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In March 2014, Al Qaeda & Turkish aligned rebels attacked Armenian Christians in Kessab, Syria. We'll tell the truth about what happened & the world's reaction.
Lee Stranahan
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Dallas, Texas
United States
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A few days ago, a horrible attack began on the town of Kessab in Syria…

Most people have never heard of Kessab but the attack there is part of a string of attacks by Al Qaeda aligned rebel groups on Christian towns in Syria.The Armenian Christians were driven from Kessab.
And most frightening of all: the United States is actually supporting the mercenaries behind the attack. 
Here's raw video of the Al Qaeda mercenaries in Kessab,  abandoned and looking like a scene from The Walking Dead.

We need to get the word out on this quickly. Help me travel to the Middle East & produce a short film to be distributed free to the world…to Save Kessab.

Right now, awareness is the most important thing: most people simply don't know what's happening in Syria. 
They don't understand the stakes for the region and the world : as the New York Times just reported,  Al Qaeda wants to use Syria as their new base of operations. 
That means the terror that's happening in Syria won't stay in Syria.
You don't need to be Armenian or Christian to care about this story. Terrorist attacks are equal opportunity destroyers.
Here's a 30 second clip of an interview I shot with Archibishop Darwish in Lebanon about the US role in these horrors:

This project has a SHORT deadline because this story won't wait. I need to get on a plane to interview survivors as soon as possible.

Armenians around world--including Armenian-American Kim Kardashian--have spoken up about this horror. It's bringing new light on the wider story of the religious and ethnic cleansing by U.S. backed Al Qaeda affiliated groups in Syria and the whole region.
We can make a difference and put pressure on the U.S. government to stop backing the bad guys. 

Hands of an survivor I interviewed in Lebanon 9/13 

I have both the professional experience and contacts in the Middle East to make this happen…

I've been covering the Syrian war and refugee crisis for over six months, including a trip to Beirut in Septemeber, 2013.  I'm currently working on a film called The Caliphate about what's happening in the region; the story of Kessab will be part of that feature length film.
As a reporter, I've been a featured writer for two of the biggest political websites in the United States on both sides of the political spectrum: left-leaning Huffington Post and right-leaning Breitbart News.
I've worked for 35 years in TV & film including five years as a motion graphics artist at NBC and worked on projects for networks like HBO and Fox as well as corporate and political clients as a visual effects artist, producer, and director. 

Production Schedule & Budget

There's no time to waste. This is a crisis happening right now. 

This is the plan if we get fully funded:

  • Immediately: Begin research, writing and start to schedule interviews for Middle East trip. Some travel in the United States to interview activists and experts.
  • April 12th: Travel to Middle East for interviews with survivors & local authorities.
  • April 19th: return from Middle East, begin editing
  • April 30th : Project completed.

If we get funded quickly, I'll be able to start production sooner. .

The budget breaks down this way:

  • Travel Expenses : $5,800
  • Production : $5,700
  • Post Production: $3,100
  • IndieGogo / Paypal Fees: 1,800
  • Perks expenses : $600

Photo of Syrian Refugee Street Kids I shot 9/13

Other Ways You Can Help

Please share this project. People have started a #SaveKessab hashtag on Twitter. 

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