Save Karl's Comics!!

DC Comics writer Karl Kesel adopted a child born addicted to heroin. To pay for Isaac's rehab, Karl has been forced to sell off his massive comics collection.


Karl and Isaac

Karl Kesel has opened his heart and home to adopt a child born addicted to heroin. To pay for young Isaac's rehab, Karl, a longtime artist and writer for DC Comics, has been forced to give up his collection that has taken over 40 years to cultivate.

I believe that this collection should remain intact, to be handed down to Isaac as his birthright, not sacrificed to provide him with health and safety, not after Karl has already done so much.

This campaign has been started to help offset some of Isaac's rehabilitation costs, which could top $67,000. You can read about the entire heartwarming story here:


Every child in need should be as lucky as Isaac, and every nerd dad as wonderfully generous as Karl should be rewarded.

The Goal

Hopefully, this campaign will be able to pay for Isaac's entire treatment, keeping Karl's impressive comics collection intact, but anyone who has ever been faced with overwhelming medical bills knows that every bit can help.

Isaac didn't deserve to be born with addiction, and Karl has already done so much. Lifting the financial burden from them both will allow them to focus on bonding as a family, and that glorious pile of comics will be able to stay intact.

Who I am

I am not affiliated with the Kesel family in any way. I am merely a passionate student of nerdery who wishes to help. I am not seeking to make money or gain publicity from their struggles.

I do believe that they are good and generous people who should be rewarded for being so open with their lives and hearts, not punished by having a life's work dismantled.

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