Saving Sadie

Little Sadie needs help with veterinary care and rehabilitation during her recovery process from extreme neglect and abuse.
Laura Love
Nashville, Tennessee
United States
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Little Sadie was living in a field behind a fast-food restaurant, scrounging for garbage, starving, terrified and alone. After finally giving in...or giving up...and allowing herself to be approached, this tiny girl is beginning her journey to recovery. And quite a long journey it will be. Sadie is very sick...she has demodex, and has lost all of the hair on her body, leaving her with cracked and bleeding skin. She has pyoderma, a host of infections, a compromised immune system, is infested with parasites, has severe anemia, and is heartworm positive with a stage three murmur. Her little ears have been cut halfway off. In spite of the hardship she has endured, Sadie has a strong spirit and will to survive, and we want to help her do just that. She is finally learning what love is, after grieving for it her whole life, and she deserves a chance at a lifetime of it.

My name is Laura Love, and I run a small grassroots rescue in Nashville TN, Labor of Love Animal Welfare Project. It is the little souls like Sadie, the particularly downtrodden and forlorn who can find help nowhere else, who find sanctuary here. Sadie can absolutely make a full recovery, and go on to lead a happy, healthy life, just like many who have come before. It's going to take a lot of time, compassionate nurturing, and extensive veterinary care, but she can get there....Her miracle has already begun, and, with your help, it will continue to unfold before her.

Sadie is currently receiving excellent care at Animalia Health and Wellness in Franklin, TN. She is living in my home, resting and gaining a little more strength each day. She has responded so eagerly to love, and wants nothing more than to be held close and comforted. Seeing her finally dare to hope, after she surely must have thought it all lost...finally learning to trust, to know that she is safe from harm...what an incredible transformation! It is that faith rekindled in her that will make all the difference, will give her the strength to overcome all the odds that were aligned against her. She knows now what it means to have a full tummy, to be warm and dry, to have someone to love...the softness of a blanket against her damaged skin, the joy of discovering toys and play, the delight in the companionship of other dogs, snuggling close in a protective embrace...these are hers, and will never be taken away from her again.

We need your help to make sure that Sadie has everything she needs to thrive now, throughout her medical treatment and journey back to health. She should never have had to suffer at the hands of a human the way she did. Now, let her see that human hands can be gentle, compassionate, generous...let her see how they can uplift and nurture her, keep her safe, rather than strike her down. Let her keep the love she has only just found, and let her keep hope and joy alive. She deserves this, and together we can ensure she gets it.

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