbeing of future generations.  We hope you join us.

To find out more:  Email us at or call (760) 494-1663.

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Perfect Health Programs

Perfect Health

Super Brain

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Meditation and Health: The Search for Mechanisms of Action. Bethany E. Kok1*, Christian E. Waugh2, and Barbara L. Fredrickson

Lecture on SBTI by Deepak Chopra

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