Say Something - The iPhone Dating Practice Game

The iPhone Dating Sim app to rescue men and women from awkward conversations. Practice dating with real people: virtual dating, honest feedback.
Marian Gazdik
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Say Something in the press:

Practice your dating skills from the comfort of your home

We want to save men and women from awkwardness, eerie silences and bad conversations. SAY SOMETHING will turn confusing first dates into an enjoyable, fun play.

That's the promise of SAY SOMETHING, an iPhone app designed to introduce users to other singles, allowing them to practice their chat up lines and dating conversations. From the FIRST CONVERSATION all the way to a DATE. Its all completely anonymous so users never meet. We can proudly say this is the first app of its kind in the world! 

What is the Problem with Dating? 

  • 50% of all single adults now use online dating
  • 80% of these users have a terrible first experience
That's a BIG problem!

How do we know? We love facts - they tell the truth. So we analyse and study online and mobile dating behaviour or real people. By the way, we have just presented our latest Online Dating Deconstructed 2013 study at Google Campus.  

The reason?

The biggest reason for failed dates is lack of dating skills - awkward dates and boring conversations. 

We have the solution!

We want to stop people getting slapped on their first date!

The app allows men to practice their conversational and dating skills with real women. It presents a situation, for example, 'You're standing at a bar and she smiles at you', then asks the player to type what they would say. Female players can immediately give feedback, giving it thumbs-up or down. Then they also type their response, to which the men can provide feedback too. 

So SAY SOMETHING uses CROWD SOURCING to gather dating advice. In other words the more you play, the more valuable feedback you get.

There are two key premises:

  1. Dating practice is virtual, players will not meet in real life;
  2. No direct personal contact makes honest feedback possible.

Where the idea came from

A few years ago when I tried online dating, I send over 50 messages to potential dates only to see 2 responses. Including an 'out of office' auto reply. True story :) I asked a few experts for advice, but there gurus often contradicted themselves.

Then it hit me: Dating is personal and what works for one person, may not work for another. Dating advice MUST be personal!

It seems like a revolutionary idea. As a matter of fact, it is. It makes dating gurus obsolete. Luckily we don't need them anymore, because with SAY SOMETHING people can help each other just by playing a simple game.  

We are going for Gold!

We have already developed two other apps with over 23 thousand happy users. Sure, we learn every day and are humbled by our customers' feedback. Yet, this is not our first app project and we know how to make it happen. We know that when we say we will go live in Oct 2013, we will. That is our team's promise.

We are crazy about constructive feedback, it makes us work harder. We also like positive feedback and are happy to share it with you. Our prototype has been shortlisted for the Most Innovative Dating Service Award of 2013! This is the Oscars of the dating world! The deadline for final votes is Oct 31st, we will launch on Oct 1st. As you can see, we HAVE to launch on time. 

Meet the team behind SAY SOMETHING:

We are passionate about helping others help themselves. There is nothing more fulfilling in the world for us.

Marian Gazdik                                  Piotr Intres

Founder/CEO, Marketing/Product        Technology/IT

Maeva Bire                                         Patrick McCay 

Community/PR                                    Finance/Analytics

Ben Donkor, Social Media

Take a look at some of us in action:

Together We Are Stronger

We have already developed the app prototype, are finalising designs and preparing for the launch.

The £20k ($31k) we are raising with your support will allow us to: 

  • Finalise designs, 
  • Prepare in co-operation with World's leading dating experts World's unique contextual dating advisor,
  • successfully finish back-end and front-end development,
  • implement product testing and improvement,  
  • put the finishing touches to the product,
  • prepare for the launch and telling the world about it.

With your help, we will proudly make SAY SOMETHING available to you and the millions of single people and save the world from those awkward first conversations!

Other ways how you can you help? Share us with friends. 

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Thanks, it means a lot!

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    You'll get the extra PREMIUM version of SAY SOMETHING app. It comes with our innovative contextual advisor, additional dating levels and a virtual currency THANK YOU bonus.

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    You'll get our THREE PREMIUM APPS: 1. 'Say Something' PLUS our popular live apps: 2. iPhone dating simulation game 'Dating SIM' and 3) iPhone dating advisor 'TigerMe Club'. Their retail price total is £10 ($15). Get this deal for yourself or for a friend now.

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    PREMIUM access with our comprehensive guide 'Online Dating Made Easy', special VIP and FOUNDER badge. If you wish, your name will be carved in stone in the HALL OF FAME of our website and in the app. PLUS an unlimited subscription to the latest and best dating conversations voted by our fans as the funniest, most useful, most surprising and most innovative.

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    Everything above: 3 PREMIUM apps bundle + "Online Dating for Winners" eBook. AND a personal Skype session with a Professional Online Dating Expert to review your online dating profile. BONUS for you: 10 effective email templates for online dating with our award-winning personalisation tips.

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    #4 YUMMY DINNER WITH US ($100)

    Enjoy an exclusive look into our 'kitchen'. The food is on us. Join our work team-meetings. Come, listen in and help us shape campaigns or improve our product. PLUS, you will get PREMIUM access, name in the HALL OF FAME, unlimited access for life, Online Dating Guide, VIP, FOUNDER, ADVISOR badge. Note: If you are in London, UK dine with us in person. If not, let's have a dinner over Skype, Facetime or Google+.

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    Personal coaching session with Professional Dating Coach for 60 minutes. Or Dancing session, focussed on how to meet people on the dance floor and get instant rapport. Followed by an exclusive party with group of VIP fun, cool, attractive socialites with you and a friend. An unforgettable night. Also: PREMIUM game access, VIP and FOUNDER badge, Online Dating Guide, name in the HALL OF FAME, unlimited access for life. Note: If you are not in London, the session will be over Skype.

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  • £320GBP

    We take you and 3 friends to a VIP party you will never forget. You will meet the VIPs personally: models and high rollers. NOTE: If you can't party in London, we will double your coaching time. Three 60 min sessions with a Professional Dating Coach. OR with a Dancing teacher, focussed on fun and sensual dancing. Ask us for testimonials. You'll ALSO get: our 3 PREMIUM APPS bundle, 'Online Dating for Winners' guide, free for life subscription and access to our secret chamber.

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  • £640GBP

    You'll get: 3 PREMIUM APPS bundle, 'Online Dating for Winners' guide, free for life subscription, Personal Coaching Session, PLUS you will join us in Fabulous LAS VEGAS for a four days / three nights personal tour. We know the city well and we know how to access the cool venues, dine in fine restaurants, meet with dating industry experts and leaders and local celebs (air fare excluded). You will get to hang out with really fun people, have a great time and get a lot of valuable dating advice.

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