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Every year, 120,000 people die from Cholera in disaster areas like Haiti and Africa. We are developing a new IV saline solution to prevent these deaths.
Ben Park
San Mateo, California
United States
1 Team Member
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Thanks to those who contributed. We are eligible for Philips Innovation BigIdea contest finals. 


Every year, over 5 million people suffer from Cholera and over 120,000 of them die from this treatable disease. In Haiti alone, almost 10,000 people have died since the 2010 earthquake and more are dying every day. Our project is to save as many of these people from needlessly dying from Cholera. Why do people die from Cholera when a few saline solution IV bags and antibiotic are all that's needed to prevent death from dehydration? The total cost to treat someone suffering from Cholera can be as little as $20.



Current IV bags cost only a couple of dollars, but the weight and bulk of pre-filled IV bags makes it costly to ship. Each 1 liter saline IV bags weigh about 2.3 lbs. (38 oz.). In disaster relief efforts, doctors and workers must physically carry supplies to remote areas by foot or on motorcycles thereby limiting the amount of pre-filled fluid bags that they can take with them. Often most NGOs don't bother shipping IV bags to disaster area due to the cost of shipping.

In a nutshell, it's too expensive and inconvenient for the current IV saline bags to reach those who need them the most.


IV Bag


Our mission is to eliminate unnecessary deaths due to Cholera. Cholera is a treatable disease striking areas across the globe where clean water is unattainable, where natural disasters have hit hardest and where supplies are limited. We have developed Maji™, an intravenous (IV) saline bag solution that can be shipped without water and filled at the site of care with any available water source creating a sterile saline solution for the treatment of Cholera patients.




Maji prototype

Maji™ is a standard 0.9% saline solution IV bag that is shipped dry and filled with any local water source to create a sterile solution at the site of care. Maji uses intelligent technology called Forward Osmosis (FO) to create sterile solution for use on patients. Each Maji bag weighs about 2 oz. and is shipped virtually flat. 

Forward Osmosis is a proven technology which mimics how membranes in nature work, including the human body. The FO membrane draws the water molecules from any water source utilizing ultrafiltration to achieve clean, sterile water. When combined with salt, the clean, sterile water becomes a saline solution suitable for IV and injection applications for patients.

The technology associated with FO is already being manufactured for water purification and extreme drinking water applications. At Fosmo Med, we are bringing this revolutionary FO technology to medical applications in an effort to achieve positive social impact.



The funds we raise through Indiegogo will enable us to produce a large number of Maji™ FO bags, perform critical biological tests and help us prepare for testing needed for FDA submission. We already have several organizations, including Jordan International Aid, ready to test Maji™ FO bags in Haiti and other places around the world affected by Cholera when the bags are available.

Unfortunately, we cannot give Maji™ bags out to the donors as we do have to follow government and medical regulations. However, you can make a huge difference and also participate in helping to save the lives of those affected by Cholera. For larger donations, we will donate Maji™ bags in your name to those who need them through the doctors and workers who are on the front lines in the treatment of Cholera patients. The more you donate, the more bags we can provide for free to these men and women fighting to save lives. 

If we do not reach our goal of at least $50,000, we will continue to seek other sources for funding so we can continue our project. Each dollar counts because the more we collect, the more Maji™ FO bags we can produce and test and the faster we can provide these bags to Cholera stricken patients around the world. 



Why? Simple: we want to help save lives; specifically, we want to eliminate unnecessary deaths from Cholera. We believe that social medical problems, like Cholera, require social action to provide the best solutions. We are confident that we can make a significant difference in the treatment of Cholera and change the current trend of unnecessary deaths.



If you are interested in helping out with the worldwide Cholera epidemic, please contribute to NGOs, such as Jordan International Aid, The American Red Cross, Doctors without Borders or any number of hundreds of disaster relief groups throughout the world. They can always use volunteers to help with their mission of treating those in need. 

Final point to clarify, Fosmo Med is not a non-profit organization and your contributions are not tax deductible. 


Jordan International Aid


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This campaign ended on October 8, 2013
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  • $10USD

    For Friends, you will receive a thank you email from Dr. Enoch Choi, Medical Director of Jordan International Aid for supporting this campaign.

    11 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $25USD

    For Helpers, you will receive all the benefit of Friends plus a T-Shirt from Fosmo Med with Maji™ product on the front stating you helped save lives. Please see our media area for the graphics.

    18 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $100USD

    For Contributors, you will receive all the perks of Helpers, plus, we will donate 10 Maji™ bags in your name to Jordan International Aid or other NGOs in need to provide care to patients in disaster relief areas.

    9 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $500USD
    Major Contributors

    For Major Contributors, you will receive all the perks of Helpers, plus, we will donate 50 Maji™ bags in your name to Jordan International Aid or other NGOs in need to provide care to patients in disaster relief areas.

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $5,000USD

    For Volunteers, you will receive all the perks available, plus, will have a chance to volunteer with Jordan International Aid, traveling to where disaster relief is needed. You will need to pay for your way but this is an once in a life time chance to participate in the frontline of disaster relief and help save lives. You must be eligible and abide by rules of Jordan International and not everyone will be qualified to travel.

    0 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
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