Save George! Extra amounts will be donated to animal shelters!

Insurance companies will not help us, will you? Help George get his surgery to save his life! Extra amounts will be donated to animal shelters!


Please help us save George!

This is George; he just turned 1 year old in July of 2012. In the same month, he was diagnosed with Feline Idiopathic Cystitis, which is a genetic disorder common among male cats. However, it is extremely rare for cats under the age of 2 years to begin developing symptoms. This disease is manageable through a special diet, however, even with taking all the necessary precautions, crystals will still develop in his bladder, causing a urinary block, and preventing urination. To clear the urinary block, he must go through the painful procedure of having his bladder flushed with a catheter. The urinary block could reoccur anywhere from daily to weekly.

However, there is a permanent solution, surgery to widen his urinary tract, so he can painlessly pass the crystals through his urine. But this surgery would cost up to $3000, a cost we cannot afford. Since his diagnosis, we have had to flush his bladder twice; we have already spent over $1600 on vet visits, medication and special food. Since this is a genetic disorder, no insurance companies are willing to help us cover these expensive costs. We can no longer afford to pay for the procedure of having his bladder flushed. If we cannot come up with the funds for his surgery before another block occurs, the only other option would be to euthanize him.

George is a fun loving, friendly cat, who loves to cuddle. He is only 1 year old and deserves a chance at a long and happy life (and many more years of shenanigans!) So please help us save George!


It won't just be for George!

Any amount that is not going towards George’s medical expenses will be donated to 3 wonderful, non-profit organizations dedicated to rescuing dogs and cats, the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF), the Meow Foundation and the Feline Rescus Foundation of Alberta (FRFA).


Any amount of contribution will help! If you can't donate, help us spread the word! Share on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else! Tell your friends and family!

We are trying to reach our goal and give George his surgery before another block occurs, so we are racing against the clock, as another block could happen at anytime. We are shooting for August 31, 2012, so the more people who knows about this, the better!

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Unfortunately, I won’t be able to provide lavish perks, but I am an artist, so I will be providing some handmade, crafty things that I hope everyone will enjoy as thanks for your contribution.

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