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Pre-Production Fundraiser for Season 1 of the original Fantasy Web Series, Sapphire Prophecies.
Celinka Serre
Video / Web
Montreal, Quebec
4 Team Members

Magic will not be enough to destroy the growing evil. Only blood-kin can save the lands.

Greetings, future viewers, I am Celinka Serre, director and writer of "Sapphire Prophecies". I come from the land of Canada, near a magical city called Montreal, in a Province the Lords who govern us call Quebec.

"Sapphire Prophecies" is a fantasy short web-series with 4 seasons. The story follows a young Seer in her quest. I cannot divulge more at this time, but you may assume there is a reason why I have divulged the contents of the Prophecies to you this day. Let us start with the beginning, with the making of Season 1, which you can be a large part of. I will disclose further information on the series, costumes, characters, magical artifacts, weapons and armor as time draws near to the completion of production. For now, read on to find out how you can be involved in its creation.

Our Indiegogo objective is $15 000.00 CAD. With this amount, the project can go forward.  And remember, you are pledging, meaning that you are charged only once the total amount is attained. So this bears no great financial risk to you (yaye!). You can find all the budget details and breakdowns further below.

Your quest as a future viewer is to ensure the creation of the series through contributions! You may also share the link with anyone and everyone you know. Spread the word, as there will be more videos as Achievements are attained and Follow us on Twitter @SapphireProphet and/or @BinkyProd and retweet to help spread the word.

Web Page and Exclusive Page available at: http://www.binkyproductions.com/sapphireprophecies

"It is told, by the most ancient and revered of Elf Seers, that a day will come when a Mage Seer will overthrow the tyrant Lord. The Prophecy refers to this Seer as the Emerald Eye. Few know of this Seer's existence and some seek to destroy or control the Emerald Eye. The Prophecy also speaks of a sibling Seer who will help overthrow the tyrant Lord and take the throne in his stead and will rule fairly. These prophecies are known as the Sapphire Prophecies. But beware, for another Seer saw a different fate for the Emerald Eye. A fate of captivity and torment in order to ensure the tyrant Lord gain more power to rule over more lands. This is why the Sapphire Prophecies have been kept secret for many years. And the Emerald Eye hidden."


The 'Sapphire Prophecies' Team includes myself and my Frank, who is always very helpful on-set as much as in Pre-Prod as an assistant. Our team also includes our Music Composer, Lana Palmer. She has composed for Binky Productions a few times before, including for our feature film 'Broken'. If you've watched our Fundraiser/Trailer Launch video to the end, then you have heard the 'Sapphire Prophecies' main theme. We are proud to have Lana composing for us once more.

We also have with us another wonderful lady, Lauren Smilestein, who has been a consultant for Budget and Funding thus far. She is a Talent Agent here in Montreal and we are glad she has taken the time to get involved in whatever way she can to help us out. Binky Productions has also had the privilege of being in contact with the MMC Casting Company who is also acting as consultant for us and who has shared with us many wise tips and tools to help us on our journey.


I enjoy reaching Achievement when I play video games. The difference between those achievements and these ones is that each time an Achievement will be reached, here during this fundraiser, I will release a new video that talks about the project. In order to keep things interactive, you can, if you like, send a request of what you would like me to reveal in the next video. Of coruse, I have decided the main topic of each video, but if there is something you future viewers wish to know, I will include that information in the video...provided it doesn't give away too many spoilers.

For all requests: info@binkyproductions.com, with subject: SP Fundraiser.

Here is the Pre-Prod Achievements List:

The Ink Achievement unlocks at $200.00 (video about one major plot-line, no spoilers though).

The Cost-Prop Achievement unlocks at $700.00 (video about the designers doing costumes, props, weapons and armour).

The Character Achievement unlocks at $1700.00 (video about some of the main characters).

The Pre-Prodder's Achievement unlocks at $15 000.00 (once our Indiegogo minimum total is reached). This Achievement will mark that the projet can go forward with Pre-Production. (Video about some highlights of pre-prod and some unseen details, plus talking about some of what YOU want us to talk about. This will not be the Thank You video, that one is part of the perks and will be different from this.)

The Seer Achievement unlocks at $17 500.00 total. Once our Ingiegogo goal is attained, and we succeed in surpassing it and reach our Ultimate Pre-Prod Total of $17 500.00 CAD. (Video all about Seers, background, how magic works in this realm, why their eyes and hair change colour over time, etc.).


Indiegogo Objective: $15 000.00 CAD

With $15 000, the project can move forward. It is the bare minimum for Pre-Production.

Ultimate Total needed: $17 950.00 CAD for Pre-Production.

Original Pre-Prod Total: $17 050.00 CAD - $150 (domain name and copyright which we have now) + $1050.00 CAD for Indeigogo Fees = $17 950.00 CAD.

$200.00 Paper and Ink (script reproduction, storyboard reproduction, etc.)

$250.00 Props rentals and purchases

$250.00 Wardrobe renatls and purchases

$15 000.00 Weapons and Armour and special Props and Costumes

$1000.00 Locale rental for auditions

$200.00 Additional Expenses

To view the full and complete budget for ALL of Season 1, visit: www.binkyproductions.com/sapphireprophecies.

Feel free to review our Terms and Conidtions, available on the web page.


Here are some Major Budget Breakdowns from Production and Post-Prod:

Music Composer: $2500.00 CAD

Location rental and lodging: $3000.00 CAD

Video Equipment (reels/memory disks): $500.00 CAD

Lighting Equipment: $2500.00

Minimal Salaries Crew: $27 500.00 CAD

Minimal Salaries Cast: $10 500.00 CAD

Catering: $1500.00 CAD

Hard drive for Editing: $500.00 CAD

Visual Effects: $2000.00 CAD

Audio Post-Production: $2500.00 CAD

All this out of a Grand Total of $83 450.00 CAD.

The full and complete budget is available on our web page: http://www.binkyproductions.com/sapphireprophecies


Be involved and help make the Sapphire Prophecies come true!

$5 = Contributors' page + Access to a Exclusive Web Page allowing you to take part in the Pre-Production process.

$25 = Digital Download of Behind-the-Scenes footage not viewed anywhere else + all of the above.

$50 = Magical Elite Status on Contributor's Page + extra bragging rights for contributing to Achievement + all of the above.

$100+ = Thank you video with you name mentioned, plus a link to your website next to your name + all of the above.

$500 = Name a Bandit or Soldier + all of the above.

$1000 = Associate Producer title + all that's above naming a bandit/soldier.

$2000 = Skype Conversation with Celinka Serre, + all of the above - naming a bandit/soldier.

$5000 = Name Lord Beryl's Sword + all of the above - naming a bandit/soldier.

More details within each perk's description box.

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Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on September 14, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $5CAD
    Sapphire Prophet Thanks

    Eternal Thanks from the Sapphire Prophet. You also get to visit the Exclusive web page and participate in polls and share comments. In this way you can take part in the Pre-Production process. Your name also goes on the Contributor's page.

    1 claimed
  • $25CAD
    Behind the Prophecies

    You get a Digital Download of a special video with Behind-the-Scenes footage, meetings, bloopers, etc. This video will only be available to you and will feature things that do not appear in any other video. Plus all of the above.

    0 claimed
  • $50CAD
    Magical Elite Status

    You get an elite status on the Contributor's Page. Plus an extra bunch of bragging rights for contributing to the Achievements. Plus all of the above.

    0 claimed
  • $100CAD
    Thank You Video + Link

    Your name will be mentioned in a Special Thank You Video. On top of that, you can choose to have us put a link to your website (if you have one) next to your name in the Elite section of the Contributor's page. (If so, you may include your website address in the message after your contribution has been made.) Plus all of the above.

    0 claimed
  • $500CAD
    Name A Bandit!

    You get to name one of our Bandits from Season 1. Note that some Bandits may be female. Plus all of the above EXCEPT naming a Soldier. (Binky Productions retains the right to refuse a name that is deemed inappropriate or is already a copyrighted or existing name.)

    0 out of 7 claimed
  • $500CAD
    Name A Soldier!

    You get to name one of our Soldiers from Season 1. Note that some soldiers may be female. Plus all of the above. (Binky Productions retains the right to refuse a name that is deemed inappropriate or is already a copyrighted or existing name.)

    0 out of 6 claimed
  • $1,000CAD
    Associate Producer

    Your name will be mentioned as an Associate Producer on the Contributor's Page AND in the credits of each episode of Season 1. Plus all of the above EXCEPT naming a Bandit or Soldier.

    0 claimed
  • $2,000CAD
    Skype Video Conversation

    You get to have a Skype Video Conversation with me, Celinka Serre, the Director of this series. Plus all of the above EXCEPT naming a Bandit or Soldier.

    0 out of 10 claimed
  • $5,000CAD
    Name Lord Beryl's Sword!

    You get to name the sword of the evil tyrant Lord Beryl. Plus all of the above INCLUDING Skype Video, EXCEPT naming a Bandit or Soldier. (Binky Productions retains the right to refuse a name that is deemed inappropriate or is already a copyrighted or existing name.)

    0 out of 1 claimed
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