Save Interplay

Its time to end the madness. Help us buy a majority stake in Interplay, and either save her, or give her the funeral it deserves.


Once upon a time, there was a great company.

A company that didn't just make games, but made games by gamers, for gamers.

This great company once released more games per year than EA was on everyone's lips. They gave birth to companies like Bioware, and gave the guys who now run Obsidian their first jobs in the industry. Their games included Decent, Warcraft, Fallout, and Planescape: Torment.

But dark times came to this company, and the empire began to crumble. A pair of saviours rode in, but their attempts to revive here were flaunted by misstep after misstep.

But perhaps.... Perhaps now in her darkest hour, she can be saved!

Interplay Entertainment was one of the biggest names in gaming, but now her share price languishes at a penny per share.

With 124.3 Million shares outstanding, this means we just need 1.243 million to buy every share at today's closing price!

But we don't need that many. We only need half plus 1, at current prices this will cost  about 600k

I propose we raise a bit more.  Firstly, we need 1.2 Million to buy at least half the shares at twice their current price - 2 cents per share.  Given this is a 100% premium on current prices, it makes an attractive deal for investors.

Indiegogo want about 10%, thats about 200k

The remaining 600k we'll use for working capital to help breath life in the old girl, or in case a few shareholders hang out for 3 cents per share.

Once we secure her, the road is a little less certain, it depends on what level of mess we find her in.

Hopefully, it wont be that bad and we can try and sell her to Brian Fargo - maybe he'd like his brand back?

We could try and make a game with what little silverware is left.

if worst comes to worst we can give the old lady the funeral she deserves, rather than suffer her ongoing mistreatment.

I know this is a big task... But unlike most of these crowdsource fundraisers, we actually have something right now - its not some game we might or might not end up making, or its not access to some super secret forum we might or might not put up - we have an actual company that still owns stuff, and still sells games.

And if we don't make enough money, we'll simply not take the cash from you. I bet thats the best deal you've heard all week.


What do you know about running a Game company?

Well, Interplay is famous for that "By gamers, for gamer" line, well, we're gamers!

Here's a list of reasons why we're better than the current management

  1. Noone involved in the Save Interplay campaign ever worked on Superman 64
  2. Noone involved in the Save Interplay campaign has ever had a Bankruptcy order served upon them, or to any companies they run
  3. Noone involved in the Save Interplay campaign ever worked on Fallout:Brotherhood of Steel

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