What will happen in the suburbs when cheap oil runs out?
Carrie Hampel
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This campaign allows you to get involved in an international, collaborative exchange on this exciting novel!

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SAVE BOB is a short novel set in the suburbs of New Zealand in the near future. The story is told from the perspective of Bob, a regular guy experiencing the changes in his suburban world as cheap oil runs out. SAVE BOB traces the protagonist’s comical attempts to change his life in order to cope with the global energy crisis. In the style of a great whodunit, Bob wakes up in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor and tries to piece back together the events leading up to his predicament.

The end goal of this story is to give a broader audience a realistic picture of life in the suburbs in the very near future. This project is about creating a rocking short novel - ideal for being transposed to other entertainment formats.



My name is Carrie Hampel and SAVE BOB is my first novel. Working in the creative arts and entertainment industries for more than 20 years, I have written a number of short stories, performances, and songs that I have produced and performed in Berlin. In many ways I am a true freelancer – in every sense of the word – in that I have worked as an actor and entertainer in many different forms from circuses to stand-up, prime time national German TV, to films and performance art in Auckland, Melbourne, New York, London, and Berlin. Basically, I know what makes an audience tick. Since becoming a mother and working on this novel, I have also worked as a translator and language editor. SAVE BOB will be the first piece of creative writing I aim to get published.


My friend and assistant, Leah Matthews, is helping me to get this project off the ground. Having completed a Bachelor and Master’s degree in literature in Australia and Germany, she will assist me in editing and coordinating the final draft of the novel before it is sent off to publishers or published online.


My mentor, Atillio Pigneri has a doctorate in Energy Systems and Environment at Università degli Studi di Lecce. Attilio’s experience and passionate involvement in numerous organisations, institutes and universities around the world are too lengthy to list here. Suffice it to say he has over ten years’ experience in interdisciplinary scholarship on energy and environmental issues, incorporating engineering, economics, public policy, and environmental science. Attilio has mentored this project from the beginning (2005) and makes sure the novel reflects scientific fact. He has also coached me in the methods and mechanisms of creating a solid and multifaceted future scenario.



The idea of SAVE BOB dates back to 2005 when I was living in the suburbs of Auckland. I found myself stuck without a car and had no access to reliable public transport. During this time it struck me that oil wont last forever. I started asking myself: What would happen to the area I was living in when oil ran out? These questions coupled with some initial research into global oil supplies inspired me to write a short novel - a near future scenario in the suburbs as oil becomes expensive before finally running out.  SAVE BOB provides a very likely prognosis for suburban life based on, and supported by, research from industry as well as academic channels. The research for the novel dates back to 2005 and includes expert interviews, industry statistics and local research.



This crowdfunding campaign and your support will help me to complete the last draft. Once this has been written, I will offer a series of live online readings in both German and English for different time zones. During the online reading I will be able to address you personally, and you will be able to ask questions and give feedback on the excerpts. I hope and plan to incorporate your feedback and comments in any subsequent corrections and rewrites before the novel is published.  


The funds generated through this campaign will enable me to write the final draft of SAVE BOB. Specifically the money will be used to:

  • Provide me with a wage for a three-month period to write the final draft.
  • Give me chance to work with other people on the text, themes and ideas.
  • Perform online live readings of the material and integrate your feedback and ideas.

If I receive more than my stated goal of USD 5 000, funds will go towards a trip to Australia and New Zealand for researching and fine-tuning details relating to setting and characters. Moreover, I plan to use the campaign to create awareness of the themes addressed in the book.

If I do not reach my goal of USD 5 000, I will use all received funds to work for long as I can on the novel. 


In the gallery (tab above video), we have included a four-page excerpt from two different chapters of the previous draft for you to read.


  • Because you think that it’s a great idea and you are interested in the topic!
  • Because this will be a fun and fulfilling project to get involved in with your own scientific/networking/creative/personal talents.
  • Because you would like to be part of an ever-expanding network of people interested in this idea from all kinds of backgrounds and all kinds of angles.
  • Because entertainment products reach a broader audience that scientific and political discourses don’t.
  • Because you want to know what happens to Bob! 


  • By making any financial contribution through the indiegogo platform
  • By getting tickets to the live international online reading and giving your opinions, feedback and ideas.
  • Share! Use the share buttons below the video link to email, facebook, twitter or imbed it on your site or blog. Keep updating your friends as to why you like the project!
  • Word-of-mouth – Start asking people you know how they imagine their future when petrol is no longer affordable. Tell people about this project! 






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    Active Network: Join the mailing list for news and updates on the “SAVE BOB” campaign. Share your ideas and tell us about developments you think we should know about! Send us images and videos and we will post them on facebook and indiegogo! This can include images of suburbia, transport, urban solutions to the energy crisis, or urban difficult spots in the energy crisis.

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    This gets you a ticket to an online reading via Skype in May 2013. An excerpt of the final draft will be read and you have the chance to ask questions, give feed back and generally join in. Of course the perks listed under the first pledge are yours as well!

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  • $30USD

    Kaufen Sie sich eine Karte! Nach der Lesung hat das Publikum die Gelegenheit, Fragen zu stellen und Feedback zu geben. Mitte Juni 2013 – Lesungen sind auf Deutsch, online und beziehen sich auf mitteleuropäische Zeit (CET)

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  • $100USD

    The title tells it all: you will receive an original page of a scene from three different drafts with hand-written notes and a thank-you note from the author mounted to put on your wall. Of course the perks listed under the first pledge are yours as well!

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    Groups - Online Reading

    Auch auf Deutsch! Make an event out of the live online reading for your company or organization. The online reading is also perfect for a dinner party! All you need is a computer and a broadband connection.

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  • $300USD

    You have the chance to meet the author for dinner, or coffee, either in Berlin or in a city covered in the planned research trip. If it is not possible to meet up personally, we could organise to meet on Skype and talk about the book. Of course the perks listed under the first and second pledges are yours as well!

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  • $600USD

    This perk must be used within one year of this campaign. If you are in Berlin, you will be taken on a personal, 4 hour bike tour of the city by the author. Bring along family or friends (limited to a maximum of 7 people) and you can decide on what you’d most like to see. Bikes will be provided by Berlin on Bike - For those not in Berlin, you can meet the author via Skype in two funky cafés; she will send you a souvenir of the occasion.

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    The author will speak about and share her research and experiences in a public address, consultation or a talk with your company/group/organisation. If distances are too great and don’t allow personal consultation, we could alternatively arrange a video conference. Of course the perks listed under the first and second pledges are yours as well!

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