Scancase: Turn your iPhone or iPad into a fastest scanner in the world

Easy to use, affordable & super portable. Scancase allows you to use your smartphone's or tablet´s camera to take amazing high quality scans or photos

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What is ScanCase?

Scancase is an easy to use, affordable and unbelievably portable scanning box that uses your smartphone's or tablet´s camera to take amazing high quality scans. It's easy to set up and packs down flat to easily fit into your bag, brief case or just in your hand.

                     Scancase XXL                                          Scancase Basic 

Do i need it?

Well, if you find yourself often needing to scan a photo, document or even receipts. Doing live presentations or web meeting with your biz partners but don't want to take up valuable bench space with a clunky old scanner or use crappy old fashioned software to do a simple document scan and email out then Scancase is for you. 

Scancase has been designed to optimize nearly all lighting conditions so your scans always look great. 

Where can i use it?

Scancase in  office:

  • Use it as photocopier
  • Use it as scanner

Scancase in school and university:

  • Use it as live presentation tool for your classes, your students would love it
  • Use it as powerful method to get all your classmates focused on your live presentation
  • Share your homeworks or notes with your mates pretty easily

Scancase your business:

  • Do your presentation for your partners easily and everywhere
  • Do your business more valuable and powerful
  • Use it as lightroom for your products

Scancase at home:

  • Do digitalization of your old photos quick and effective
  • Store your receipts or documents on your computer or cloud
  • Make photos from your children last longer 

Scancase simply everywhere:

  • In bars
  • At the airports
  • On train
  • In the park or street

    Scancase is also unbelievable portable. It packs down flat to fit in your bag and is practically indestructible. When you want to use it simply unfold and let the high powered magnetic tape to hold it together for you.

Can i use it with my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you scan. Scancase your documents, photos and 3D objects or even do the live presentations using this magical product.

Scancase fits to every smartphone or tablet on the market.

To additional information check FAQ below.

What everything i can do?

Scancase Documents, receipts or cards

  • Powerful tool for everyone to get good looking scans or photocopies
  • Suitable for every person on the planet
  • Easy use your smartphone or tablet, store it as a picture, email it or use wifi enabled printers to print it out.

Scancase 3D objects or pictures

  • Great thing for all old photo lovers or product sellers. Make your old photos look gorgeous and send it to your family or friends.
  • Sell your products easily, using great looking pictures of your products (Ebay, Amazon,...).

Scancase Live presentations or WEB meetings

  • Simply create great presentation in every enviroment using your phone or tablet.
  • Share your ideas and be more effective on your meetings with your business partners or collegues.

Scan in a SECOND

Scan in 5 seconds!

Scancase design and construction was made in accordance with japanes techniques SMED which are used by TOYOTA. It made scancase really simple and easy to built up or fold. Estimated time for builting up from 0 to Scan is 5 seconds. This is making Scancase fastest scanner in the world.

Scancase with your TABLET

To make scancase properly working with your tablet you need to use TABLET PORT.

This really flat equipment holds with super strong magnets and it is attached and assembled really easily. Tablet port fits your scancase when is folded down. 

Scancase has ACTIVE LIGHT

Scancase is using LED lights to increase quality of photos and scans you´re taking.

12 super white colour LED lights are making Scancase suitable for every enviroment.

Active light makes your photos without any shadows that may appear depending on the natural light direction and you can use it in complete dark enviroment as well.

Active Light make inside Scancase enviroment with 120 lux which is pretty cool.

LED used in automotive industry is powered by BYO 9V battery.

Scancase is thin, light and durable

Scancase is made from the most durable materials which are making him still flat, thin and easy to carry.

Materials and production

To bring our ideas to life we need to produce at least 1000 pcs of these amazing SCANCASEs. Our product is using special durable cardboard which is 3 times laminated, powerful magnetic tapes, LED lights which are used in automotive industry.

Scancase is using technologies such as offset printing and die cutting, which are expensive but needed to get best quality products.

All the production is made in European union.


Thank´s for your support!

Anything else?

There are numerous smartphone applications that will significantly increase the functionality of your Scancase. They allow you to do OCR scans, scan directly to PDF, create multi-pages documents and upload directly to Google Docs. Check the Appstore or Google Play Store.


What is the difference between Scancase BASIC, L, XL or XXL?

Scancase BASIC - scancase for your smartphone 

Scancase L - scancase for your smartphone with Active Light for better scans & photos

Scancase XL - Scancase BASIC with Tablet PORT for scanning with your tablet

Scancase XXL - Scancase XL with Active Light for your smartphone or tablet

How big is Scancase?

Scancase is big as A4/US letter envelope. Fits pretty much to all cases. Is just 0.6 cm / 0.3 inches thin and 500g light.

How about postage?

In the price for scancase is worldwide postage included.

Contact us for postages for 10 or more products, we will give you better shipping price.

What device does the Scancase work with? 

Scancase is optimized to work with smartphones & tablets especially the iPhone 5S/5C/5, Galaxy S4/S3. But it works just as well with any device that has a camera.

How do i use my Scancase as a live projector for presentations or web meetings?

If you have an iPhone and Apple TV your already set up via "Airplay" which lets you mirror exactly what’s on your mobile display to the big screen. If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone you can use "AllShare Play" to do the same thing. For more information check out http://www.apple.com/ and http://www.samsung.com/

There are many other free apps on Appstore or Google play store which you can use with your smartphone or tablet such as SKYPE or WEBCAM.

How do i use Scancase as a photocopier?

Apple devices have a great function called "AirPrint", which allows you to wirelessly print to any AirPrint-enabled printer. There are many available from HP, Epson, and Canon. Just visit the Apple Online Store or view a list of AirPrint-enabled printers and find one that’s right for you.

There is also an application for the Mac called Printopia which turns most printers connected to a Mac into an AirPrint enabled printer.


Legal Stuff

iPad, iPhone and Samsung, Apple logo and Apple are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. and are not affiliated with our product in any way.

For any kind of information please contact us on scancase@outlook.com

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