Sarah and Sage's Totally Awesome Publishing Adventure

Sweet Candy Press's first title, Everybody' Else's Girl by Sarah Rose, is the story of what happened and what helped.

There are two really important parts to this project - the book, and the publishing company behind it. Here's what you need to know: 

Sweet Candy Press is the natural evolution of Sweet Candy Distro - a DIY company run by Sage Adderley for the past nine years. Sweet Candy has always been about amplifying voices that would otherwise be ignored by the mainstream. Stories of women, queer/trans folks, people of color - the stories that matter most are often the ones that are the least heard. 

Everybody Else's Girl is two books, really. "What Happened" is the story of a girlhood polluted by physical and sexual abuse against the landscape of poverty and addiction prevalent in the trailer parks she grew up in. "What Helps" is divided by subject into things like community, punk rock, and zines (among others) to talk about the unlikely things that helped her endure the unique challenges of growing up poor white trash.


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