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Make your camera follow your every move.
Vlad Tetelbaum
Belmont, California
United States
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END OF CAMPAIGN UPDATE: We are incredibly pleased about the success of our campaign. A big thanks goes out to all of our supporters, the IndieGoGo team and our families.

Our idea is the Star Accessory, a product that makes your mobile camera follow your every move. You can video yourself doing anything without the awkwardness of asking friends or complicated setups. 

Want to know more? Check out our Blog, follow us on twitter @satariistar or Facebook and send us your thoughts at

Our Story

We’re a team of product designers who are passionate about design and think its best when paired with new enabling technology. And we've been working out of our garage for the last year to research and develop technology that makes video far easier and more accessible than it is today.  We talked to a lot of people about video and asked them how they use or don’t use it and why.  We built models, researched technologies, and came up with ideas on how to make capturing video of your daily life easier.  The Star Accessory is the culmination of that research. It is a sensor enabled motorized base that moves your mobile camera to follow you and keep you within the image frame. It gets rid of the need for tripods in a sleekly designed, pocket-able form factor.

But there is also much more that we have in store. We believe in the power of web video.  And our vision is to deliver compelling experiences through new user interfaces that enable its adoption.

Want to know more about how we came up with this? Or follow our development moving forward? See our blog or follow us on twitter @satariistar

The Impact

Using our own resources, we’ve built “works-like” models and “looks-like” models, and we are looking to fuse them together into our first Integrated Systems with your support.  

The money we raise will go towards the following items:  


  1. Materials and tooling for the integrated system
  2. Materials for 4x intermediate prototypes materials
  3. Materials for test setups and some small scale manufacturing tools
  4. Shipping (domestic shipping included, international shipping not)
  5. T-shirts and other perks for supporters


Costs for these materials depend on total order amounts.  We’ve configured our campaign so that if we reach our goal, 100% of the funds goes into these items.

If we exceed our campaign goals, we'll continue to add additional value in the form perks through design enhancements, packaging and additional features.  We are not seeking to turn this into a profit making activity. We deeply value your contribution and will work to reward you with the very best product and service possible.

If we don’t reach our campaign goal, we won’t have the necessary funds to manufacture this product within the outlined price points. In manufacturing, the less quantity you build, the higher the cost of the units.  So we will have to adjust the perk’s to reflect this increase in cost. Lower level perk’s like t-shirts and web listings will be completed as outlined. The remaining funds will be put towards building as many units as funds allow. We will also have to do some design trade-offs to reduce costs.  But let's not let this happen, spread the word. Help us meet our goal!

System Specifications
  1. Supports both portrait and landscape use of iPhone4 or iPod touch
  2. Comes with one marker per base
  3. Rotates 180 degrees
  4. Works whenever the base can “see” the remote up to 8meters indoors and outdoors
  5. Base and marker will be battery powered with purchase-able, off the shelf batteries.  Marker will be larger than pictured in the "looks like" model to accommodate two AAA batteries and will not be made to dock into the base.
  6. Does not include video app controls
  7. Not for use with cameras that weigh more than 6oz.

What We Need

What we need most is your product feedback, funding support and a little bit of patience for those receiving Integrated Systems. Completing the design will require some time for tweaks and iterations with an intermediate prototype. Then we'll setup our manufacturing, produce systems and distribute them to you.  Each step will take some time, but we've done this kind of stuff before, so we know how to make things happen as fast as possible.

What You Get

First and foremost, you get the satisfaction of helping to make this product a reality.  Of course, you get perks for your contribution (and most importantly, you get our first systems!). But you also get the piece of mind that you helped create something larger than that.  Not just another fad or gizmo, but something that helps people communicate and relate to one another in a more meaningful way.   

T-shirt designs and slogans are being developed during the campaign. See gallery for designs.

Focus groups will be in the SF Bay area for 5-10 supporters at a time.


Our Integrated System will be designed to fit the iPhone4 and the latest video enabled iPod Touch.  We also are producing an accessory that slides into the holder to provide a standard tripod mount. That means you can use this with most available pocket cameras (Flip, Kodak and more) and also with point of view cameras like GoPro and Contour. If you want this accessory, make sure to pick the Super Star Plus contribution level (it is automatically added to all Nova and Supernova contributions).

Don't have one of these products? Future versions of our product will work with more phones.  This version may work with some Android and Windows 7 phones. If you want this product supported, send us a note at and we'll see what we can do.

The industrial design of our Integrated System will evolve through this process from what you see in our "looks-like" model in response to feedback, to integrate working components and make it manufacture-able.  We will be transparent about these changes as they occur.  

International shipping is highly variable based upon location. We will correspond with you directly to determine the costs and work out payment as we prepare to ship units.

Available colors for Nova and Supernova are yet to be determined. We will publish options for these totally awesome supporters as we get closer to manufacture.

When we’ll be sending perks:


  • Listing as supporter and t-shirts – right after the campaign closes
  • Focus group meetings – 2 to 4 months after the campaign closes
  • “Looks-like” models – 3 to 4 months after the campaign closes
  • Integrated systems – 4 to 6 months after the campaign closes
  • “Works-like” prototypes – 3 to 4 months after the campaign closes


Thanks for your support!

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    Every dollar counts towards making this product a reality. Don't be a passive observer -- be an active supporter. You'll get your name listed on our webpage.

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  • $25USD

    Make an impact! You'll get listed as a supporter, be placed on a list for an opportunity to be one of the first to buy the retail product at a discount, and get a Satarii t-shirt (design TBD with the help of supporters). (US shipping included)

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    Rock Star

    Want to influence our design? You'll get listed as a supporter, be placed on list to be one of the first to buy the retail product at discount, get a t-shirt, and an opportunity to meet with Satarii in a focus group environment to check out the system and give direct feedback. (US shipping included)

    9 out of 9 claimed

    Movie Star

    Own a piece of the idea. You'll get listed as a supporter, be placed on the list to be one of the first to buy the retail product at discount, get a t-shirt, and you also get an assembled "looks-like" model of our systems (plastic parts only) that can serve as a swivel stand for your phone.

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    Super Star

    Be the first to use it! You'll get listed as a supporter, a t-shirt, and you are pre-ordering one of our integrated tracking systems (standard color). (US shipping included)

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    Super Star Plus

    Want it for your pocket camera? You'll get listed as a supporter, a t-shirt, you are pre-ordering an Integrated System (standard colors), and you get our tripod mount accessory. (US shipping included)

    22 out of 22 claimed


    Something extra special. You'll get listed as a supporter and you are pre-ordering one of our integrated tracking systems (limited edition colors), and you become a design adviser. (US shipping included)

    13 out of 13 claimed


    Own a piece of history. You'll get listed as a supporter, you are pre-ordering one of our integrated tracking systems (limited edition colors), you become a design adviser, and you get one of only the early "works-like" prototypes of our integrated tracking system. (US shipping included)

    5 out of 5 claimed
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