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A roleplaying game about the lives of Icelandic settlers in the 10th century A.D.
Gregor Vuga
1 Team Member



(7th of November 2013)

If you've missed the crowdfunding campaign, you can now purchase the game over at the BigCartel webstore.

You might also want to check the depository of links and resources (including character sheets) here, and the G+ Sagas Community here.

STRETCH GOALS (20th of October)

Now that the game has funded I'm happy to present some stretch goals.

1: At $2,500 I will be able to order art of places and things to give you a better sense of the time and space of the game. - DONE!

2: At $2,800 I will write another character role for the game: the Thrall. Many playtesters were interested in playing a viking slave, so I'll make it possible for you to play one. - DONE!

3: At $3,000 all the backers at Raven and higher will recieve a pdf of the Fiasco playset called Blood Saga by Pedro Ziviani (of BRP: Mythic Iceland). - DONE!

4: At $4,000 

Higher quality paper + a supplemental chapter for playing court cases in the saga period. This chapter will be written by Jason Morningstar (Grey Ranks, Fiasco, Durance...) and based on the historical Grágás legal text. - DONE!


5: At $4,500 

An appendix with "viking" recipes for the gaming table (by me) + an essay about gender roles and relations during the viking era (by Elin Dalstål, writter on Gaming As Women). - DONE!


6: At $5,000

A digital handdrawn map of Iceland + a bonus playbook for playing Grendel-like characters (by Sage LaTorra, co-author of Dungeon World). - DONE!


7: At $5,500

Physical map for Futhark or add-on for Yggdrasil + two more essays in the appendix (details forthcoming). - DONE!




At $7,000:
-all the Yggdrasil backers will get the map in physical format
-I will get someone to help me edit the book (I can’t catch all the mistakes alone)
-I will pass the graphic design and layout of the book over to a professional (I was planning to do it myself and I’m far from a professional)


At $8,000

The illustrations in the book will be printed in colour.


Racing to the end! 


Some of the characters from the game


What is this project about?

Hi, my name is Gregor and I'm writing a game about the lives of norse settlers in Iceland, 10th century A.D. The game deals with the trials and issues that the norse people had to deal with on the icelandic frontier. It takes a more accurate historical approach to vikings and their culture than is common in most games, but avoids excessive minutiae of attack rolls or damage, focusing instead on the turbulent relationships and strict cultural norms that make up their original sagas.

What I'm asking for?

I need the money so I can print the gamebook the way I envisioned it as well as to cover the expenses I already had in making the game. If I gather more money than I need to accomplish this, the money will go into making the book better and prettier as well as releasing bonus material and ephemera. If the book gets as good as I can make it thanks to your contributions and I still get more money, I will donate some of it to other projects or charity (I haven't yet decided on the specifics).

What do you get?

At the most basic level and every level thereafter, you will get a note of thanks in the book.
For 5$ I will send you a black and white pdf of the game.
For 20$ you get the pdf plus a physical copy of the book (please add 10$ for shipping outside the EU).
For 35$ you will get a limited edition pack of the game which will include the pdf as well as the softocoverbook, a rune-stone that I will randomly draw from a bag and laminated playsheets for the game, all inside a jute bag (please add 10$ for shipping outside the EU).
For 50$ you will get a gift/retail bundle of four books (please add 10$ for shipping outside the EU).


Want to know more?

If you have any other questions, drop me a line in the comments and I will try to answer as many as I can.

Don't forget to check the Updates page for more info.


FAQ (updated daily; last update: 20th of October)

Q: I forgot to add 10$ for international shipping. What can I do?

A: I have added a new pledge level, called "Shipping outside the EU". You can make a second pledge at this level if you already backed at the Yggdrasil or Futhark and want your book sent outside the EU but forgot to add $10 to your pledge.


Q: Do I need Apocalypse World to play this game?

A: No. Sagas of the Icelanders is a standalone game.


Q: Is Sagas of the Icelanders a reskin of Apocaplypse World?

A: Sagas is a "deep" hack, meaning that it takes the core systemic framework of Apocalypse World (AW), but creates what is more or less an entirely new game around it, very much like Dungeon World, Monsterhearts or tremulus. If you're already familiar with AW-derived games then you will know how to handle the system but you will perhaps also need to unlearn a few things. If you're new to the AW system, the game provides a lot of ingrained guidance so even first-time roleplayers can jump in without trouble.


Q: Will the game be available outside the crowdfunding campaign?

A: I will figure out a way to sell the pdf with a little hassle as possible. I will also print a small number of copies beyond what I need to fulfill all the orders from the backers. I will make those extra copies available in some way, but I can't say anything about the specifics right now.


Question: Will there be more Futhark levels available?

Answer: Futhark is limited to the number of runestones I have, which is the number of letters in the futhark alphabet. Sorry. I’ll try to make it so even the Yggdrasil level gets some extra goodies with the book, but that depends on how far the campaign will go.

Question: Can I make a contribution using PayPal?
Answer: Not at the moment but I’ll look into adding PayPal support. I'm not based in the US, so handling PayPal is a problem.

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This campaign ended on November 18, 2012
Select a Perk
  • $1USD

    A thank you note in the book.

    3 claimed
  • $5USD

    Digital level. A thank you note, plus a pdf of the game.

    107 claimed
  • $10USD
    Shipping outside the EU

    Attention! This level is ONLY for those who forgot to add $10 for shipping outside the EU. There are no rewards associated with this level so put in this pledge ONLY if you've already backed at the Futhark or Yggdrasil level, but forgot to add the shipping fee if you live outside the EU.

    7 claimed
  • $20USD

    Dead tree level. A thank-you note in the book, pdf of the game plus a softcover copy of the game (please add 10$ for shipping outside the EU).

    217 claimed


    Collector's edition level. A special thank-you note, pdf of the game, plus a jute bag containing a softcover copy of the game, a rune-stone and laminated playsheets for the game. Limited number available. (Please add 10$ for shipping outside the EU.)

    24 out of 24 claimed
  • $50USD

    Retail/gift level. Four softcover copies of the game. (Please add 10$ for shipping outside the EU.)

    30 claimed
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