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The public's right to wheelchairs that allow us to live the lives WE choose is in jeopardy. PLEASE HELP US Roll on Capitol Hill to defend our independence!
Kesha Pilot
Washington, District of Columbia
United States
8 Team Members

Our Wheelchairs = Our Independence

Hi, my name is Kesha Pilot. Two years ago, just as I was experiencing the joys of being a new mom, I was in a car crash that left me paralyzed from the chest down. One important lesson I've learned during my recovery is that life doesn't stop because of a spinal cord injury. 

Having access to a wheelchair that WORKS FOR ME has enabled me to regain my independence, and at the same time take on all responsibilities life throws my way, big or small. It has also allowed me to continue to share precious moments with my son. But many other people living with spinal cord injuries and disorders are not as fortunate. 

YOU can help me change that. It's time people have access to the right wheelchairs so they can gain back their confidence and contribute to their communities and the economy.

Your support will help me and other disability advocates from around the country meet face-to-face with policy makers on Capitol Hill to fight for access to wheelchairs that will empower thousands of Americans of all ages with spinal cord injuries and disorders to live the lives THEY choose!

A wheelchair that works for one person, doesn't work for all. Everyone needs access to the right wheelchair for them.

Support Our Roll on Capitol Hill

The fight for the right wheelchairs starts at the policy level. We won't sit back and watch our freedom be stripped away.We're taking this fight directly to the legislators on Capitol Hill. 

I'm raising $15,000 on behalf of United Spinal Association to help cover a portion of the travel, transportation and lodging expenses for a group of wheelchair users/disability advocates attending the 3rd annual Roll on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, June 22-25, 2014. 

Your donation, even if it's just a dollar, will be a huge help in FINALLY including wheelchair users in the legislative process and allow us to directly express to policy makers why access to complex rehab technology is VITAL to our quality of life. Please help us represent the needs of our fellow wheelchair users from across the country.

What the "Wrong Wheelchair" Looks Like

What the "Right" Wheelchair Looks Like

A wheelchair that fits a person's unique needs isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. And it's extremely liberating!  There's a fancy term for this type of mobility equipment. It's called 'complex rehab technology' and includes medically necessary individually configured manual and power wheelchair systems, adaptive seating systems, alternative positioning systems, and other devices that require evaluation, fitting, design, adjustment and programming.

Having the right wheelchair keeps people with spinal cord injuries and disorders active, just like Maximus Wong (pictured above) who was able to get off the sidelines and participate in sports with other kids his age. Like most kids, Max has big dreams. Thanks to the right wheelchair, he now can reach for them.

The right wheelchair keeps us healthy. It allows us to do what we love, to take care of our families, and be a part of our communities. And most importantly, it enables us to take advantage of every opportunity that comes our way. Isn’t that what life’s all about? Being stuck at home in the wrong wheelchair isn't much of a life. It's a ball and chain.

What We're Fighting For

Our goal is to get Congress to pass HR 492/S. 948, a bill to establish a benefit to ensure that persons with spinal cord injuries and disorders will be able to get custom power wheelchairs, ultra lightweight wheelchairs and seating systems under the Medicare program. Medicare currently does not have unique coverage for the more complex equipment that so many wheelchair users rely upon. We know that when a properly configured wheelchair and seating system is not available, bad things happen that greatly diminish a wheelchair user’s ability to be active, healthy and mobile in the community. HR 942/S. 948 can help FIX this issue!

Help Spread the Word

If you can't donate, no sweat! You can still help get the word out about the 'Save the Wheelchair' campaign.

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/savethewheelchair

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Save_Wheelchair

Use the Hashtag: #savethewheelchair

Want to 'Save the Wheelchair' Year-Round? Join UsersFirst, a program of United Spinal Association that helps wheelchair users fight for better and more reliable mobility equipment!

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This campaign ended on May 16, 2014
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    Thank You Package

    You will be mailed some United Spinal gear along with the Fourth Edition of New Mobility's Spinal Network guidebook--the essential resource for making important life choices after spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, post-polio syndrome, amputation, ALS and other conditions. (Includes all non-limited lower perks.)

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