Scotland Yet: Feature Length Documentary on Scottish Independence

An accessible, engaging and upbeat documentary from the makers of The Fear Factor about the most interesting year in Scotland's history.
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Short Summary

Whatever your take on the constitutional future of Scotland, the coming year will be one of the most exciting, dramatic and intriguing episodes in our country’s history. This film will document a momentous year in the life of our rapidly changing society. Blissfully free of soundbites, spindoctors and statistics, Scotland Yet will ask a range of experts, activists and artists, how they think a Yes or a No vote will change their part of Scotland. Provocative, insightful, and sprinkled with dry Scottish wit, this film will be no less than an epic journey into a land that’s beginning to see itself in a whole new light.

There is an overwhelming lack of video content that is positive, high quality and accessible and focused on the referendum debate.

Despite this, Rough Justice Films has already made a name for itself in Scotland by crafting films that are concise, clever and engaging on this most important of subjects. With only a year to go before the referendum, we want to up our game, big time.

What We Need & What You Get

Though our fans may not realise this, Rough Justice Films has produced all of this content with no budget. That’s £0. Using blogs and social media we’ve managed to get a positive alternative message about independence to tens of thousands of Scots. With under a year to go until Scotland goes to the polls, we need to build on this momentum.

  • There are a vast array of different voices that support Scottish self-government: yet all too often they go unheard. Experience has shown that when Scottish broadcasters attempt to cover the referendum, they will do their upmost to make this fascinating moment in our history as mean, confrontational and uninformative as possible. Scotland deserves better. 
  • We want to change this status quo: That’s why we’re asking you to help us launch a series of films, culminating in a feature length documentary, that will send up a much needed flare to light up the dull Scottish media mix Scotland Yet.           

The Impact

September 2014 will see the culmination of a campaign over 300 years in the making. As we edge ever closer towards determining our own future, many of our fellow citizens are embarking on a journey of self discovery. From the cliffs of Shetland to the shimmering sands of the Solway Firth, Scotland is starting speak with a more confident voice and we intend to capture it.

  • A feature length documentary based on the rich and comprehensive coverage that we’ll build up over the coming year, to be released Summer 2014.
  • A fortnightly interview or short film, from December 2013 until September 2014, released online, in which advocates of independence from across the country will be able present their ideas about the possibilities offered by a Yes vote. Each film will offer a positive, simple and compelling take on Scotland’s future: the perfect antidote to the grim coverage that Scots have to face on their TV screens. These will be free to distribute and share and will be made available in broadcast quality.
  • Coverage of milestones in the campaign from a ‘new media’ perspective: the next 12 months will be full of interesting happenings that the BBC won’t go near. Wherever possible we’ll seek to cover the Yes Campaign in all of its variety and colour.
  • A set of shorter viral videos that can be easily shared to help win over other Scots to the idea of running their own country. 

How the money will be spent 

To produce quality original content we need cash. This will cover the cost of equipment, transport, production, and distribution. Needless to say we'll make it stretch as far as we possibly can in order to reach as wide an audience as possible. We’re not asking for a budget equivalent to that of a large broadcaster – yet thanks to our experience we’ll be able to put every penny into creating positive video content about Scottish independence every fortnight and on a more regular basis next Summer. On top of that we’re confident that next year’s feature length documentary will offer a vivid, inspiring and compelling case for Scottish self-government, in a medium that is accessible to all. 

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