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Robert Santos said 11 months ago

Save for a handful of exceptions (missing refund instructions) and money orders, all of the Indiegogo donations should be covered at this point.

Jonathan Gagnon said 11 months ago

Yes please my status have been on pending for about a month now … And since im short on money these daus id really like to get it back now i dont want to push you guys but its been taking longer than expected by a lot now :/

Manuel Warum said 11 months ago

Hi! Would it be possible to post a quick status update about how far along the refunding has come? The last update on April 25 said something along the lines of ‘about 30% processed’ – and that was more than two weeks ago.

Robert Santos said 12 months ago

The e-mails are being sent out at a reduced pace in an automated queue. You can request your e-mail immediately here: http://teampixel.com/save-homeworld/reset

Ryan Niswonger said 12 months ago

I have not received a login to the TeamPixel site for refund tracking… Are these forthcoming?