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  • £1GBP
    Adam Smith

    For the price of a week's subscription to the Economist website, you can help keep us going for six months, and have our eternal gratitude.

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  • £3GBP
    James Hutton

    For the price of one edition of the National Geographic, we’ll email you a photo of the Scottish highlands to enjoy when you’re trapped in your office, in honour of the Scottish founder of modern geology.

    7 claimed

  • £9GBP
    Catherine Trotter Cockburn

    For the price of a novel, you too can help to break down barriers. And we will ensure your good work is not forgotten - we’ll list you on our supporters page

    24 claimed

  • £26GBP
    David Hume

    For the price of a subscription to Philosophy Weekly, we’ll give you the most thoughtful analysis of what’s going on in Scotland, and list your name as the sponsor of a specific article (tell us if you'd rather we didn't).

    8 claimed

  • £52GBP
    Robert Burns

    For the price of the Herald a couple of times a week until the referendum we’ll list your name as the sponsor of a specific article, send you a personal limerick written by our co-editor, Adam Ramsay, and send you exclusive pre-releases of the Burns songs Ae Fond Kiss and Auld Lang Syne from the upcoming album of Scottish songs by critically aclaimed folk singer Sophie Ramsay (

    4 claimed

  • £80GBP
    Elizabeth Montagu

    This philanthopist may have been born in Yorkshire, but, like you, she was a famous funder of Scotland's best writing. Our co-editor, Adam Ramsay, will write you a person thank you limerick.

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  • £129GBP
    Benjamin Franklin

    Centuries ago, Franklin learnt much from his correspondence with those involved in the Scottish Enlightenment. Today, for the price of the New York Times each Monday-Saturday ($216), you can help us take today's exciting debate in Scotland global.

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  • £206GBP
    Robert Adam

    For the price of the Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday every day until the referendum, you can emulate the great Scottish architect and help to lay the plans for a new Scotland.

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  • £504GBP
    Adam Ferguson

    For the price of a subscription to the journal “the Sociologist”, you’ll be our Adam Ferguson, the Scottish father of modern sociology (arguably). In honour of the Perthshire born Gaelic speaker, as well as all of the above, we’ll give you a free copy of Perthshire folk singer Sophie Ramsay’s new album of Gaelic and Scots folk songs, as soon as its out (see

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