Seed Police

The government takes over food production; hunts owners of non-GMO seeds as terrorists in this futuristic feature film.
Gayla Prewitt
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Story: Seed Police

(Synopsis and log line)

 A farm family struggles to preserve some of the last pristine seeds on earth that could hold the key to human survival.

                Imagine a world where the government controls the food you eat…even the seeds used to grow new foods are government produced.  The government food program allows only genetically engineered seeds designed to produce disease free plants and to eliminate disease in the people who eat the food.  Five years into the program traditional diseases are disappearing; however, a new disease is becoming an epidemic, with symptoms more virulent and deadly than ever seen before. 

                Few voices are sounding the alarm, citing a link between the government’s mandated food and the new epidemic.  One voice comes from minister Brock Cameron who claims the government has taken science too far and is “playing God.”  Congressman Jack Landon is also raising concerns for the dangers of the government food program.  Meanwhile, doctor Charity Simpson is trying to track down the cause of the mysterious illness before another patient dies.  The answer may lie with a rogue group of “seed savers.  This clandestine band has managed to dodge government patrols and preserve some of the last unaltered seeds left on earth.


Impact:  The story in Seed Police has the potential to make the proliferation of genetically modified food a topic of conversation at dinner tables throughout the world. There are efforts currently underway to require labeling of genetically modified food.  Over one million people have signed a petition asking the FDA to require such labeling. Even though Seed Police is a work of fiction, some of the latest in scientific research and debate surrounding GMO’s is woven throughout the story of this futuristic film.


We want to thank Kimberly Hartke for the great article including a 20-minute interview with the screenwriter! Thanks again for giving us a chance to share about Seed Police. Please check out the link below and please share with others!

The Team

Gayla Prewitt


Gayla Prewitt is an award winning broadcast journalist and part time instructor at a university in southwest Missouri.  She is married to a firefighter and has four children.  A health crisis with her children prompted her to re-examine the world, making her much more diligent in researching the safety of the food and many other things which her children encountered.  Some of the information gathered was the catalyst for writing this screenplay.


 Adam Boster

Director /Producer

Award winning -Producer / Director Adam Boster has decades of experience in the film industry.  He owns his own production company, Boster Castle Studios, and most recently completed the film, Submission,   

Funding: flexible funding

All funds will go to the production of the film, including hiring cast & crew; producing a film ready for distribution.

How You can help:

Please make a donation, right now!    Your support, no matter how small (or large) makes a BIG difference to us.   Without grassroots support our film will not be possible.  Help us spread the word about the proliferation of GMOs in our food.

If you can’t contribute at this time, you can still help. Tell your friends, your family, your social networks .  Thanks so much!




Boster Castle Studios

601 Hillsdale Rd, Suite 103

Columbia, MO 65201



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