Awakening and Innovating our own Solutions for Greece
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    You are a CENTAUR! The Centaur Chiron, was the teacher of Achilles and other heroes.Your gift is as a healer and wise creature whose mastery of archery means that we, and our intrepid group of innovators, will stay right on track!

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  • $50USD

    You are our MUSE! The 9 Muses were each dedicated to an art, offering inspiration to artists. Kalliope was the muse of epic poetry, from whom Homer drew his inspiration. Your support inspires our artistry in service to the whole!

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  • $100USD

    You are our HERCULES! Granted god-like status for his incredible achievements, he overcame twelve challenging feats like defeating dragons whose heads kept growing back. Your support will be like the unique honour of immortality he received from Zeus and his place in Olympus, so we can conquer summits of achievements!

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  • $250USD
    Oracle of Delphi

    You are our ORACLE OF DELPHI! Speaking Truth through her enigmatic advice, the Oracle asks us to decode and interpret her words so we may deeply know ourselves. Your gift will help us see the truth within and outside so that we may clearly see and decipher our unique way forward.

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  • $500USD
    Apollo and Artemis

    You are a GOD/DESS! Apollo was the God of light and music, protector of the arts. An oracle god who spoke in riddles his twin was the Goddess Artemis, the hunter, protector of children and nature. Your gift helps us to see the dual nature and unity of life!

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  • $1,000USD

    GREAT ATHINA! The Goddess Athina was not a child of anybody, she was born of the head of Zeus. The Goddess of wisdom and justice, she was a fearless warrioress. Your gift helps us to stay strong and true and fierce in pioneering a new world.

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