SCRAMBLE... Ruffians, Revenge and Romance: Join the fight for love.
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We are thrilled to officially announce we are in full swing of shooting our movie "SCRAMBLE"!  Get your copy of the film reserved now with HARRYS PACKAGE and see everything that 's happening Behind The Scenes with the BTS PASS!

Thanks for your support in "SCRAMBLE"!



...the incredibly good looking, sexy, full service, boutique production company.  
  • We started 17 months ago with our team members; Noah Edward, Tadahisa Yoshida, Clint Riffo & Brett Newton.  
  • We have produced over 3 hours of original content.  INCLUDING: Acting Demo Reel Scenes, Short Films, Commercials, a SAG Pilot & more. 
  • Be a part of history, as we create our very first Feature Film, SCRAMBLE.  

Announcing IRINA VORONINA as V

We are thrilled to officially announce the lovely Irina Voronina to join the cast of Scramble as the sexy killer, V, in our film and have some great new rewards to celebrate. Check 'em out!

SCRAMBLE written by Amanda Glassman

  • When Quinn is forced into an upscale prostitution ring, her loser boyfriend Frank strikes a deal with a billionaire junkie to pay off Pimp Daddy Dom Fertelli.

    As Frank races to get the cash, a revenge-driven pair of killers, named V and Harry, enter town killing off the Fertellis' clients and prostitutes, putting Franks girl on the edge of life or death.

    Little do they know, an even bigger problem lurks around the corner.  

  • SCRAMBLE to the end and find out what happens when one man gets off his ass and fights an empire of thugs to save the girl he loves.

LA REELS started as a creative business to help actors produce quality content. Together, over the last 18 months, we have accomplished many things including:

  • Over 200 Acting Demo Reel Scenes
  • 8 commercials & industrials
  • 6 shorts films
  • A 17 minute SAG Pilot
  • A free bi-monthly On-Camera Acting workshop via                 (LA REELS Acting and Filmmaking Connection)
  • Promo videos, original music, scripts and more
Down and dirty.. We love movies..  This is what we do..  SCRAMBLE is going to be, without a doubt, INCREDIBLE.  

  • We are looking to raise $20,000 and would would be thrilled to raise more.
  • Priority Production Budget: Cameras, Lights, Lenses, Food, Transportation, Cast/Crew, Post Production, Additional Hardware, Locations, Picture Car, Misc Production Costs, & Distribution Awareness. 

The Perks

The Execution

  • Pre-Production: Now through 8/25/14 Planning, Scheduling, Shot-lists, Prop-lists, location scouting, casting, crewing up, gear rentals, and anything else before we even think about pressing the record button.
  • Production: 8/26/14 through 9/15/14 We will be shooting all principle photography and characters throughout this 21 day time period.  
  • Post-Production: 8/27/14 through 12/31/15.  Using our streamlined system, we will start logging & editing as soon as the first day of shooting is complete.
  • Our Goal is to have the completed feature film of SCRAMBLE before the end of 2015.

Thank you all so much for your support!

- Brett Newton, Noah Edward, Tadahisa Yoshida, Clint Riffo, Amanda Glassman & Alfredo Hernandez

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