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The ultimate Music Curation, 100% Human Powered. Already available in Beta version. Join & help us go public and develop awesome new features!
Christophe Soulard
1 Team Member

"Selekter with its powerful features should be one of the great sensations of the french music tech scene of 2014".

Axel Calandre, Deezer / Head of Platforms Patnerships


The Beta Version of SELEKTER is only available in french language: that's our home... of course, translation in english and other major languages is on our roadmap.

Selekter Beta can only be accessed on invitation: as a Indiegogo contributor, you will have full access to the website with personnal Id & Password !

Vous préférez lire la version française de ce descriptif? envoyez nous un email à selekter@outlook.com et nous vous adresserons la version française par retour. Vous pouvez également consulter notre Blog pour découvrir les actualités de Selekter et consulter le "Mode d'Emploi". Nous sommes à votre disposition !


"(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"

The digital age has brought smart tools to access music instantly, anytime, anywhere. Millions of tracks are at hand. That's the “Make Noise” revolution of web 2.0, and as it is still growing, we face a challenge: How does one choose? The need for advise and recommendation becomes stronger and stronger. Time has come for the “Smart Noise” era: An era where powerful tools filter the abundance of goods and deliver a smart selection connected with your tastes.

We believe that Social Curation - people who curate for people - is the most powerful way to get reliable recommendations. But social curation can't be fully reliable and relevant without expertise : That's why SELEKTER is based on social curation by music fans, driven by social expertise and reputation.

Selekter is 100% powered by music fans, and embodies social expertise; 
It's free, it's social, and it's already there!

"The Times They Are A-Changin' "

It seems more and more people share the same views, and that's always soothing...: Here's what Bob Lefsetz – one of the most respected music analyst and critic, author of the newsletter "the Lefsetz Letter ", predicted in his Top ten issues for 2013 :

“ People don't know what to listen to. You can't trust the radio, you can only trust your friends, and who's to say your friends have the same taste as you?
He who tells us what to listen to will have all the power in the future.”
It will not be an algorithm.
If you think Pandora has great recommendations, you've got no taste*.
If that's the future of radio, I want no part. »

*Sorry for Pandora... a great service indeed !

"Digging in the Dirt"

We filter music that flows from the digital tap... We rate albums, but we also understand your tastes, link you to expert users who share the same tastes as you, and we deliver accurate and reliable advise connected to your tastes.

- We rate albums and rank them:

You can design your Timeline to your personal editorial charter very easily; You just need to declare your favorite styles and artists, and we help you find experts who share your tastes (see below "How does it work?"). Follow them and we will push to you their favorite albums and recommendations.

We achieve our goal with the help of users who write reviews and rate albums (it must be familiar to those of you who use Trip Advisor..); we also monitor the reputation and expertise of the contributors, and we weight album ratings with the reputation factor of each reviewer in order to generate accurate album charts in every major musical genre and related styles, as well as discography rankings for each artist or group.

- We help you personnalize SELEKTER according to your musical tastes:

You can easily find and follow reviewers who share your tastes, and all of their reviews, album recommendations, selected playlists and other posts will be displayed in your personnal timeline... don't miss anymore the best music online!

Have a look at our homepage; You will find at a glance :

- Best Albums of the week

- "Best Of" tabs for each major musical genre

- Best Reviewers ("Selekters") of the week

and that's only the tip of the iceberg...

"With A Little Help From My Friends"

We have already gone Beta ! Selekter Beta is online since september 15th, exclusively on invitation. We shall go public beginning of 2014.


Let's get straight to the point:

SELEKTER is born by a small, enthousiastic and dedicated team, who invested countless time and money to build and launch the beta version, and attract reviewers. We need fuel now to reach the level of the public release…

Our roadmap is ready:
We have developed the basic – but already amazing – features, and we plan to develop new features for the public release. Funding will help develop priority features, and various side expenses that go with getting a website online. Please check "the Roadmap towards Public release" section below for details. We need a minimum of 30.000 euros to develop main features, and about 75.000 euros to get through the complete "priority features" set and various expenses.

Help us define new features:
We have been working hard to imagine smart features, but we believe that collective intelligence shall bring even cooler and smarter ones!we invite you to test the site, give your feedback and participate to the definition of our roadmap. We believe in Early Adopters!

Help speed up go-to-market:
Your feedback is also crucial to speed up the go-to-market process. Your input will make SELEKTER even smarter and shall make the story telling far more attractive. The more early adopters we get, the more media attention we raise.

"Are You Experienced?"

Selekter provides music fans with different levels of experience and engagement; because sometimes you're just willing to look for a quick and reliable answer to an immediate concern, and sometimes you really want to engage (I.e comment, share, support and even collaborate).

First of all, we provide you with the basic recommendation you want to access in one click: Best album by genre or by artist.

Just wonder what's the best albums of "Soul / R'n'B" from '75 to '85, or which is the very best album of Frank Zappa ? We got the answer. 1 or 2 click away. 

To access "best albums of Soul / R'n'B", just click on the "Soul R'n'B" tab on the homepage and access the "all times" top; use our timeline, and it immediately refreshes to the desired period !

Zappa's best album can be accessed almost as easily: type "Frank Zappa" in the search, access the artist's page and find his 3 best albums on the first page, and a complete discography by ranking on the "discography" tab.

You need more, you want to get personal advice and discover hot new artists? 

We provide you with fully personal recommendation:

This is where Selekter becomes a great experience... Selekter is powered by music reviews written by contributors who are experts. We help you find experts who share your tastes.

All of this through comprehensive, easy and fun tools :

But we know that as a music fan, you want to express yourself :

We provide you with various features that will allow you to engage at many different levels: you will define your music ID on your profile with your best albums and favorite artists; you can comment, evaluate and share reviews, support your favorite reviewers, share artists and albums pages,... and above all, you can begin writing your own reviews and develop your reputation. 

nb: most of these "engagement features" are on our roadmap for public release. Look at the Roadmap section below for details.

"Imagine (All The People...)"

When most of recommendation applications rely on anonymous advice or affinity with your peers, Selekter relies on SOCIAL EXPERTISE AND REPUTATION : Selekter is built on reviews and ratings by music fans with an expertise.

Reviews are more informative than simple comments. They can't be anonymous. You can check the author's profile and read other reviews he wrote. 

And after you have red a review, you can evaluate it. We mix your feedback with other criteria and we calculate the reputation of each contributor. We call this reputation factor the "Karma".

Each reviewer on Selekter has a personnal Karma representing his reputation and expertise. When we recommend a reviewer - we call them "Selekters" - we always consider his / her Karma as a premium factor of choice.

In fact, one can say that we are more concerned with recommendation of music experts than with music itself...

"Walk This Way"

When you register with Selekter, you can freely write reviews about albums and rate them from 1 to 10. There's no admission process and no restraint. Just do it! but we have guidelines that secure the quality and utility of reviews:

- You must give a title and write a short description of your review,

-  Your review must include a minimum of 300 signs, because we don't want to post useless comments such as “Waouh!! that's so good!" We know that nobody cares for such comments when it comes to make a decision (and finding good music is a tough one)! We ask reviewers to express an opinion and argue about it like professionnals.

here's how you can write your review and give a rating:

As soon as you post your review, we compute your rating weighted by your Karma, and agregate it with ratings of other contributors, in order to classify albums in our charts.

Here's what Best Of looks like:

Your review also appears on the album page :

When your first review is online, you become a member of our editorial team: you become a Selekter (quite easy to remember...). You can then display on your profile  your bio, social links, albums you recommend and your reviews...

this is what your Profile looks like when you become a selekter:

Users can easily check your profile, read your reviews, follow your activity and get your recommendations on their timeline.
They can comment and give feedback on your reviews (like/don't like), and share them on social networks.

We compute in real time your Karma index, and we display it on your profile. Then users can easily identify your level of expertise and reputation.

Let's summarize it :

  • Reviewers/Selekters write and post reviews in a  professional format and rate albums
  • we compute ratings and generate charts by genre / style / artist
  • You follow your favorite Selekters, and you get their reviews in real time, as well as recommendations and other posts, on your personal timeline.
  • You engage in supporting your favorite Selekters, and you help them increase their reputation through the Karma Index.
  • we take care of the reputation of the Selekters, so you as a user/reader can easily find the best ones tailor-made to your tastes !

"Papa's Got A Brand New Bag"

Last but not least, none of the other applications combine these features in the way than we do:

  • fully integrated streaming platform (powered by Deezer*, and later Google & Spotify when available)

  • a database of  350,000 albums and 100,000 artists, growing everyday
  • one click access to the Top albums of any genre with a cool timeline

  • more than 170 music styles in all genre from Rock to Jazz to Classic...

  • exclusive features to discover Selekters who share your tastes

  • ranking of expertise and reputation of contributors through the Karma Index

All wrapped in a “state of the art” design, with all the features you need to share, participate and engage !

"Here Comes The Flood"

Streaming appears to be the smartest way to access unlimited music online, and we have integrated one of the most efficient service: french based Deezer.

Deezer is active in more than 180 different countries, with plans for the launch of the US service, and proposes a very complete API (for “Application Programming Interface”) that perfectly matches with Selekter: provided you have a freemium or premium account with Deezer, you can stream music on Selekter by connecting both accounts in one click; visit the site while you launch the player, no break, no pop-up window!

Unfortunately, US citizens may not benefit of this feature presently, but we plan to support other services like Spotify and Google Play when they will propose their own APIs. This is part of our roadmap.

"We will Rock You"

We’re just getting warmed up: we have presently developed the main features necessary to validate the “proof of concept” and begin to attract contributors. because we are social, we are depending upon content posted by voluntary contributors. We are in the process of adding thousands of reviews in the next months before going public!

We have launched our "Selekter Needs You" program to attract contributors, and we are happy to announce that most of the bloggers we approached are willing to join, or already have !

In the meantime, we look ahead: we have a roadmap full of great features, including most of the "social expertise" and engagement features we described.

Have a look below to our roadmap to discover what we plan to introduce in the near future.

We hope this campaign will help us raise money to take the next step and enhance your experience. The more funding we raise, the more features we will be able to develop:

  •  With 30.000 € of funding, we develop the very mandatory features on the roadmap, i.e the Karma algorithm and sharing features, plus pocket expenses to run the website (hosting ...)
  • With 75.000 € of funding (our objective with Indiegogo), we can develop High Priority features, and other pocket expenses and first level promo and marketing.
  • With 150.000 € of funding, we go deeper in the Standard Priority features, we can develop the US/english version of the site (and other versions as well), we can even integrate some new features proposed by early adopters (You!), and take advance on the go-to-market planning, including promo and marketing campaigns.
  • With 300.000 € of funding, we fulfill our roadmap on a 2 years period, develop our mobile apps, cool features like "wishlist" and last FM integration, back Office enhancement.... We keep our independance!

"Harder better faster Stronger"

The present beta version, as powerful as it is, is only the backbone of the service.

Thus we had to settle priorities and concentrate for the beta version on the very core features that were mandatory : We focused so far on features that will attract contributors and Early Adopters”, who will help us get great content and evangelize the service.

Here are the main features we plan to develop within a 2 years period :


  • Karma index for Selekters
  • automatic requests for reviews
  • request & notification of new reviews
  • Selekter auditorium (album previews)
  • add/manage videos on album pages
  • comments on reviews
  • share reviews on social networks


  • agenda dashboard for Selekters: invitations to showcases / itw with artists...
  • write and post artists interviews
  • write and post live reports
  • integration of third part streaming platform API's
  • create, manage and share playlists with followers
  • localization (US / Spanish / ...)


  • back office management: create albums / artist pages in the database.
  • SEO
  • automatic moderation 
  • integration Last FM profile
  • "album wishlist" on user profile 
  • mobile & tablet apps

And by backing us, you will become an active member of our development, and help us imagine new features that will make Selekter an even greater experience for all !

"Get Up, Stand Up"

Selekter was founded in 2011 by Christophe Soulard, both music addict and respected professional in the french music business for more than 20 years, with successive positions as business affairs VP for Universal Music France, then independent legal advisor for some major acts and independent producers, manager and Vice President of the french arm of the International Music Manager Forum (IMMF).

Christophe Soulard also worked in the early eighties within a high tech software services company, and always kept a strong interest in the confluence of music and technology.

Alexis Callies has more than 15 years of experience in Digital and Music Industry field. Working as Digital Manager at Sony Music France and Atmospheriques label for many years, he created is own compagny 5 years ago wich now provides Digital & Image development for Artists, Music labels and Brands.

It was an evidence that Alexis joined Selekter in early 2012 as Technical Director.

5 years ago, it became quite obvious that recommendation will be one of the most challenging issues of the digital era. Selekter came alive late 2010 and development began in spring 2012. Selekter is planned to open to the public beginning of 2014.

Selekter is based in Paris (France) in the heart of the independent music labels hub called MILA,home of dozens of innovative and dynamic companies.

"All You Need Is Love"

We know some people may not necessary show their support by helping to raise funds. No problem for us, we are even as enthousiast if you share our views and want to support us by evangelizing our ideas.

  • Spread the word that Selekter is the coolest 100% human powered recommendation tool, and join us on Facebook
  • Don't forget Indiegogo has powerful tools to spread the word: use it, because SELEKTER is an idea worth to share!

Answers to our "top of the hits":

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction / The Rolling Stones

The Times They Are A-Changin' / Bob Dylan

With A Little Help From My Friends / The Beatles

Digging In The Dirt / Peter Gabriel

Are You Experienced? / Jimi Hendrix

Imagine (All The People...) / John Lennon

Walk This Way / Aerosmith

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag / Jaaaaaaaames Brown

Here Comes The Flood / Peter Gabriel

We will Rock You / Queen

Harder better faster Stronger / Daft Punk

Get Up, Stand Up / Bob Marley

All You Need Is Love / The Beatles

Note on Perks:

We are working on merchandising items, and we cannot presently display images. Be sure it will be first class quality! We shall display samples asap!

and we expect to ship everything before christmas...

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  • €2EUR
    Power Beta Tester

    During the beta test period, Selekter can be accessed only on invitation. Get access codes IMMEDIATELY and give your feedback ! You are an innovator, you like being in the know, especially with the latest apps. We'll add you to our distribution list and keep you up to date with development.

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  • €10EUR
    Wall of Fame Innovator

    Become "Power Beta Tester" as above + You'll get your name on our « wall of fame » within the footer in the Innovator's section.

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • €25EUR
    Wall of Fame VIP

    Same as above + you'll have your picture and social links (FB, Twitter, Linkedin...) in the VIP section of our Wall of Fame.

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • €30EUR
    Meet the Creators

    We want to meet you too ! Get Wall of Fame VIP + meet us in our favourite bar in Paris, chat about Selekter, share your views and some drinks (that's on us of course...).

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    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • €40EUR
    Early Adopter Bag

    Become one of our Early Adopters! You'll get “Wall of Fame Innovator” + our exclusive "Early Adopter" retro shoulder bag (Black) flocked with our "Selekter/Early Adopter" logo.

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    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • €50EUR
    Early Adopter T-Shirt

    You are proud to be an Early Adopter because you support innovative projects and you like dreams come true... Bravo! You'll get “Wall of Fame Innovator” + our exclusive "Early Adopter" T-shirt (American Apparel / Orange or White) flocked with "Selekter/Early Adopter" logo in front, and our "I support Selekter needs You / Indiegogo campaign" baseline on the back. Add shipping 10 € outside France Please specify male or female cut, color (O, W) and size (S, M, L, XL) for your T-shirt

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  • €60EUR
    Early Adopter T-Shirt Premium

    You'll get “Wall of Fame VIP” + your exclusive BLACK EDITION "Early Adopter" T-shirt premium quality (American Apparel Tri Blend quality) instead of regular White or Orange. Limited Edition will not be reissued, never ever! Add shipping 10 € outside France Please specify male or female cut, and size (S, M, L, XL) for your T-shirt

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    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • €75EUR
    Early Adopter package

    Get the “Early Adopter T-shirt” package (including Wall of Fame Innovator) + Cap (White or Orange) flocked with "Selekter/early Adopter” logo. Add shipping 10 € outside France Please specify male or female cut, color (W, O) and size (S, M, L, XL) for your T-shirt, and color (W, O) for your cap

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    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • €100EUR
    Early Adopter Premium Package

    Get the “Early Adopter T-Shirt Premium” package (including Wall of Fame VIP) + your exclusive BLACK EDITION Cap with "Selekter/early Adopter” logo. Limited Edition, it will not be reissued, never ever! Add shipping 10 € outside France Please specify male or female cut, and size (S, M, L, XL) for your T-shirt.

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    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • €150EUR
    Early Adopter Premium All In

    You want it all and you want premium! Ok, you’ll get “Early Adopter Premium package” all wrapped in your retro shoulder bag with "Selekter/early Adopter” logo. Limited Edition, it will not be reissued, never ever! Add shipping 20 € outside France Please specify male or female cut, and size (S, M, L, XL) for your T-Shirt.

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    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • €200EUR
    Deezer Xperience Pass

    Same as “Early Adopter” package + you get a free 3 months Deezer Pass, including PC and mobile app! unlimited music on Selekter with Deezer... get the real experience! NB: only available in 182 countries... please check availability in the “Streaming Music on Selekter” section before you choose this perk. Sorry for US supporters, Deezer is not yet available in your country... please consider alternative perks

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • €300EUR
    Deezer Premium Xperience Pass

    Same as “Early Adopter Premium” package + you get a free 6 months Deezer Pass, including PC and mobile app! unlimited music on Selekter with Deezer! NB: only available in 182 countries... please check availability in the “Streaming Music on Selekter” section before you choose this perk. Sorry for US supporters, Deezer is not yet available in your country... please consider alternative perks

    0 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • €500EUR
    Launch Party Pass

    Get your “Early Adopter Premium All In” package + “BLACK EDITION” Sweetshirt with logo “Selekter/Early Adopter”, packaged in your retro shoulder bag. + Join our launch party in P our earis for the public release – be our guest (free food & drinks provided) ! Nb: you will receive your Black edition package by mail in priority. Date and place of the party: to be confirmed You will receive your invitation by mail quickly upon confirmation (Travel & accommodation not included)

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    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • €1,500EUR
    Launch Party VIP

    Congrats! You're invited to the party and you're the star! Join our party– with exclusive VIP treat! Same as Launch Party Pass + your transportation in Paris from Airport/station to hotel and party (and back!) shall be on us + accommodation in first class hotel! Nb: you will receive your Black edition package by mail as soon as available, in priority. Date and place of the party: to be confirmed You will receive your invitation by mail quickly upon confirmation (travel not included)

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    Estimated delivery: January 2014
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