Sandys Homeless Boatpeople

Helping People who have lost their Floating Home to Hurricane Sandy

My name is Capt.Ed Carter.  I am a semi-retired Marine Salvagemaster.
     I was in the Marine Towing & Salvage Business in Florida & NC for over 20 years.
  I have worked in the aftermath of several Hurricanes ,including Andrew, in S.Miami 
in 1992. I also worked on the BP Gulf Oil Spill in 2010. I am a member of  The Marine Assist Association, a Network of Towing & Salvage Contractors with affiliates from the Great Lakes to Florida. I have a complete complement of Salvage Equipment such as Pumps,Winches, compressors, generators, and Floatation Bags.
   Penny & I now live on Harkers Island,NC. where we have a Seasonal Vacation Rental.
    SuperStorm Sandy has destroyed a number of Boats that were the only
Residence for their owners. These Liveaboards are usually older, retired Couples who have their entire Life-Savings invested in their boat. In many cases these vessels are Un-Insured or Underinsured. Due to the High-Cost of difficult and dangerous  Marine Salvage Operations, these Vessels often end up being declared Derilect and are removed and destroyed by different (or in-different)  Government Agencies.   We will find these unfortunate people through our connections with other Salvage  Networks, who
              will not take the job, because the Owner cannot pay the Bill.
Also, please note, this is a flexible funding campaign, so any donations will be available immediately and immediately put to use for the benefit of our Homeless Boatpeople.
     Despite Goal.............All Funds Will Go To The Cause !
First Priority will be to re-locate the unfortunate people ,away from the Storm Zone to  a nice, warm Rental Unit near our home on Harkers Island,NC. Because it is off-season ,lots of short-term Rentals are available in our neighborhood. Penny will be close-by to help with their personal needs,local transportation,etc. All  of these Short-Term Vacation Rentals are fully furnished,right down to the small appliances ,pots & pans & we will provide linen to make their stay very comfortable.
        W will pay the rent, stock with groceries, and arrange for transportation.
    Their Vessel,  we will  Refloat if Sunk, and, or move to a Boat Storage Area where  we can help repair the Boat to a point where it is again livable & floatable. This will require a Team of experienced proffesionals, Divers,Mechanics,Fiberglassers, Carpenters, etc. We have a Database of these people that we can hire. Cranes, and or Large Trucks, which we can hire, will load the Vessels, and transport to a place where they can be repaired. Due to the large number of Boats damaged by this Storm, storage areas will  be near to  Impossible to find.  In that case ,the Boats will be shipped to Boatyards near our home ,to be repaired & made Whole again. Besides plentiful accomadations,this area also has a lot of out-of work Boatwrights who will welcome the work. Normal charges for this type of operation is around $4000 to $8000 plus shipping fees ,storage fees,repair fees, etc.  By waiving my own profit, and hopefully getting some friends to help,without pay. I hope to get my actual cost down to about one-third of these figures.
  We will find & help as many Boaters as Funds allow.The number of people we help will  depend on the severity of the damage to the Vessels, the size, the local facilities, etc... These vessels all contain Hazardous Materials, and when sunk have their own Oil Spill...we are Certified and equipped to deal with this also,and will take all appropriate steps to protect the Environment & the Boatowner from pollution fees.


Team on This Campaign: