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We are adopting a baby who was born with a very rare and devastating skin disease. PLEASE help us bring him home and receive medical treatment that he needs.
Tona Crooker
United States
1 Team Member

The video above was put together by my wonderful friend and VERY active advocate for EB, CHRISTIE ZINK. These are photo's she took of me assisting my beautiful friend Vanessa with her sons dressing change (preparing for the care our baby will need when he gets home!), I love this sweet little guy and his smile and his story makes me even more determined to get my baby home!  I am so honored to have these amazing people as a part of my life!  

PLEASE help us save our son!

My name is Tona Crooker. My husband William and I have 4 young kids at home and knew it was time to expand our family. Unfortunately I have had serious complications in my prior pregnancies and we felt it was safest not to try that again. We chose to adopt. What we didn't know was just how hard this road could be. We love each and every one of our children and would do anything to keep them safe and to protect them. But in the world of adoption it is NOT that easy.  We love our son,( "Baby N" as he is called for now) and we want him to be home with our family as soon as possible. The worst part for me as a mother is knowing he is suffering and NO ONE is there to hold him and love him and comfort him. 

Baby N was born with a rare genetic skin disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).  Most of his entire body is wrapped in Bandages to protect him from serious injury and fatal infections. He NEEDS these bandages to survive, and sadly he can not recieve the full medical attention it will take to give him a fighting chance at life, until we get him home! 

Everyday things can cause serious pain. He can not just put a shirt on like every one else, to him it means new, painful blisters on any unbandaged areas of skin. He can not just scratch his arm or rub his nose if he has a little itch, without ripping his skin right off. He can not be held or touched to be comforted with out extreme caution from his caregivers to prevent new injuries.

His little body is basically covered in open wounds and he is left susceptible to any and every infection possible. His body is in a constant state of healing for survival, draining all the nutritients he gets and needs to grow, and using it just to survive!

I can't imagine the pain that any child born with EB goes through, but I am heartbroken just thinking of the pain he has to endure and with no one to love him and comfort him. He has no one to make him feel safe and secure, and he has no idea how hard we are fighting for him here. We need to make sure he does not wait a day longer then he already has to.  We NEED to get to him before it is to late....


We NEED all the help and support we can get!


International adoption is a HUGE expense. And worth EVERY penny. There is no way for me to put a price on any one of my children, and it is devastating that MONEY could stand in our way of giving our sweet baby the chance to fight for survival. EVERY dollar we raise will go directly towards bringing him home.   When it is all said and done we will have spent over $45,000 on this adoption. To me it seems like an insane amount of money to come up with in such a short amount of time, but we are taking it one step at a time....

For our next step we need $2,200 - This will complete the paperwork we need to send to the amazing people who are making this possible for us!

but it doesn't end there...

We will need to pay other fees...

To then move forward from there we will need $3,700, and again it will be to complete more paper work...

Then we will have travel expenses and in country fees (which all add up VERY quickly), we are NOT including what it will take to provide child care for our children currently at home, while we travel for this adoption, along with the time and pay my husband will miss from work etc.

We JUST want to get him home!
We NEED to get him home!

By making a $10 donation and choosing the "Butterfly Magnet" perk you will recieve a beautiul hand made butterfly magnet, made personally by me,  along with a personal thank you card  for making  your donation.

 If choosing to donate more, The $25 "T-shirt" perk will get you a t-shirt I designed to help raise awareness for EB. We are working hard to bring our son home, but we also want to make sure we are working hard to find a cure, we want him to have the best life possible and there is nothing better then a cure! you will also recieve a butterfly magnet as well as a personal thank you card for making your donation.

For a donation of $40, you will recieve a beautiful one of a kind Butterfly Tote bag, that I will assemble personally, along with the handmade butterfly magnet and the t-shirt to help spread awareness. I will also send you a personal thank you card for making your donation.



We have set our goal at only $2,000 so that we can keep moving forward as quickly as possible. But in all honesty we truly NEED every bit of help we can get to get him home. The adoption part is expensive... yes... and no matter what we will get him home. But we truly can not afford to have credit card bills and loans to pay off when it is all said and done. We will do whatever it takes, but we also have to know that once he is home he will have enormous medical expenses, some will be covered by our private insurance, but others are not. Special clothing, creams, lotions, blankets,  stuff that he will need just to make every day manageable we will need to pay out of pocket for, and we absolutely can do that. The more money we raise to help bring him home the less debt we will have to worry about once he is here, and honestly that will make the life long care for him that much better.


This is your opportunity to help us change his life forever...

He will NOT survive in an orphange...

PLEASE help us get him home to us, his family, where he belongs!


And remember EVERY bit helps! one more way to help is to SHARE this campaign and our story. The more people who know, the more awareness we can spread, and the closer we will get to our son, and also a cure for EB..


Thank you!!!

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  • $10USD
    Butterfly Magnet

    handmade butterfly magnet. and a Thank you card for making a donation to save Baby N!

    4 claimed
  • $25USD
    EB awareness Shirt

    This shirt I designed to help raise awareness for EB. you will also receive a hand made butterfly magnet as well as a Thank you card for helping save our son! (please comment or send me a message or e-mail your shirt size)

    4 claimed
  • $40USD
    Butterfly tote bag

    This is a one of a kind butterfly tote bag, no two will be the same. you will also receive the awareness t-shirt, as well as the hand made butterfly magnet. and of course a Thank you card for helping us bring our family together! (please comment or send me a message or e-mail your shirt size)

    5 claimed
  • $100USD
    EB awareness Hoodie

    This is also a Hoodie I designed to also help raise awareness for EB even when it is cold outside! When you choose this perk you will also receive EVERYTHING from the other perks mentioned above! There are ONLY 100 of these available! please (comment or send me a message or e-mail your t-shirt and Hoodie size)

    6 out of 100 claimed
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