This feature film is inspired by stories of the heroic families that endured an unexpected and unforgetable aviation disaster.

Hello everybody!     “SECRET DESTINY”

  • Is about an aviation disaster beyond anyone’s imagination
  • Is about families that are affected.
  • Is about the most expensive and unique case in the Canadian History.
  • Is about bringing the truth to light.

Secret Destiny is inspired by a few stories of the heroic families that endured this tragedy. What happened is now an integral part of Canadian history that we can never forget and we must never be allowed to forget.

Our production company is not into making profit from this feature, but donating it to support charities in health, education and research. This information will be updated through the media and through our website newsletter from time to time.

Our goal is:

1. Develop the team to start production and finish in 2013, with scheduled distribution by 2015.

2. Create a platform through our website to work with like-minded individuals and businesses globally.

3. Develop business relationships and support charities with countries willing to participate on mutual strategic economical growth.

  • Our passion, our teamwork and your support is the best guarantee for the success of this feature globally.
  • Create an online platform to help filmakers participate and distribute their films digitaly worldwide.

Come aboard, join us, become a member of this international family! If you are unable to make a pledge, simply refer us to others who can.  Your pledge will not go wasted.

  • Your name as a donor will be graved in one of the walls of our office, unless you request to be anonymous.

God Bless You all. Good Luck and Please accept our sincere thanks.


Team on This Campaign: