Seasons with Brian and Julia

“Seasons” documents a year of farming in an intimate portrait of one family’s struggle as a small Virginia farm.


"Seasons with Brian and Julia" is a feature-length documentary about the lives of two farmers in rural Virginia. "Seasons" documents their daily challenge to live sustainably and responsibly on a small farm.  Perhaps more than anything, the film captures the strength, knowledge, and passion this couple shares for the what they believe to be a universal message:  "Our food is our life."  

"Seasons" was filmed mostly in rural Virginia by director Robert Griffith in 2011. Griffith was able to extract an intimate portrait of small farmers and their struggle to make a life. This documentary truly shows just how hard, demanding, and rewarding farming can be.

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Brian and Julia

Farmers Brian and Julia Anderson are a very unique couple.  For over a decade they have contributed each and every day to their community by way of the food they grow, the chickens and turkeys they raise and the great wealth of farming knowledge they share with others. They are also amazing at recycling anything and everything, from rusting farm equipment to discarded tools and lumber. They put it all back into use and back on the farm.


I am an award-winning filmmaker with over 30 years of storytelling under my belt. For the last decade I have mainly focused on documentaries that deal with a variety of social issues. Prior to "Seasons with Brian and Julia", I directed and produced a 52 minute documentary on the stigmas associated with mental health issues titled "Voices of Hope and Recovery" which continues to be screened and distributed nationwide.  You can view more of my work at my website, here.



"Seasons with Brian and Julia" is a portrait of what small sustainable farming is truly like for two hard-working, passionate people with limited financial means but a mission for self-reliance and independence, and a desire to spread the word. I spent all of 2011 documenting farmers Brian and Julia and one of the most important things that I came to realize during that time was just how much we all need the small farmer, including urban and suburban farmers. With the average age of a farmer in the USA being 58, it's imperative that their knowledge be passed on to new generations. Fortunately Brian and Julia are passionately doing just that, through their voices in this documentary.

Brian on the tractor


We are nearing the final phase of production for this documentary. To get us to completion on this film we have a minimum funding need of $33,000. We still have second unit photography to be done and we are hard at work on our first cut. The editorial process has been long and involved due to the great amount of material that was documented during the first year of production. Other post-production needs include the creation of an original music score, studio time, sound design, mixing, audio layback, video graphics, and color correction of the master cut. Funds will also be used for the marketing of the film along with securing screening venues and paying submission fees to many film festivals.

Every dollar that has been raised up to this point has been squeezed to the max. My co-editor on this project is Todd Raviotta, a professor of film at Virginia Commonwealth University and winner of the 2011 Theresa Pollak Award for Excellence in the Arts. Whatever you can do to help us reach our goal and get our documentary to its audiences will be greatly appreciated!



There's nothing more essential to life than food. I believe more people need to learn how to be farmers, gardeners, and good stewards of the earth and I believe this documentary helps to convey that important message.

Julia at a produce bench 


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