Save the Philby Partridge

Establish a healthy captive population of these increasingly rare birds.
Chaim Loike
New York City, New York
United States
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Some species have special diets and require expensive facilities. Millions are necessary to save pandas, cranes and other animals. The Philby breeds well in captivity all it needs is a chance.

The Philby Partridge is indigenous to Northern Yemen where it is subjected to unrelenting hunting pressures. Our goal is to raise a sustainable captive population of these birds. We have already acquired a small flock, which we intend to start raising. 

Almost no research has been done as to the status of these birds. Hardly a North American zoo is raising them. Yet, with a minimal contribution we will have the resources to save these species from extinction.

These birds were accepted by certain Jewish tribes as kosher. The goal is to verify the kosher status of these birds and also to prevent these birds from going extinct. These birds are not the most attractive and they are little studied. They were once fairly popular in aviculture, but the popularity has dwindled almost completely. The money raised will be used to pay for food, vitamins, and equipment needed to breed and raise these birds. If the opportunity arises we will also purchase more foundation stock to diversify the gene pool.

Remember the time when bison was one of the most endangered species in the Bronx Zoo? And now they are everywhere. This is your chance to make a difference.

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  • $5USD
    A feather in your cap

    You will get a thank you letter and a feather from an actual Philby. Feather size and color will vary depending on what is available. No feathers will be plucked from live birds.

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  • $18USD

    Every time Torah is published regarding these birds, your name or that of your loved one will be listed as one of the sponsors.

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  • $36USD

    Depending on availability you will get a sterile Philby egg. The egg will be cleaned and blown. Compare and analyze as to Yorah Deah 86.

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  • $54USD
    Book It

    A hardcover English copy of Hilchos Shechitah According to the Simlah Chadashah signed by the author.

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  • $286USD
    Shabbos Shira

    Experience parshas Beshalach and shabbos shira like never before. Bring a Philby partrdige to your shull for shabbos. Feed the bird and help us save the entire species. Now that is hakaras hatov. Only available in NYC and LI. For the weekend of shabbos Beshalach you will get 1) Philby partridge 2) cage 3) food 4) thank you letter. Bird will be picked up and delivered by members of the campaign.

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    Estimated delivery: January 2013
  • $540USD
    Shomer HaMesorah

    Upon their natural death you will a professionally taxidermied Philby partridge. It might take a few years, but you can't get this anywhere else.

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