scary stuff

Away from friends. Surrounded by nature. Hunted by evil.

Short Synopsis

A docile group of friends travel to a secluded cabin to experience a peaceful vacation surrounded by nature. All is well until they accidentally desecrate a hidden burial ground, unleashing a deadly supernatural force that will stop at nothing to protect the sacred land around them.


The Situation

We've shot the first Act with the money raised so far, now we need your help completing the project! 

Working with a group of Psychology majors and a limited budget, we aim to make a genuine scary movie. We are offering awesome incentives for your generosity.

See PERKS to the right of the screeen to see what you'll get for helping out. >>>>

Our Goal

***April 15th 2012 - We are still in need of $370 to complete this project. Keep your eyes peeled for our new campaign. Thanks again for all your support! Truly grateful.
**As of April 13th 2012 (at the $710 mark), we only need $370 more to be able to complete this film!! 
*As of April 2nd 2012 (at the $580 mark), we have completed the first act and have purchased all the props needed to finish the film. Now we need $520 more (bringing us up to $1100) to make this project a reality. 

- $120 for travel and food
- $400 to rent out a cabin for two days to complete the film 

Your Help

Any contribution will be greatly appreciated. Please help us spread the word by "liking" our project via the Facebook button, or Tweeting about us, using the Twitter button (located just below the video). 


Team on This Campaign: