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The first stone is laid of the school for 900 Afghan girls
Barbara Alink
Richmond, British Columbia
2 Team Members


video by: Tristan Albrecht. The video is up ! The amazing footage of Fawzia at the school site and laying the first stone at the ground breaking ceremony !

In July 2013, with the first $7,800 we raised in our previous campaign, a ground breaking ceremony was held at the place where now a school for 900 Afghan girls is in fact under construction !!!  With the first stone that was laid by Fawzia Koofi (MP), the foundations of the first 4 classrooms are under construction.

In Northern Afghanistan the winters are severe and when we manage to raise the $8,500 to complete these 4 classrooms we can ensure that these committed girls can actually go to school during this coming winter.


Billions of $$ have flushed through Afghanistan yet literacy level is still only 30%, unemployment is over 50% and Afghans are under siege in their own country. Just to put things in perspective: The cost of one US soldier on the ground is well over 1 million $ per year. There are 130.000 troops ! The cost of war is not in proportion to relatively small amounts that are needed for a real change.


A small amount of money to the right people is really effective.
We do not use large or international contractors.
We build relationships within the community and respond to their requests so they can organize and build the school.
This provides employment as well as a safe building for girls education.
Through years of involvement we have the right connections (see below).

You can actually help and make a difference here, now. 
     * 900 committed girls in Badakhshan need a school.
     * The community will build and support the school.
     * We will raise the funds to provide for the materials and labour costs.

The funds we raise here are directly and 100% funding the school construction for 900 girls. We take it stone by stone. Education and employment.

The first part of the campaign raised $7,800 which started the foundations of the first four classrooms. Fawzia Koofi (MP) went to Badakhshan to lay the first stone and do the groundbreaking ceremony (see photos). Soon a video from Tristan Albrecht, will be uploaded showing the groundbreaking ceremony and the situation at the school site.

Now we need another $8,500 to complete these four classrooms before the winter. This includes costs for stoves and heating.

Four classrooms will cost approximately $15,000 + cost for heating.
We will continue this campaign until we build all the 24 classrooms needed, including 4 spaces for vocational training (sewing, embroidery, animal husbandry, etc). Through your support the young women of Badakhshan will receive education, and training in a profession. Ultimately this will bring sustainable peace and improved quality of life.


The vast majority of Afghans want their children (both daughters and sons) to be educated. They know that education is the way to a peaceful future. While anti-education factions of the Taliban do exist, they are primarily a response to foreign presence which exists mostly in the South and South East. This campaign is not a foreign construction campaign - it is a campaign to raise funds for an entire local community to rebuild themselves.

Educating women is a human rights issue


50 years ago, the first school for girls was established in the poor, remote mountain province Badakhshan. The interest in becoming educated is phenomenal.  900 female students are walking great distances to attend classes in old tents the government distributed in 2001. The students are committed to attending - but in a region with stiflingly hot summers and long, frigid winters. Without a protective building the quality of education is severely compromised.

I have decided to help rebuild this school, starting with raising the funds needed to provide the building, teachers and equipment for these 900 committed girls: the future of Afghanistan.

Education and employment are at the core of a sustainable solution – locally and globally - and they give hope. Building the school and space for vocational training will give 900 girls and their extended families a better future and the chance to provide for their entire community.

About The Initiator, Barbara Alink

On behalf of Fawzia Koofi, MP of Afghanistan and 2014 Presidential Candidate, I took the initiative to raise funds to build them a school. With what ever we raise, we have already started building. PLEASE DONATE!

I have lived and worked in Afghanistan, where 70% of the country is illiterate. 50% of the population is unemployed, and bitterly poor. I have managed reconstruction projects, rebuilding schools and clinics in remote areas. Despite reconstruction efforts, the first female school in the poor, remote mountain province Badakhshan, established 50 years ago and schooling 900 female students, has no building! Students use the same old tents the government distributed in 2001. Imagine, not even a wall! Yet despite impoverished conditions and extreme winters these students remain committed to becoming educated, but you can imagine, not much education can take place during harsh winters and hot summers.

I have decided to help rebuild this school, starting with raising the funds needed to provide the building, teachers and equipment for these 900 committed girls: the future of Afghanistan. Education and employment are at the core for a sustainable solution – locally and globally - and give hope. Building the school and providing space for vocational training alongside, will give 900 girls and their extended families a better future and the chance to provide for their entire community. With my company the Alinker Inventions Ltd. we intend to generate funds of which a percentage will be used to promote education, advocate for landmine victims and help build this school.

The Impact

When you educate a girl, you are educating a community. She will elevate her family and community by learning skills needed to manage a business. She may attend a larger school outside of her remote home – and possibly return to her community as a teacher or even doctor. Imagine the impact of educating 900 girls! And building a school with local community also supports the community itself: it creates paid jobs, using local labourers for the design and construction. In some cases, it even leads to building roads and bridges, necessary for the transport of construction supplies – leading to expansion of local industry with neighbouring communities.

The Management

On behalf of UNICEF and USAID from 2002-2005, I was part of building 300 schools in Afghanistan. Working alongside future Presidential Candidate and the current MP of Badakhshan province, Fawzia Koofi, we helped improve the infrastructure and access to education. Together we have again aligned to oversee the fundraising and construction of the 900 Girls School.

The Cost

This part of the campaign is to complete the four classrooms for which the foundation is now under construction with the first $7,800 that we raised. The winter is coming and we need to complete the four classrooms before the winter sets in so the school can be used during the extremely cold months. 

How You Can Contribute

We understand that some people are not in the position to contribute funds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help us! Make some noise about our campaign, forward this email to your friends and family, and use Indiegogo share tools – it’s so easy!

This campaign is not a registered charity, therefore no tax receipts can be issued. However, this means there are no operational costs to cover as an organization -  all donations in their entirety are received directly by the school!

How We Are Endorsed

Members of our support and endorsement team include:

Fawzia Koofi, MP of Afghanistan and 2014 Presidential Candidate, co-author of "Letters to My Daughters"


Rory Stewart, Author of "the Places in Between", founder of Turquoise Mountain Foundation Afghanistan.



Nadene Ghouri, established journalist and co-author of "Letters to My Daughters"


Zarghona Rassa, Leader of British Afghan Women's Society BAWS UK, and freelance journalist


Lyndsey Addario, an award winning photographer, and liberated prisoner of war,


Steve Mc Curry, Founder of Imagine Asia, a non-profit organization dedicated to education in Afghanistan:


Matin Maulawizada, Founder of Afghan Hands and global fashion and celebrity make-up artist.


A Letter from Fawzia Koofi To You

"Dear Readers

Please do not underestimate the impact you can have here.

If we educate just one girl, we improve society tenfold. Here are 900 girls!

Educated girls become strong women who are healthier and likely to live longer. Their children are also more likely to survive and to go to school themselves. Educated children have more chance of employment. And so it continues until little by little, educated girl by educated girl, we have built a more just and able society. A society that is able to support itself and one more likely to live in peace. 

Educating women is a human rights issue. But it’s much more than that. It is the means through which we can stabilize Afghanistan. I know this better than anyone. I was one of 19 children, born to a father with 7 wives. My mother, his second wife, was illiterate. None of the girls in my family ever went to school.

Until - thanks to the bravery and support of my Mother - I became the first female in my family to get an education. Today I am a member of the Afghan parliament and a leading candidate in next year’s presidential elections. Education changed my life and enabled me to fight for the rights of others.

And now I am asking for your help in changing other girl’s lives. Please help us to educate a schoolgirl today and who knows what she will become tomorrow. She could be the next world leader or Nobel Prize winner. And if she does –that will be down to you.

I thank you.

Fawzia Koofi"

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    During her time in Afghanistan Barbara Alink made many photos. View them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/School.for.900.Afghan.girls

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    Your choice of one of Fawzia's books "Letters to my Daughters" or "The Favoured Daughter", with a personalized message and autograph.

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