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While our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families of Bostonians, actions speak louder than words! Donate and help our brothers and sisters!
Bogdan Rau
San Diego, California
United States
2 Team Members

It would be useless for us to give any description of the events that transpired on Monday, April 15th at the Boston Marathon. We’ve all seen them on TV, heard them on radio and read about them in the press. Americans from across the country sat glued to their TVs and the Internet as updates came pouring in from Boston. Thoughts and prayers flooded social networks with iconic images spurring from all over the country. We are taking these thoughts and prayers one step further! We believe Americans and especially Bostonians are resilient people! In times of need, we look toward the San Diego community to unite in helping in any way we can!

Why a fundraising campaign?

Actions speak louder than words! While none of our statements can turn back time, we can move forward and help out! We are fundraising for a total of $5000 (min) and hoping to bring San Diego together and send a message of brotherhood and love to our friends in Boston.

We have decided to focus our fundraising campaign on Mr. Jeff Bauman Jr., the man pictured below, who lost both legs in the blast and is currently in the hospital recovering. Mr. Bauman Jr. didn't even get out of intensive care and already has helped the FBI identify the individuals responsible for the Boston attacks. Read more here.


We had initially started the campaign with the thought of splitting the donations between Mr. Bauman Jr. and the Red Cross and fully intend on honoring that commitment to our donors who have ALREADY DONATED as of 4/19 at 4:15PM Pacific Standard Time (PST). We have reached out to our donors to determine how much of the money will be going to the Red Cross. Anything raised BEYOND the timepoint above will be going to Mr. Bauman Jr.


We were hesitant to mention Jeff's name for a while until we were able to reach his family and get permission. Good news! We were able to reach Jennifer Maybury and John Sullivan who are there with Jeff. They gave permission and now the San Diego community knows the positive identity of our beneficiary! 

Jeff is recovering in the hospital and even had a visit paid to him by actor Bradley Cooper, pictured below. We thank his friends and family for taking the time to keep us updated on his condition and send our thoughts and prayers to them! 

### Thank you to the friends and family of Jeff Bauman Jr. for connecting with us and confirming his identity! ###


What we need

Any amount will help us reach our goal of $5000. We are providing updates to our benefactors through the IndieGoGo campaign as we reach milestones during our fundraising campaign. Please find it in your heart and donate at least $1 to our efforts. If times are tough and money is short, you can also help us by sharing this campaign with your family, friends and co-workers! 

100% of the proceeds (after IndieGoGo fees) will be distributed according to the information above. While many news outlets have reported "overnight charities" being started after the attack, we asure you that this is a legitimate attempt to bring the community together and help one man in need! This fundraising campaign is run by Bogdan Rau, a graduate student in the Graduate School of Public Health at San Diego State University. With the help of journalism students at San Diego State University, our campaign has taken off on Twitter using hashtag #SDSUlovesBoston. 

We encourage everyone to donate to any legitimate charity and we hope that you will consider contributing what you can to our cause. For information or concerns, please email Bogdan at bogdan dot rau at gmail dot com.

Please also remember to share this campaign with your family and friends. Every like and every tweet helps us get closer to our $5000 goal!


Thoughts from donors

One of our donors from IRELAND visited Boston last year and has a soft spot for the city ever since. Seeing the horrible news prompted her to join in on our efforts! From BOGDAN: I am extremely grateful for the help that you have provided and for going beyond clicking on the CONTRIBUTE button!

Another benefactor contributed because she had a personal connection to the Boston Marathon. Two friends were in Boston at the time, one of them suporting a friend. This personal connection struck a chord.

For our donors: if you've donated and would like to share your thoughts, please email Bogdan at bogdan dot rau at gmail dot com. Anything that you share will be posted annonymously on this campaign page. 



  • San Diego Union Tribune: Through the #SDSUlovesBoston twitter hashtag, our campagin received some media coverage, particularly from the San Diego Union Tribune. Article available here. 
  • Boston Magazine: Full article available here.
  • The Daily Aztec: Full article available here.
  • FOX 5 San Diego: The #SDSUlovesBoston hashtag also received local coverage on FOX5 San Diego.
  • CBS 8 San Diego: #SDSUlovesBoston and our fundraising efforts covered during the CBS 8 11PM news! 
  • Additionally, our efforts have also been recognized by local sports blog San Diego Sports Domination. Click here for the original article!
We are looking to partner with the media and share our message and campaign to the broader San Diego audience and make this happen! If you would like to speak to us, please contact Bogdan at bogdan dot rau at gmail dot com. We are also looking for help from the media to help us contact the family of the man in the picture. Any information is greatly appreciated. 
We are in contact with the Lowell Sun to reach his family and are trying to get in contact with the New York Times for additional help. 

OPEN LETTER TO THE San Diego Small Business Community

We believe that San Diego has a flourishing and entrepreneurial business community. For those business owners that have a sense for social justice and social enterprise, please read my Open Request to the San Diego Small Business Community and consider getting involved! 



We appreciate everyone that has donated even $1 to our cause. Know that you are doing an amazing thing! We hope that you continue to share our cause with your family, friends and co-workers. We have a limited timeframe to raise the funds. 


NOTICE: in order to preserve transparency, we need to mention (as IndieGoGo mentions in their terms and conditions) that certain fees are assessed by IndieGoGo for maintaining this campaign. If this campaign is successfully funded (we reach at least $5000), IndieGoGo will charge 4% of the total amount as a fee. We have reached out to IndieGoGo staff to determine if this fee can be waived and are awaiting response.



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    Thanks for getting involved. Please share this with family and friends!

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    Wow! You're awesome!

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    No way I am not helping

    You have a big heart!

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    Business LOVES Jeff

    Our Business is UNITED with Boston & Jeff!

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  • $500USD

    No amount of money could fix the damage done, but I'm committed to easing the pain as much as I can!

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    A thousand ways to help!

    And a thousand hugs, thoughts and prayers going out to Jeff!

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    Surpass $5000!

    I'm going to get you to $5000 and BEYOND!

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