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Run, install or download any application directly from your web browser with just one click
Irek Matysiewicz
1 Team Member


Currently there are two 'kinds' of software applications: web applications (the ones that run inside a web browser, for example Google Search, Facebook) and the locally-installd applications that require downloading and installing (for example 7-Zip, Skype). Web applications are much easier to run (just type its address in the browser's address bar or click a link). Local applications need manual downloading and installing, and only then they can be launched. The goal of ruun.it is to make running of Windows local applications so easy as if they were web applications.

Currently to install and run an installed application the user needs to do the following steps:

  • find, download and install the application's prerequisites, for example many applications require Direct X, Java or .NET
  • find the application's installer on Google, or on website like Softpedia, or on some other website
  • download the installer
  • run the installer, and usually click 'Next', 'Next', 'Next', 'Finish'
  • now the application can be launched from the Start Menu
  • when a new version of the application appears, it has to be updated manually

With ruun.it it will be much simpler:

  • find the ruun.it application link on Google, ruun.it page, or on some other website
  • click 'Run' button: all prerequisites and the application will be downloaded and installed automatically (if not done so before), Start Menu links will be created, and the application will be started
  • if new version of the application appears, the application will be updated automatically

There will be other options available next to 'Ruun it':

  • 'Install' - installs without running
  • 'Advanced install' - runs classic 'Next', 'Next', 'Next' installer
  • 'Download' - downloads without installing
  • 'Update' - installs the latest version
  • 'Uninstall' - uninstalls the application
  • 'Add to bookmarks' - adds the application to web browser's bookmarks, making it appear as if it was a bookmarked web application
  • 'Add to cart' - adds application to cart, making it possible to download or install many applications at once

At the beginning ruun.it will be able to install and/or run a few dozen of the most popular free local and web applications. Sites like Softpedia will be crawled to add even more applications, but for such crawled applications only 'Download' and 'Add to cart' options will be available. ruun.it website will contain an ability to search all hosted applications.

All downloaded installers will be put inside 'Downloads' directory, making it possible to reuse them later or on other computer without redownloading.

Website designers will get the possibility to add the 'Ruun it', 'Download' or 'Install' buttons on their websites, making applications appear as if they were normal web links.

How will it earn?

ruun.it will earn money from ads put on ruun.it website and inside installation window. Installation usually takes a moment, so the user will have time to look at the ads.

How will it be marketed?

  • we'll put blog comments like 'This application can be installed or launched easily with one click - see http://ruun.it/application-name'
  • we'll ask application developers if they could add 'Ruun it' button to their site
  • we'll use Facebook, eg each application will have 'I like' button 
  • we'll pay attention to SEO: when the user types application name in Google, link to 'Ruun it' will be provided in serch results
  • we'll use paid text ads, for example when the user types application name in Google, our paid ad allowing to 'Ruun it' will be displayed

How the collected money will be spent?

The collected money will be spent for:

  • web server hosting
  • paid ads
  • paying for other internet services (eg domains)
  • outsourcing of some jobs

What technology will it use?

ruun.it will be a web application: server side will be created in Java, client side will be in HTML and JavaScript. Due to technical limitations of JavaScript, some parts of client side will have to be written in Java and C++.

Future directions

In the future ruun.it can be extended in many directions:

  • possibility to buy and install/run paid applications
  • possibility to automatically install/run applications that require a DVD in DVD drive (many games are still distributed in such way)
  • porting to other platforms (Mac, Linux, Android, iOS)
  • integration with emulators allowing to run applications from other platform, for example to run Windows applications on Linux, or to run Android applications on Windows
  • integration with application stores like Google Play, Windows 8 AppStore, Steam, GoG
  • integration with package managers like RPM, DPKG
  • ability to install plugins for extensible applications like web browsers or IDEs
  • possibility to view list of locally-installed applications (eg to uninstall some of them)
  • hierarchical directory of available applications similar to that of Google Play's or Softpedia's
  • API allowing developers to use ruun.it from their programs (to download, install and run something automatically)

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€10,000 EUR goal
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This campaign ended on December 11, 2013
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    Ad-free version for one month

    ruun.it will earn money from ads. This perk gives you 1-month ad-free version of ruun.it

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    Estimated delivery: January 2015
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    ruun.it will earn money from ads. This perk gives you 10-year ad-free version of ruun.it

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    Estimated delivery: January 2015
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