Save the Creatures

A new London indie games company needs all the help it can get!!
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Hi all and Thank You for taking the time to have a look at my campaign!!

About Me.

My name is Michael Porter and I have started an Indie Game Company based in London, Predator Software. I have several ideas for fun and exciting games for a variety of outlets (android/iSO, PC, consol arcade, etc) and I decided to start with the game "Save the Creatures".

I discovered a fantastic program called Construct 2 which allows people to make game who have little programming knowledge (like myself!!) and I made and finished the game. The problem is have is that Construct 2 isn't quite ready to convert to android and this game is perfect for android so I am having to find another way to either convert the finished game or remake it using another program.

Save the Creatures.

This is a fun and taxing puzzle game in which you need to use arrows and other items to direct creatures to safety in order to progress.


There are three different types of creatures that will react differently when they reach obstacles so you will have to remember in order to work the puzzles out.

There are currently 3 areas, each one with it's own puzzles and problems to overcome. I am working of more areas but 3 is a good amount to start with!!!

All areas have 24 levels and 4 bonus levels to unlock making the fun last longer !

Money needed

My game is finished and works fully on the PC but I am struggling to find an outlet that will let me sell it on their website in it's current condition. I did the very best I could for the graphics but it really isn't good enough for an official release. I also have to start using a new program to make the android version of the game. I have broke down below the amounts I would love to raise here:

£500   - I need this amount to pay for the licence of the program and for me to learn how to use it and create the android version (and maybe iSO)

£2000 - If I am able to reach this amount I will use it to hire a graphic designer and the graphics will be given an amazing makeover and be excellent.

£5000 - If you guys are kind enough to raise this amount I will not only hire the designer but I will also hire a programmer to make the android version of the game. This will allow it to be completed MUCH faster and more professional with fewer bugs!!!!

More than £5000 - I really would not be able to thank you guys enough if we are able to reach more than £5000. I will use the extra money to polish the game as much as I can with things like music and sound effects etc.


As the game is finished and working fully on the PC, at every perk level you will receive a copy of Save the Creatures for the PC the moment the campaign is completed.

The prints and T-shirt images will be determined due to how much money is raised. If less than £2000ish then the images will be pencil drawn screen prints (like the one on the icon of this campaign). If more then it will be the better graphics.

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Select a Perk
  • £2GBP
    The most important perk

    This perk will get you the fully completed PC version the moment the campaign is successful.

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  • £5GBP
    A double bonus perk

    Not only will you get the PC version but you will also receive the UPDATED android version once it is finished.

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  • £10GBP
    Game and Pics perk

    You will receive both copies of the game + some PC backdrops showing images of the game.

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  • £25GBP
    Prints perk

    You will receive everything from the previous perk along with a 5 prints from the game. (on fancy card)

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  • £50GBP
    T-Shirt perk

    You will receive everything from the previous perk along with a printed T-Shirt. (Please add £5 for delivery if outside UK)

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  • £100GBP
    Wall print perk

    You will receive everything from the previous perk along with a wall print from the game on canvas. (Please add £10 for delivery if outside UK)

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