RuneQuest 6 Special Edition Hardback

This project will help us produce a special, deluxe, hardback edition of the RuneQuest 6 rules.

"Almost certainly the best-written, best-organized core rpg rulebook I've seen in 20+ years of gaming.

If you've ever wanted to give RuneQuest a try, start with this edition. An excellent product in many, many ways. Full marks from me."

Malcolm M, DrivethruRPG Review



Stretch Goals (Updated 31st July)

I'm  pleased to add the following new Stretch Goals!

$21,000 - Full colour slipcase to be added to the hardcover. This will make the book something really special.

About the Campaign

In July 2012, Design Mechanism released, to much acclaim, the sixth edition of RuneQuest.

Lots of you told us you'd like a hardcover edition of the rulebook, and so we decided to look at how to bring this to you in the best way possible. We want to give you... 

  • A hardback edition of the rules that will last years
  • A book that will look great on your bookshelf - and at the gaming table
  • A quality item for both gamers and collectors.

If we meet our funding goal, we'll be able to produce a great quality, durable, handsome-looking copy of the RuneQuest 6 rules. If we exceed our goal, we can make the book even more special by improving some of the interior artwork, making this a real collectors' piece.

If you've already bought a copy of the rules, this will make a superb reference edition that you can keep safe and sound at home without risking it at the gaming table.

If you're a collector of roleplaying games and RQ in particular - and there are plenty of you out there - you need this book for your prized collection!

If you're new to RuneQuest, then the hardback represents a really good-value investment in the RQ system.


"An excellent new edition of the classic RuneQuest system, with the best magic systems ever, and other nice polish."

Shannon Appelcline, RPGnet Review


In terms of pledge levels and rewards, we're keeping things simple.

  • Everyone who backs the campaign will be listed in the pages of the hardcover, regardless of pledge size.
  • $5 - Cheers! You like what we're doing and are happy to show your support.
  • $20 - Friend of Anathaym. You get a copy of the updated, corrected rules in PDF, so this pledge level is for those who haven't yet bought RuneQuest electronically. It represents a $5 saving on the usual PDF price.
  • $50 - Hero of Meeros. You get a copy of the Collectors' Edition, plus the PDF if you don't already have it. This special price represents a great saving on the cover price of the rules. A Note on Shipping We've included shipping in the pledge levels: $15 is included in the Local Hero of Meeros, and $25 in the International Hero of Meeros. 

The RQ6 special hard cover edition will incorporate the full errata. Plus, depending on the support we receive, we may well be able to produce enough stock to make the hardback more widely available (although only through direct sales - you won't find it for sale in general retail).

At the very least you'll be supporting us in our work to keep RuneQuest vibrant and growing.


"The 6th edition of RuneQuest looks like it could be the best edition of the game that has been published to date."

Andrew Roberson, RPGnet Review

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