Awakening and Innovating our own Solutions for Greece


Awakening and Innovating our own Solutions in Greece
Support New Leaders and Innovators to Meet, Learn
and Take Action Together

hosted by the Living Wholeness Practice, SoL Greece & Synergy

On December 17, 2011, we brought together 30 Greeks of all ages and backgrounds to imagine the Greece we wish to create and leave to future generations. It was a powerful day of participatory conversation, collective visioning and practical, hands-on learning. Our next step is to widen the field of participation and the scope of our skills, create new actions, learn and practice collaborative leadership.  Your financial support will be a direct investment is bringing together citizens who care, innovators, new leaders to meet and collectively move from protest to enterprising to systemic change.

What is possible when we tap our collective resources - our energy, heritage, family and land-based wisdom, innovative ideas, modern technologies and ancient myths - to create a new participatory pathway towards a culture of governance and living in Greece that sustains both people and planet?
A Pivotal Moment
Greece, like the rest of the world is at a pivotal moment in history.  As a nation, we stand at a precarious edge, instigated by an economic crisis connected to a global financial system that we now know is not sustainable.

As our current systems rapidly disintegrate, and we witness increasing unemployment, poverty, suicide rates, and despair we also see local initiatives being sparked and new forms of active citizenship beginning to flourish. As a naturally enterprising people, Greeks hold a treasure chest of traditions, ideas and abilities that if awakened and catalysed, can pioneer a new sustainable future - not just for this country but for a changing Europe.

We believe we can re-frame “crisis” to potential, re-vitalize the values of democracy towards an new world that is aligned with deeply sustainable human and ecological values.
Katalysing Change
To "catalyse" in Greek means to move towards solutions.  As Greek citizens, we are already catalysing our own solutions in how we are responding daily to the massive challenges that are already present. However, these creative responses remain disparate and at this point, they lack coherence.  KATALYSIS is a systemic change process initiated by a group of us, committed Greeks and internationals who work with participatory methodologies, social innovation and arts. We believe that as local citizens and global citizens, we hold the key to a renewed Greece.

KATALYSIS aims to:
  1. Illuminate emerging ideas and catalyse new connections that lead to social innovation, enterprising and entrepreneurial activities and that support a generative spirit and vision in the country.  
  2. Create and host gatherings and spaces that move us collectively from the current paralysis, through despair, towards hope and into the belief that we can ourselves create new socio-economic thinking, values, practices and skills. 
  3. Invite people to remember, reclaim, re-imagine who we are and want to be for ourselves and as members of the world community.
Your financial support will be a direct investment in:
Supporting New Leaders and Innovators to Meet, Learn and Take Action
Together to transform the energy of collective protest to collective enterprising.

 We will do this by creating:

1.  An Art of Participatory Leadership Learning Event:
A 3-day training for up to 45 new innovators, active citizens, artists, business and community leaders and those ready to step up into new forms of leadership and innovation that are aligned with the Greek psyche and culture.

Funds will allow Greeks of all ages and income brackets to participate and learn with and create new realities with a field of innovators from movements here and in other parts of the world.
 2. A Collective Conversation in the Commons/ Agora event (Αγορά):
An art-based, conversational marketplace to bring together 200-300 people in a collective conversation for networking and connecting to see a bigger picture and inspiration for creating a collaborative future. And create a mapway for concrete next steps and our further actions.
These events will act as "doorways" for those who are searching for another way to participate and make a difference in their own futures, beyond protesting or dependence on current institutions.  These people are the "social transformers" who, when connected to one another, can scale up their initiatives and potential.


A Glimpse of the Bigger Picture of KATALYSIS (stay tuned!)

This initiative creates a long term systemic transformation initiative with key building blocks that will act on a viral basis. Those who participate, step up, learn new skills, practice them and transfer them to their contexts are the katalysers. We will begin in Athens with satellite locations in Rhodes and the Volos area and then spread throughout the country as people learn, practice and transfer their learning to their own communities, and other locations.
Our systemic transformation initiative will work on three levels:

1.     K (Καινοτομία) Innovating , Enterprising & Research - Supporting new ideas into fruition, proto-typing and learning together; competition for new ideas that can then be scaled out.
2.     A (Aφύπνιση) Connecting and Imagining -  Agora Events which are large-scale multi-stakeholder gatherings and networking opportunities.
3.     T (Τέχνη) Inspiring and Learning - Leading-edge thinking and practices, trainings and workshops and the use of Arts for social change.
We will cross-pollinate the learning - On-line web-based, interactive conversational and other learning events and take this learning into Phase 2 of prototyping and scaling out the innovations and new ideas.

Team on This Campaign: