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Christmas TV Special that tells the story of how Santa Claus really delivers the presents on Christmas Eve - with the help of three highly trained ferrets!
Alison Parker
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Vancouver, British Columbia
7 Team Members

Santa's Little Ferrets is a half hour, live-action Christmas TV Special.  It is the story of how Santa Claus really delivers the presents on Christmas Eve - with the help of three highly trained ferrets! 

Spud, Pretzel & Falafel ride through the night in Santa's sleigh!

We've already raised enough money to produce the film using private investors (hurray!), and we are now looking to raise an additional $15,000.  What will this money be used for?  See the pie chart below!

Without these things, we can still make the movie, but we won't be able to get it out to the world!  That's why we need your help!  You can make a big impact on the success of this movie!  Check out the perks on the right!

Screenshots from Raw Footage we've shot so far:

It’s Christmas Eve in a typical suburban household -- two worn-out parents, and three wildly excited children. In a desperate attempt to get the kids to sleep, their father tells them a homespun bedtime story, an instant Christmas classic -- the story of Santa’s little ferrets. Although very few people know it, it seems that Santa brings an elite security detail with him every Christmas Eve -- three highly trained ferrets. Their job? Make sure no one’s awake, trying to catch a glimpse of Santa. But on this particular night the unexpected happens, and the line between fantasy and reality becomes blurred. Suddenly, the ferrets’ entire security operation is in jeopardy!

Little Daisy sneaks downstairs to catch a glimpse of Santa's Little Ferrets!

We have an amazing cast of actors to play the Collins' family!  Adam Korson is the lead actor on the TV series Seed, which premieres in USA on the CW Network July 14th!  Lisa Durupt is best known for her role as Shandra on the TV series Less Than Kind and recently appeared in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie Color of Rain.  Lisa also played Mrs. Parker in The Magic Ferret!


Emma, Jacob, and Erica Tremblay will play the Collins' children!  Emma's credits include the feature films Elysium, The Judge, and The Giver and she was named one of Variety's Top 20 Up-and-Coming Young Talents.  Jacob's feature film credits include The Smurfs 2 and Somnia.  Jacob also starred as Sam in The Magic Ferret!  Erica is new to acting and recently had a guest role on the TV show The Killing.  Emma, Jacob and Erica are siblings in real life, too!


We have seven ferrets in training for this movie as we speak!  Their names are Krusty, Booger, Snot, Squishy, Spud, Pretzel and Falafel!   Aren't they cute?

...and Rumble the chihuahua will play Fang!

HiJinx Entertainment

Undeterred by the old adage, "Never work with children or animals," Alison has created a franchise of movies featuring children and animals, specifically ferrets.  Her films have garnered a following of enthusiastic fans from all over the world.  Alison's credits include the short film Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale which won Best Short Film at the Nevada Film Festival and the Gold Remi Award at Houston International Film Festival, and The Magic Ferret, which was an Official Selection at the TIFF Kids International Film Festival and over 30 other film festivals around the globe.

Triumph Street Productions

Danielle and Robin have been working in TV, film and theatre for the last 17 years in a variety of roles from performers and teachers to directors and producers.  In 2012 they joined forces with Liz Levine and Random Bench to work on A Ghost Within (short).  From there a strong team formed and they have gone on to produce: Redemption (webseries), All Grown Up (web series) and the hotly anticipated Feed The Gods (feature), with Random Bench.


Random Bench Productions

Liz Levine is co-founder and partner in Random Bench Productions.  Liz served as director of development at No Equal Entertainment and executive director of development for Brightlight Pictures.  She has produced numerous award-winning shorts.  She was the new media producer on the CBC television series JPOD and has produced a number of features including Gemini winning Camp Hollywood as well as Hemorrhage and the multi award winning, Toad Road (released theatrically 2013) and Feed The Gods (2014 release) and is developing a half hour series comedy with Original Film/CBS Television. 

We dedicate this film to the loving memory of Falcor the Ferret.  Falcor acted in many short films and commercials and was loved by fans around the world.  Greatly missed, he will never be forgotten.

Is this movie animated?
No, this is a live action movie.  The ferrets and people are real.  Ferrets are much cuter in real life!  

Where can we see this movie when it's done?
Santa's Little Ferrets will be released on DVD, Video on Demand, Netflix, iTunes, Film Festivals and Broadcast TV Networks world-wide.  It will be released on DVD in time for Christmas 2014.  

What happens if you don't reach your goal?
We've already raised enough money to make this movie using private investors, so the film will be made regardless.  This money will just help us get the film out to a larger audience, using things like recognizable music, a professional marketing and graphic design team, film festivals, merchandise, etc.

When will my perks arrive?
All perks will be mailed out once the film is completed, sometime just before this Christmas 2014.  We'll keep our funders up to date and let them know once a perk has been sent.

Can I upgrade my perk?
Yes!  If you donate more than once, we will manually add them up and bump you up to the next perk level.  For example, if you donated $50 twice, we'd upgrade you to the Ferret Whisperer perk, and you'd get a usb drive!!!  Just keep in mind this is done manually by us, so IndieGoGo doesn't tell you that you'll be upgraded, but you will.  Email ferretnado@gmail.com if you have any questions.

What if my address changes by the time you mail the perks out?
We will email everyone just before perks go out to ask if anyone's addresses have changed.  We'll make sure it gets to the right place, don't worry!

How do I tell you what name to use in the end credits or which pet name's to use?
We'll email you soon to get that information and make sure everyone's names are spelled correctly!

I have more questions.  Who can I talk to?
You can email the director Alison Parker directly at ferretnado@gmail.com and she will be happy to answer any questions you have!

The ferrets run into Fang, a mini chihuahua!  Will he wake the children?

Thank you to our sponsors!



If you are interested in investing and making money off the film, please send us an email at: ferretnado@gmail.com and we will forward you a detailed business plan.  This would entitle you to a % of profits from DVD sales, Broadcast TV Rights, Digital Downloads, and even Merchandise.  Minimum investment is $5K.    

We need your help to spread the word!  Please LIKE us on Facebook & FOLLOW us on Twitter via @SantasFerrets, @ferretnado, @lisadurupt, @KorsonAdam, @thelizlevine, @randombench, @Robin_Nielsen, and @stottroy  to stay involved.  And on Instagram, check out @falafels_world and @SantasFerrets!  Tell other ferret fans!  Tell co-workers and classmates! And of course, keep checking here for more updates!

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This campaign ended on August 15, 2014
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Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    The Ferret Express

    You’ll be sent a pdf of the shooting script for Santa's Little Ferrets! Read it or have the story remain unspoiled; the choice is yours. It can be fun to see how the final film differs from the original scripted version, and now you've got the insider access. Includes all previous perks.

    4 claimed
  • $10USD
    Extra Pet Name in Credits

    This perk is ONLY for people who have already donated a minimum of $40 already. Claim this perk if you would like to add 1 additional pet name into our end credits.

    10 claimed
  • $15USD
    It's A Wonderful Ferret

    Exclusive online access to Santa's Little Ferrets as soon as it's completed! This means you will be the first to see it, even before it goes to film festivals, DVD and TV! Includes all previous perks.

    15 claimed
  • $40USD
    Ferret Wonderland

    We will dedicate this film to the pet name of your choice! Their name will be added to a very special section in our end credits reserved just for the pets we love. This can be a tribute to a living pet or one that now lives at the Rainbow Bridge. Includes all previous perks.

    18 claimed
  • $50USD
    Frosty the Ferret

    You'll be a jolly happy soul when you receive Santa's Little Ferrets on DVD, autographed by director Alison Parker! Includes special features like bloopers and behind the scenes footage! *BONUS: At this level and above, I'll throw in immediate access to private viewing links for The Magic Ferret AND Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale! That's 3 ferret movies for your viewing pleasure! Includes all previous perks. Add $10 for international shipping.

    47 claimed
  • $75USD
    Ferrets in Toyland

    It wouldn't be Christmas without some toys! We'll send you a super cute stuffed ferret to cuddle and squish, courtesy of Marshall Pet Products! Also comes with a ferret sized Santa Hat! A great gift for ferret lovers of all ages! Includes all previous perks. Add $10 for international shipping.

    7 out of 100 claimed
  • $100USD
    The Ferret Whisperers

    Pssst...did you hear the news? Your name will be added to a special section of the end credits called The Ferret Whisperers! This section will appear BEFORE the special thanks section. You are now part of an elite club! PLUS, we'll throw in a ferret shaped USB drive, courtesy of Marshall Pet Products! This adorable 1GB drive is NOT available in stores! Includes all previous non-limited perks. Add $10 for international shipping.

    42 out of 50 claimed
  • $250USD
    8 Crazy Ferrets

    Is your ferret camera ready? Send us a picture of your ferret's face and we'll put it on a Christmas ornament which will appear in the end credits. Only 8 people can claim this perk! Includes all previous non-limited perks. Add $10 for international shipping.

    5 out of 8 claimed
  • $500USD
    Ferret All The Way

    Dashing through the snow, in a one ferret open sleigh! You are now an Associate Producer of Santa's Little Ferrets! Your name will be listed as Associate Producer in the end credits and on IMDB. Oh, what fun! Includes all previous non-limited perks. Add $10 for international shipping.

    6 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    How The Ferret Stole Christmas

    All the Who's down in Whoville will know who YOU are! A Co-Executive Producer of Santa's Little Ferrets! Your name will be listed as Co-Executive Producer in the end credits and on IMDB! Includes all previous non-limited perks. Add $10 for international shipping.

    1 claimed

    The Holy Ferret

    You get a one of kind movie prop, actually used in the film! The custom made velvet toy sack with "S.F.P" embroidered on it in gold (Santa's Ferret Patrol)! Santa uses it to lower the ferrets down the chimney! (a few stray ferret hairs may be included as a bonus if you are lucky) . Plus an invite for 4 to our Cast & Crew Screening in Vancouver (travel and accommodation not provided)! Includes all previous non-limited perks, including Co-Executive Producer Credit.

    1 out of 1 claimed
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