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Poligraf is a progressive rock outfit based in Québec and has been in activity since the beginning of February 1998.

Over the course of its existence, the band, in its many incarnations, has written enough original music to produce at least 3 full-length albums, and two conceptual “mini-albums” of 35 and 25 minutes respectively.

The music is presented in detail here.


The aim of the current fund drive is to collect enough money to record and distribute a first album, entitled « Samsara, » in the hope that the operation will prove profitable and provide the band with the resources needed for the recording and distribution of the remaining material.

For Poligraf, this represents an opportunity to go to the next level, reach a wider audience, and ultimately become a self-sustaining prog rock producing unit that can function independently of a record label.

Please go here for a detailed presentation of « Samsara, » including artwork, lyrics, and audio & video clips.


The funds collected via this operation will be used primarily to record, produce and distribute the album, including a first batch of CDs.

Given the affordability of the technology needed to record music these days, the cumulative experience of the band members, and the satisfying quality of recording that we have achieved in the past, we have decided to cut the costs of production by recording the bulk of the instruments in our own “home” studio, thus avoiding the fees of professional studios and technicians. The drum tracks will possibly be the exception to this rule, if our attempts to record them at home yield unsatisfactory results.

Hopefully, this strategy will allow us to invest more resources in processes that we feel have a more defining impact on the overall quality of the finished product, namely mixing and mastering.

Eventual extra funds will be used to finance the production of supplementary material such as projections for live shows, conceptual videos, additional artwork, more TPEs, and future recording projects.

Please see the list of VIP Perks on the right of this page to see what you'll receive in return of your support.

The Story So Far

We are also collecting funds via our own site The Goal Was So Near and Bandcamp. Here are the totals we have accumulated thus far :

Angels 0 $ 15 $ 0
Archangels 2 $ 25 $ 50
Guardians 2 $ 35 $ 70
Elders 1 $ 50 $ 50
Cherubs 0 $ 100 $ 0
Donators 0 various $ 0
Totals 5 --- $ 170


You're invited to extend your support by sharing this page. Please see the various tools made available for this purpose just above the present text.

Thank you !

Many thanks in advance for your contribution !

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