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We need your help. Just found out my dad has Liver Cancer. Anything that can be donated will be greatly appreciated. Read our story. Thank You!
Ty kousonsavath
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Short Summary

My name is Ty and I come from a family of 5 siblings including me and yesterday we just found out that my dad has T4 Liver Cancer. Where the tumor is growing into the thin layer of tissue covering the liver. The liver cancer is caused by Hepititus B which is common in most people of asian descent.  

The story about my family is that my parents started out from a refugee camp, which migrated from asia to america to find a better life for our family. Me and my twin sister was only 2 at the time. My younger brother and sisters were later born. Making us a family of 7. I never realized how much my dad did for us and the hardships he had to endure in getting us here to the United States and even when we got here how hard it must of been for my dad to keep us clothed and fed everyday with little or no money at all. I never uderstood until I got older how being poor can cause a lot of stress on a family household. And not until I found out about his cancer that I realized how much my dad meant to me. Half of my life I grew up hating my dad for some of the things he did. So I ended up distancing myself from him. But as you get older you start to realize that time is something you can not get back and because of the hatred that I had for him, I have lost a lot of that time that could of been spent with him. And for that I have regrets. But I will regret it even more if I did nothing to fix it. I am not asking you to donate money for my own selfish reasons. I am asking for your help because he is a good person at heart, a grandfather to my nieces and nephews, an uncle to my cousins and a great dad to my siblings. I want to save him because it would save a lot of hurt to those who care about him. So if you can contribute even a little, we would really appreciate it. 

The procedure and cost

My dad will be sent to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. There they have some of the best surgeons in the U.S. but good surgeons means more money. My twin sister will be the one donating her liver for the procedure. Our goal is $50,000 but our real goal is $100,000 which would pay for half of the medical bills itself. The estimated cost for a procedure ranges from $100,000 to $400,000. 

We are sorry. There are no perks in donating. Just know that you are helping us save a life. And I hope that should be more then enough reason for anyone to donate. ALL of the funds raised will go towards paying for medical expenses for the transplant needed.

Other Ways You Can Help

Get the word out! Even if you can't give any money, your help is needed to get the word out to as many people as possible! Thank You!!


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