Saving Tibetan Buddhist Books at National Library of Mongolia

ACIP is cataloging and digitizing the largest collection of Tibetan Buddhist books in the world and providing free access to scholars and students everywhere.
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The National Library of Mongolia is home to possibly the largest single collection of Tibetan Buddhist books anywhere in the world.  No one knows for sure because the collection, which consists of books printed throughout the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries - is currently sitting uncatalogued and relatively unknown to the world. 

The Asian Classics Input Project (ACIP) has been working in Mongolia since 1999 to organise, catalogue and digitally preserve this special collection, which has only recently been unearthed and come to the attention of scholars since the end of the Soviet era. 

As the works are cataloged and digitized they are then made available to scholars around the world free of charge.  This allows the texts to be translated and shared with teachers and students who are studying the dharma.

For two years the work was put on hold due to shortfalls in funding after the financial crisis.  Project costs have increased substantially due to rising inflation and minimum wages for input operators and staff at the Library. 

ACIP and a small but devoted team of supporters have recently restarted this important project and are currently paying salaries for six employees. 

The total estimated project costs to catalogue and digitize the entire collection, estimated to be approximately 800,000 to 1,000,000 titles, is US$1.1m over the time span of about 3 years. 

In this initial fundraising effort, we aim to raise funds to support the first full year of salaries for input operators which are $500 per month for six staff, across twelve months.

This is an important step toward achieving the larger goal of cataloging the entire collection, thereby preserving one of Mongolia's important treasures of cultural heritage and a treasure of humanity for all to share.

Your support in this campaign will help in providing the world access to this important wisdom for the benefit of everyone.

If you are new to Tibetan Buddhist teachings there are very good resources we can share with you for translations and modern commentaries on how to practice, so that your life and the lives of others around you will become happier and more fulfilling.

Please join us in this historic effort!  Thank you.

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    Friend in Dharma

    Signed thank you card from Asian Classics Input Project and the National Library of Mongolia.

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    I (HEART) ACIP T-Shirt

    This beautiful and original designer T-Shirt is yours with a minimum donation of US$50, an important contribution to the monthly salary of an ACIP Mongolia Input Operator. This is a classic style white tee with colored collar and sleeves - choice of red, black or blue. See the gallery page for a sample!

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    Mongolian Music Collection

    A special package of CD's with traditional Mongolian music which includes the UNESCO designated "Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity", the Horse-Head Fiddle, amazing "throat-singing" and more! Donate in this amount, which covers half of an operator's monthly salary and receive a thank you card and a T-shirt of your choice as well!

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    Digital Dharma Supporter

    Copy of Treasures of Mongolian Art book with some of the most exquisite images of Mongolian Buddhist deities, thangkas and heritage. As a token of our gratitude you will also receive a thank you card from National Library of Mongolia and a "I (HEART) ACIP T-shirt in the color of your choice!

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    Dharma Preservation Patron

    Personal tour of the Tibetan Collection and the Rare and Valuable Books Collection at the National Library of Mongolia, in addition to all of the other gifts mentioned. You are truly a Dharma Patron!

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