SAVE THE REALM!!! Help us save the Webseries Spellfury!

Finishing Season 2 of Spellfury is our Main Goal right now and we need your help! Spellfury is a Fantasy-Action webseries started in 2008.

a little about us

Since 2008 we've been making a fantasy-action comedy series called Spellfury. Imagine "Lord of the Rings" meets "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" meets "The Muppets" with a little bit of "Stars Wars" thrown in for good measure. This of course has all been done on a shoe-string budget and with an amazing and generous cast and crew.

Haven't seen the show before??? Here's a link to all 16 Episodes, make sure to come back though:


The show has been seen over five million times online (Youtube, Koldcast.tv, Blip.tv and Itunes) and Season 1 has been seen Nationally in Canada on Global TV (major TV station in Canada, but no money was made)

Our show is set in a world of thrilling magic and monsters. The main character Druinia (a half elf) is searching for her father's killer. Along the way she finds a magic sword and encounters thieves, fairys, dragons, and sarcastic demons (just to name a few characters from the world of Spellfury)

We love making this show and with your help we can continue to make this exciting fantasy action series.

shots from set

What we need:

We did the math, and we need $24,000 to finish Season 2. We've brought you Dragon Men, Sexy Bartenders and Gigantic spiders this season but there's so much more!! With your help we can finish the last 8 episodes of Season 2 with a bang!
The money will allow us to bring you 8 more episodes that are 5 minutes in length! No advertisements, no breaks. Just another 40 minutes of action packed fantasy spread out over 8 episodes.

What will you get for your donation?

Not only will you get an amazing rest of Season 2 with even more action, more excitement and more laughs but we also have a whole list of terrific  gifts that we are giving away with donations. We think the gifts that we're giving away are pretty unique and cool and we hope you think so too.

What can you expect to see in the rest of Season 2?

Well.. more amazing characters. We plan on bringing in lots of new ones, but the one we are really looking forward to shooting is a nemesis character for Druinia. We don't want to give too much away but let's just say she's a sexy/evil elf with a flaming sword that has a bone to pick with Druinia. Oh and did we mention that she and Druinia are going to have a huge sword fight to the death?

We are currently designing new costumes for season 2 that are sure to impress, and we want to get even more cool set pieces as well as props.

With your donation it will also allow us to bring in more help for visual effects. Basically we need more guys (or girls) to help remove the green screen stuff and replace it with exciting cool backgrounds. This is what is currently slowing down production right now. With your donation we can get these episodes out sooner and they will be longer!

You can also expect to see MORE PUPPETS! We'd like to hire the amazing Matt Ficner back to set to work on the show (He created Kruskull's mask and let us film some of his awesome puppets). He's been a puppeteer on Farscape and he's worked on "The Thing" 2011,  "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium" and a whole bunch of other Hollywood projects. If we hit our goal expect to see more amazing work from Mr.Ficner!

Who are we?

We are a team that has been making film/tv projects for the last 10 years. Spellfury came to life because we love fantasy, action, D&D, and making people laugh. So in 2008 Travis Gordon (Spellfury's writer/director/editor/visual effects) came up with a story idea and plan and we've never looked back. A season and a bit later with over 5 million views, we still believe in our idea and love doing it and really hope we can keep doing it! With your help we can!!

our team

Travis Gordon--Is the writer/director/editor/visual effects guy. He is an award winning film maker with three feature length films under his belt as writer/director/editor and has been the driving force behind Spellfury since day one in 2008. 

Julie O'Halloran--actress/production manager. She has worked with Travis on all his projects and really has loved the opportunity to play the lead character in Spellfury, Druinia. She was also the star of "Revelation" an award winning sci-fi short (Houston Interenational Worldfest Film Festival).

Penu Chalykoff--actor/production assistant. Penu has been involved with all of Travis' projects and being a true D&D fan really enjoys being a part of Spellfury. He has recently taken over the role of Kruskull in Season 2.

Ian Quick--Is the talented actor who plays Xorn the scoundrel. Ian is the star of many independent films plus he's a professional magician.

Debra Ereaut--Debra is the actress who plays Velura (who owns the bar in the town of Fullriver). She is also the lead singer of the band "Crunchy Flowers"

Jason Devlin--producer/production assistant. Jason has also been involved with all of Travis' projects too and has even jumped in and played a character or two on Spellfury. He hates playing Grok's but in a pinch he's the go to guy.

Why you can trust us with your money:

Spellfury Season 1 and the first 4 episodes of Season 2 are proof that we can deliver an amazing fantasy-action series. We have already done so much with the little bit of money we have. Can you imagine what we can bring you with some real money?

The cast and crew love working on this show and truly believe it's special and unlike anything that's out there right now. We feel very fortunate to be given the opportunity to work on this series.

With your help we will continue to bring you even more of this creative fun series.

Thank you for your support, we truly appreciate it :)

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